Satchurator review by Vox

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 9.1 (27 votes)
Vox: Satchurator

Price paid: $ 129.99

Purchased from: amazon

Sound — 6
Using this with a solid state amp set to clean and a few different guitars - an Ibanez ARZ and Fender Strat HSS. Also use a Boss OD-3 to get a better crunch out of it. This pedal is noisy at high gain. Compared to my DS-1, this thing has tons more background hiss. The distortion is rich and creamy, but reminds me of the valvetronix sound which I've never been a fan of. Good for Mid gain stuff, but forget anything high gain - it'll do it, but sounds too "round" and there is too much noise at high gain. The "More" button increases both gain and hiss. Overall, not a big improvement over my DS-1, which I was hoping for.

Overall Impression — 7
I play all types of music, and this seems to be a good match for straight ahead rock & roll type stuff. I wont be using this for any metal, because the sound just isn't there, nor do I think it was intended to be. Been playing 18 years and have owned all types of gear - this is decent as far as pedals go but nothing that blew me away.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Seems to be built well. No complaints here.

Ease of Use — 9
This is easy to use. Takes the standard 9v adapter which is nice, and if you can't figure out how this things works you have bigger problems than a guitar pedal. Only complain is its too big - takes up two spots on my homemade pedal board.

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    some more info on this. I purchased a blackstar combo this weekend. Putting the Satchurator through the effects loop instead of before the preamp made a big difference. less fizz, and i was able to get a better high gain sound. liking this pedal more and more, but I wont be using it much as the onboard distortion on the blackstar is tough to beat
    I second that vbshredder... I love Joe's tone and music, but the pedal is a mild distortion... gives some sizzle to the tone that already exists. The same with the Ice 9 overdrive... adds a bit, but if you're looking for a pedal to give more full flavor, then look elsewhere.
    To get the best out of the satchurator. You need to have the gain on your amp very low, and put the volume up. You will have to tweak your EQ's on the amp, throughout your chain and on the pedal, to get the treble to taste. To get more of a crunch keep the gain on about 2-3 and roll off the guitar volume a bit. IMO it's not the most versatile but it makes a lovely unique sound when setup right. It can do bluesy to rock, metal is well out of it's league.
    I used this last night at rehearsal and it surprised me - sounded better at high volumes. There was a nice spongy feel to it - almost to the point where i thought i needed a pickup height adjustment. Still not great for high gain, but i found it pretty useable and the more switch was very useful. I set the gain about 9 oclock for mild crunch, then hit the more for straight distortion, and pile on a boss OD for boost (really could switch them around)
    The first product I've seen on UG reviews where the user rating is higher than the reviewer rating. Does that mean people think this is better than it actually is?
    I have played this pedal in Guitar Center and it rocks, literally! The problem is I've only played it through a Fender tube amp and I understand the VOX Satchurator Distortion really bites in front of a solid state amp. Does anyone have some first hand info on this? I want to purchase it, but not if it will sit in it's box in my basement because it sucks through my kind of amp. Thanks!
    Satchurator works best with low or vintage output pickup, so the bypass volume not higher than the pedal volume. Just give it a try, I love my satchurator to death since I found that I need to swap my pickup to lower output, totally difference, now my satchurator volume stay in 1 : 00 all the time and give powerful volume bump when switched on but not overwhelming at all, best distortion unit I've ever owned in my 17 years experience in guitar . And don't forget to set your amp as clean as it can