Ditto X2 Looper review by TC Electronic

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  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Sound: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (4 votes)
TC Electronic: Ditto X2 Looper

Price paid: $ 136

Purchased from: Ebay store

Ease of Use — 9
Very very easy to use, not much of a learning curve at all. I have not done much patch editing yet, but I have saved a ton of them. I have also exported a lot of music from my computer onto this thing and jammed a long to some songs. I do not know the firmware number, I am using it right out of the box. If you go to the web site they have the full manual and its VERY long and VERY detailed. Well written manuals, and well thought out product. I really like these guys. If it wasn't for Maxxon they would probably be my top effect pedal company.

Sound — 10
This thing suits my music style in ways you would never imagine with a looper pedal. The things I can do with this thing are outrageous, things that a normal person seeking out a looper would not think of. Nice true bypass, a little noise when you hit the initial loop button, and when you cancel the loop. You hear a quick "errr" sound but its pretty faint and not noticeable if you are playing over it. Of course this is not a delay, or a fuzz pedal or anything like that so I am just going to give the overall sound a 10/10, because they true bypass works flawlessly and lets face it, the loopings sound very pure. Not much to rate on sound here.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Built like a tank. Solid metal construction, only thing plastic on it are the LED's and the volume pot knob. I must say the switches are real smooth and easy to "tap" instead of stomp on, the volume pot you can tell is at least a half way decent one. VEEERY nice 1/4 inch jacks, I love the jacks that TC use they are tight and and nice feeling. They really do not cut down on jacks pots and switches with their pedals, quality parts. I have not done much jamming/gigging but so far so good. Man the finish on this pedal is real sweet looking too. That off grey/brown color with sparklyness. TC pedals always look quite cool, and feel nice in yours hands! I do not think this pedal is going to fail anytime soon.

Overall Impression — 9
I dig metal music, psychedelic rock, some bluesy stuff. I just like music, but mostly heavy types. If this thing was stolen or lost I would most certainly replace it, I am MORE than happy with the product. Shoot, the Boss Loop station is like 20 bucks more I think. The boss and other loopers have drum tracks but who cares. Only thing i really don't like about it, are the tiny switches for the special functions. Their very tight and small, hard to click and just easy to damage. They are nice swishes, I wish they were just bigger, would make this thing closer to 100%

Okay for me, with this pedal I use this thing a bit "differently" than most. I am also a drummer, a much better drummer than guitarist at that. I simply love guitars and guitar gear. I use this pedal to make loops more so as a guitar song, then hop over on my kit, and hit play with this looper through my 4x12 cab and jam out to it. It is mega fun. What I have found to be REALLY cool as well, you can SAVE yours loops/songs onto your computer, in pretty damn high quality (if you convert the file to the proper format) and then you can quantize, or clean it up in a music recording program, or just burn it RIGHT to a CD, make a disc with a bunch of your songs. I then take my vic firth headphone/gunphone drummer ear phone things, and plug into a CD player and BAM! I'm jamming along to my own music, no need to jam with a buddy. I can play to my own stuff! It is a super cheap way to get some guitar recording done without a mic, or a preamp. Its all right here! I know its only 5 minutes, but heck! It can help get you on your way to writing your own music. OR you can just use it like normal people do! LOOOOVE THIS PEDAL! I really think this thing is a clever design.

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    Great looper but the thing with all loopers is that it is essential to have 2 amps, so you run through an ABY switch and record your first layer first have it come through one amp and than switch to the other amp and play your second layers, that's what Paul is doing in the video up there too. you use one amp and no matter what you won't be able to hear your fist layer very well. I have tried this both with clean and gain, all though with clean is a bit easier to hear if you are using just one amp