ToneLab SE review by Vox

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (104 votes)
Vox: ToneLab SE

Price paid: € 250

Purchased from: 2nd hand

Sound — 8
I use this pedal through a Blackstar HT1R combo together with a Cort G254 and a MusicMan Wolfgang (cheaper model!) and they both sound good through it, the guy I bought it from had a Fender Tele and Jazzmaster and you still could hear that Tele twang and Jazzmaster sound. Effects sound great and very analog! The sound is just so warm because of the tube that's inside of it! Vox really took the cake with this one! Here's some explanation of the features: You get 24 banks and within each bank you can store 4 sounds, but it goes even further than that! With the control switch you can assign it to put a certain effect/pedal on or off, tap delay, tap the modulation speed; etc... With the A/B switch it's like having a 2 channel amp within 1 sound! You keep the same effects/pedal for both channels but you can change the amp/cab you want for each channel. You have 2 expression pedals which you can assign to your pedal effect (there is a pedal called "Vox Wah" so this is your Wah Wah pedal) or delay input, modulation input (so there's no effect when the pedal is out and full effect when the pedal is pressed in). Tuner: Very quick and easy tuning, if you hold the button for 1 second you can hear the guitar while tuning, but hold it for 2 seconds and the guitar gets muted, so silent tuning! FX ON/OFF: you can use this to get control over all the effects within one sound. You can store the sound with for example a chorus and reverb, but if you're playing on that sound and would like to add a delay and Wah Wah pedal you can press this button and then engage the delay and pedal switch. I would also like to mention that there seems pretty much people saying this unit can't do metal, DON'T LISTEN TO THEM! They don't know how to set up a good sound! The amps on their own have lots of gain but don't sound tight, you can fix this by using the TUBE OD or SUPER OD pedal and setting level to 10, gain to 0 and tone from 6-10. This gives you amazing tones. The possibilities on this unit are endless!

Overall Impression — 9
I play blues, hard rock, melodic metal and some early trashy stuff. This is a good match because the unit can do anything, you just need to know HOW a good tone is made. I love the fact that you can take this pedal to a rehearsal/gig, plug it into the board and play. I compared this unit to the Boss ME 70, GT10 and Line 6 Pod HD series. I liked this one better because the first time I heard the flawless, warm sounds this can produce I was immediately sold. Then I looked up The Internet to get it cheaper and I couldn't be happier right now! So far haven't found any flaws in it! Just give it a try any time you see it in the shop!

Reliability & Durability — 10
You can depend on this unit! Build like a tank as they say. The guy I bought it from gigged alot with it, he was selling it because he plays alot more acoustic now.

Ease of Use — 9
This pedal may be quite difficult for beginners, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it. The manual explains everything very well so no problems at all!

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    I've had this unit for years and I still love it. It really has all the classic sounds you need. The pedal is tube driven which gives it great tone as compared to all other pedals. Truly the combination of pedals are endless are there are plenty of banks to fill up. I play a lot of reggae and this thing does the job for me. It's very intuitive to setup and it's even more convenient to adjust using the Vox tonelab software. It has mono and stereo outputs, MIDi, pedal input, computer in/out and line in. Another great thing is the two pedals that can be assigned to various effects, pretty handy. I got mine for a little over $200 on ebay, probably my best buy along with the Boomerang looper. I think this hits all the classic pedals and different variations (analog/digital)...some of my favs on this unit are the compressor, echo plus, auto wah, delay, fuzz, a lot of reverb selection, chorus. If you have a mediocre amp then the amp modeling will come in handy.