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manufacturer: TC Electronic date: 04/30/2015 category: Guitar Effects
TC Electronic: MojoMojo Overdrive
If you are looking for an overdrive to complement your crunch tones or boost your lead tones, this is the overdrive for you.
 Sound: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Ease of Use: 9.5
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overall: 8.8
MojoMojo Overdrive Reviewed by: WaltTheWerewolf, on june 03, 2013
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Price paid: $ 129.99

Purchased from: Lipham Music

Ease of Use: Pretty straight forward Pedal composed of Drive, Level, Bass, Treble knobs, and a Voice switch which will alter the bass response of the Pedal to match it with what ever pickups you are using. Obviously the Drive knob controls the amount of Overdrive, Level controls the output of the pedal, and Bass, Treble I am sure you can figure out what those do. I will touch more on how these Knobs work in the Sound section but for the most part it's not hard to get this pedal working in your setup with its straight forward approach. // 10

Sound: I run my Pedalboard with these pedals into a Traynor YCV40 40 Watt Tube Amp on the clean channel. Right off the bad I noticed a certain weakness with the MoJoMojo with the Drive knob. If I crank the Gain I get a useable sound on its on, but for the most part it has a very muddy tone and even with the VOICE switch, it is overboard with low end IMO. Now lets be honest, on its own I'd hate this Pedal, but when combined with a Distortion Pedal or an Amp's Distortion this pedal really truly shines. It has a very Fat tone on its own, almost too fat for Chord work etc, but for Leads when combined with another Distortion it works really well... To the point where I've kept it just for Leads etc. In other words its a great Overdrive for boosting Solos and thickening up your lead tone, but on its own it is a mess. // 7

Reliability & Durability: TC Electronics makes some hardy and sturdy Pedals built to last. The knobs are slightly stiff in a good way, and I honestly can't Imagine this breaking anytime soon down the road unless under severe abuse. I've used it for only a week though so time will tell, but I'm OCD and after hours and hours of switching it off and on, I am 100% certain it is built very well. What I especially enjoy about it is that the Bass and TREBLE knobs have a center notch which means in their center position they stay in place sense Most of the time I keep Bass and Treble at noon on most of my pedals and just adjust my guitar's tone instead. Knobs move tight which means I usually don't have to worry about easily knocking them out of place. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall impression of the MoJoMojo Overdrive is that as a stand alone overdrive to my liking this is NOT an overdrive for me and possibly you. If you however are looking for an overdrive to complement your crunch tones or boost your lead tones, this is THE overdrive for you for that. On its own it sounds week, unless you are pushing a very clean tube amp to near breakup, but if you are not then It probably wont give you the Drive you want on its on. Of course IMO this pedal shines best combined with another Distortion source whether that's a pedal or your amp's drive channel.

// 8

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overall: 9.5
MojoMojo Overdrive Reviewed by: toma.honfoglalo, on april 30, 2015
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Price paid: $ 90

Purchased from: used

Ease of Use: You can dial your tone in seconds I think. 4 knobs that covers everything you'll ever need, like some other boutique pedals. Xotic have the same knobs (gain/drive, volume, treble, bass) on a lot of their products, like BB preamp, or RC booster for example. Also good to know the bass/treble knobs are active, so you can cut and add these frequencies. Just stamp on the true bypass switch, and leave it on and mess with your guitars volume knob. I have used it in front of a solid state amp and this pedal made it sound like a good valve amp. Now I'm using with a 22 watts tube amp and the sound is ridiculously good, and hey, it's an overdrive pedal, you don't have to mess around with it for days, just set up in a few minutes, and ready to go. // 9

Sound: Specs:
- Drive - full counter clockwise it doesn't affect your sound at all.
- level
- active bass and treble knobs - you can cut and add bass and treble frequencies
- voice switch - it affects your bass/middle response so you can match your guitar with it perfectly
- true bypass

The MM is an exceptionally transparent pedal. It's like an other channel of your amp. Actually it really feels like an amp. I'm using it with a Fender Strat going to a Bugera V22, and it's better than the amps dirty channel. Warm and punchy mids makes this pedal a leave it on type of gear. 

You cannot compare it to a tube screamer, because it's not colouring your tone at all. I think this as an advantage because this pedal let's your guitar and amp tone come through. It's just add dirt and makes your overall sound bigger in a pleasing way. I used it as a light overdrive effect - it's lovely. Right now I don't have a booster pedal, so I'm using it as a booster, drive all the way down, level almost full. It's just makes the notes pop out from the amp cutting through the mix and my strat sound huge. I found myself using the bridge pickup more because I can cut some treble with the pedal, and it sounds so full. Since it's very responsive to guitar volume you can set the drive to a decent amount and then clean up your signal with your guitar's volume knob and use it like that. Breaks up like an expensive all tube vintage amp actually. Jazz, pop, country, and blues/rock guys will love it. // 10

Reliability & Durability: TC did a clever thing to make the battery change easier. There is one screw on the back which you can unscrew with a coin or a thicker pick. Great idea and useful when you would like to change the batteries on the run. Very solid piece of gear actually built for years. I'm using it a lot and not a scratch or ding and stuff like that. Buttons are solid piece of gear, switch is true bypass - really good one though. The LED is absolutely stage friendly too. You'll get a feeling of - this is built to las a long time. I hope it will actually no problem over a year and I bought it used. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall impression is great. When I use it as a boost it just makes the notes fat and singing, when using it as an overdrive it's like having a second channel on my amp. It breaks up like an amp, it is sensitive to the guitar's volume like an amp, it's dynamic like an amp. I can only recommend it, but be aware of it's transparency. It's not like some tube screamer clone which makes your rig sound the same plugged in various amps. If you're looking for a TS sound you won't get it. You'll get however a fattened up warm overdrive tone which cuts through the mix of almost any band. It's not made for metal though. But you can use it in a metal situation pushing the front of a metal amp, or use it in front of a distortion pedal. It's also worth trying using it after a distortion pedal it makes them mid heavy in a good way - good for solos, or fattening up a rather scooped distortion. If I put it after a jackhammer, roll down the tone a bit on my bridge pickup of my strat and I can get a good AC/DC sound instantly (with a strat and a vintage style amp). So I can't say too much about it's tone because it doesn't have one. It lets your guitar and amp retain their own sounds, which is in my opinion is the main point. // 9

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