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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (53 votes)
Vox: ToneLab LE

Price paid: $ 399.99

Purchased from: Showtime Music

Sound — 9
I am using it with a Fender amp. With it's 16 amp selections one can use any style amp with this product and or a PA system or a mixer or recorder. It also has a headphone jack for a little privacy. The distortion is very good, and the affects are strong and sound great.I am still learning, but so far the sound and affects are first rate.

Overall Impression — 9
I play Blues, country, christian, gospel, a little old style rock, I have only been playing for a couple years now I think, not a bundle of experiance.If it was stolen I guess it would take awhile to be able to purchase another, but so far I would purchase this agian. I enjoy all the features so far, it has vast programing so I have only begun to scratch it's surface, who knows what this is able to do as I gain better knowledge and ability with it. Well the one thing I wish I had was greater experiance playing, but that will come with time, what short time I have remaining. I'll play on!

Reliability & Durability — 9
Uncertain of it's lifetime, but if it holds up as well as it is put together, it should last my lifetime anyway. It's very sturdy and appears well manufactured. It has tubes (valves to the brits)it's output of sound is very remarkable. I had an experianced guitar player, use it for a few hours, they took great advantage of it's tones and effects and distortions, they were well pleased with it's abilities, and they were a little envious.So with that said it's a Great product. Maybe better out there, but for it's price and it's settings, I don't think it can be beat for now.

Ease of Use — 9
This product is very easy to use, even for us's operation manuel is very clear and precise to's ability to adjust and program is easy and first rate. Its factory settings are very good and can be manipulated to make some very appealing tones and distortions.

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    My question is about the three menu options that come up as a result of holding one of three arrows and the rename button while powering up the tonelab. One is for volume pedal bias, one is for tube bias (for these you have to unplug everything but the power) and use the screws located on the back. Volume is the screw closest to the power button and the screw furthest from the power is to bias the tube. Biasing the tube will instantly make the tonelab le sing for you. The other is unknown but it changes the entire tonal make-up of the unit. It has a digital read out of 61 - 67. I believe this changes the class of the entire unit. Looks like rectifier, duel rectifier, class a, class ab ect... Any input would be great.
    This is bar none the best sounding amp simulation and effects pedal I've ever had-- and I've had nearly everything. You can tweak the settings that really need tweaking (like delay tone) unlike other pedals with a million digital sounding effects and simulations. This doesn't have a million effects- but the ones it has sound fantastic. I've tried other Tonelab units- but this is by far the best. You can get this on ebay for under $200 these days-- well worth it. You can't even get one decent boutique effects pedal for that. The pedal emulations are VERY VERY good-- the amp simulations are fantastic and sound like an amp in a room. The digital output is quiet as can be. I hightly recommend this over anything else. Neil Slade, lifetime pro musician.
    when i first bought it 3 years ago i wanted to throw it away,a few months later i realised that i cant play without it. if you get 1 of those spend some time with it and i dont think you will stay unsatisfied
    This is my honest review of the LE. I have this and it's everything I need, and I've used the Tonelab ST (which is strictly for home practice imho not as good tone wise, and the things you can do with the st are limited), my friend's Line 6 (which is honestly almost as good as this, but sounded a bit digital to the trained ear) and BOSS effects (which isn't up to par tone wise) I use this for practice and playing live and it never failed me. The master volume control at the back is also a big plus as i dont have to reset my settings if my sound on the sound system is too loud or too soft. The tone that comes out of this baby is sick, very authentic. But I would recommend Line 6 if you're a metalhead. I can get most of the tones I want and I play all genres, and my friend who's a metal head was very impressed with my metal tone settings. I can get fuzzy blues sounds, to a bright clean sound, a heavily distorted metal tone, a punchy overdriven sound, to a recently discovered synth sound (after messing around with the tone knobs, reverb and modulation) Shame the effects you can mix are limited, it would be cool if you can mix effects from the same knob like say, 2 delays on top of each other. Or Wah with overdrive. Most of the pre amps are great. Some of the high gain amps not so, for me. The foot pedal is also top of the class. I tried using this with a fender strat, tele and ibanez rg. All sounded great. I would NOT recommend using this with modeller amps like the Vox VT series. I can spend the whole day playing with this unit. Overall 9/10.
    The Tonelab LE is a nice unit, easy to program. I have haad one for a couple of years, also have the POX XT Pro. The tonelab sounds different enough to the LINE 6 unit to make it worth having both (and of course it comes wit ha built in expression pedal). Unfortunately you can only tie one parameter at a time to the expression pedal which is a needless limitation. It is also a bit noisy (much noisier than the LINE 6 gear) and you can only use low settings of the valve pre-amp. But with careful programming you can minimise the noise. Overall I recommend it if you can get hold of one cheaply. Ultimately all digital multi-effects units will never sound as good as a pedal board of analogue gear, except perhaps the top end stuff like the VG99, which also includes a guitar synth. But it costs a fortune.
    Mad Marius
    It sounds more "authentic" than the Boss GTs and PODs, for less money. So there you have it. I love it. Also, many people in various reviews say how you can't get a good metal tone out of it. They must be talking about some other Tonelab LE from a parallel universe, because I could get great Metallica/Opeth tones with some tweaking around. Of course, as with many of these units, the factory presets mostly suck mexican sticky balls and say nothing about the potential of the unit. Never rely on factory presets to judge a multieffects unit.
    pigraoul wrote: Hey~ do you guys think buy this one is better?? or buy Korg AX3000g is better???
    Hi, my first post... I used the AX3000G and found it to be a pain in the arse, just couldn't get on with the sound when playing live. I then moved back to my AX1000G which I thought was better. I'm now going to work abroad where I have to plug straight into a mixing desk so have sold the AX1000G and bought a Tonelab LE. The amp simulation (with Valve Reactor) is fantastic. Better tone and sustain and I would spend my money on one of these rather than the AX3000G. They're about twice as much money in the UK but worth it.
    Was thinking of wither this or the Boss ME-70 for convenient home use. I'm thinking that this is probably the better unit, overall. Shame about the second reviewer - MinstrelCycle85
    I can't emulate Keith Richards on it. Cause he plays a lame ass single-coil-laden Fender, and I play a guitar that has massive, terrifying testicles. //
    Irrelevant and disrespectful. I don't care whether you can or can't get a Keef tone from the thing - I want to know about it's versatility.