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manufacturer: Tanabe date: 07/06/2010 category: Guitar Effects
Tanabe: Dumkudo
This pedal is very simple to use, apart from the 3 knobs everyone knows about (Tone, Volume, Gain) there are two more things to increase the versatility of this pedal.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Ease of Use: 10
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overall: 9.8
Dumkudo Reviewed by: stykerwolf, on july 06, 2010
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Ease of Use: This is an analogue Overdrive pedal aimed for those dumble/eric Johnson smoothness. This pedal is very simple to use, apart from the 3 knobs everyone knows about (Tone, Volume, Gain) there are two more things to increase the versatility of this pedal. One of these is a secondary Tone/over harmonics filter knob. IMO this knob is basically a treble knob without cutting bass, so it adds that high end sparkle and with it maxed you will get some more output. The other is a 3way swith to change from three colour based sounds; Red (Marshally) Blue (Super smooth) and Green (Dumble) // 10

Sound: I play a low-line Washburn into a Blackheart amp, not the prettiest setup but I still prefer my Washburn over MIM Strats and Epi Lespauls. I guess I just got lucky and I can play my Washburn in such a way it sounds superior then those highline Epi Les Pauls... The pedal is only noisy with all the knobs at 10. The pedal never sounds thin, the only way to make this pedal sound bad is to play bad, and that isn't something money can buy really... I would say the RED mode is like a low gain plexi, it's got that sophisticated crunch (think Don't Look Back by Boston). This is the highest "gain" mode by the way. BLUE mode is the smoothest, apart from the slight volume drop this is the best mode on the pedal IMO. It's so smooth it makes Eric Johnson jealous... well not really. I tried this mode out with a MIA Strat with Eric Clapton pickups I think into a Blues JR. Even though I really don't like the scooped voicing of the Fender amp this was probably tone-heaven for me. Super smooth Overdrive enough to give you an eargasm onsight. GREEN would be Dumble mode, it sounds more like an amp as opposed to the other two which sound like a great amp + pedal setup. I found this mode to be the most dynamic out of the two, but the others are still amazingly dynamic. Infact I had my amps volume on 10, and this pedal with the knobs mid way, and without rolling my guitars volume to 10% (rolled it to like what 75%?) I could get a nice clean tone. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Yeah it's built solidly and the parts inside have this transparent gucky thing on it and the solder points are pretty solid on this thing. Yes I would use it on a gig without a backup. It's housed in a bulletproof case and is basically those Hammond cases lots of people use. Hand made in Japan by Mr. Tanabe for a hobby, I was lucky to find one of these here and now have what I want. Thank you Mr. Tanabe. // 10

Overall Impression: What style of music do I play? I play music, I'm not limited to names. I've had it for a couple of months. If it were stolen I would be a very sad man for a day or so. I love everything about it, including the design on it. I wish it didn't have that velcro thing on it, but that was from the previous owner. // 9

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