Viper review by T-Rex

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Ease of Use: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (2 votes)
T-Rex: Viper

Price paid: A$ 210

Purchased from: 5 star music

Sound — 9
Setup: B.C. Rich draco> Ibanez wd7> t rex viper> Orange tiny terror> Orange 212 open back cab. This thing sounds great. From subtle to freaky fast like "lucy in the sky with diamonds". If you leave the effect on while not playing anything you can hear it working. But its hardly noisy at all, and that's my amp cranked using the ac adaptor. It easily gets tones like hendrix, trower and gilmore, and with the level knob it can add almost like a fuzz to an overdriven amp. I have the depth all the way up with the level at about 2-3 o'clock for a little extra Drive and the speed at 12, this gives me a nice slow and subtle warble with a good amount of vibe that's unmistakably there, and that setting (the whole effect really) is good from dirty to clean. I hear vibe pedals go great before a dstortion/fuzz but I don't use them. I use the Wah in front of it because its kinda hard to hear the Wah after it. And a piece of information I had such a hard time finding. It is a TRUE ANALOGUE pedal that uses LAMP AND PHOTOCELL to make the effect, just like Fulltone brags.

Overall Impression — 9
Ten years into guitar this year, I play mostly old rock to thrashing Death Metal and blues. Anything with either soaring licks or blistering shreds. I have this effect constanly on just to fatten my tone, does that very well. When playing metal I have it set slow enough so you can only hear it on long sustains otherwise the fast tempo makes it really hard to make out, even durring the grinding palmmutes. But that's where you really want to notice it. Hopefully no one else will have to wonder wether this is analogue or not because that's the only thing I wanted to know about it. If it were stolen or lost I can't go without this now. I'd be sleeping outside the store until they opened. Like I said before I hate the flimsy knobs, but maybe that's normal with the new-ish gear. The thing I love most other than the sound, is the finish. That's why I had to try this one before deciding on which vibe. I wish it ran on batteries but adaptors seem to be universal when it comes to vibes. Once again, all analogue, true bypass, 2 year garantee, great look and awesome tone. What more could you ask for...(maybe an expression pedal... but not me)

Reliability & Durability — 8
Only had it 2 days but it seems pretty solid. The knobs turn really easy which I'm not used to, almost no friction.I'm only used to knobs with friction and then they go loose after a few years so I worry about that. Also I wonder if the lamp in it would be like a tube, made of glass and fragile. I don't abuse my gear though so I'm sure it will last me. I did get the last one in the store which 3 of the 4 rubber feet fell off, due to being a demo but who cares. I just tore the last one off to make it level. It can also get warm which I think is due to the lamp again, not too noticable but its there. The finish seems really nice and I don't think it will scratch that easy. There's also t rex's 2 year garantee. Can't really go wrong.

Ease of Use — 7
Ok guys, I'm uploading this because this pedal seems really hard to get info on. So I hope this helps anyone thinking of this pedal. The manual and the manufacturers website are incredibly useless, the manual tells you what each knob does but not very in depth. The unit itself is very easy to use, depth, speed and level knob. Seems kinda standard on vibe pedals. Do not mistake the level knob for a mix knob, this thing while driving the effect harder, also drives your signal harder adding a little Overdrive to your tubes. There is also a trim pot underneath. Works like a subtle-ty (cant spell) dial as you back off. Although I just have this up because I figure I can just roll the other dials down and its TRUE BYPASS. Input, output, little blinky tempo light, only runs on the adaptor which works in most countries. The wall wart has removable prongs so you just Pick the one you need. Great unit, great pakaging but it'll lose points for the manual and website.

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