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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (100 votes)
Zoom: G1

Sound — 9
For a price of $70, this babe kicks ass! The preset patches are OK, the distortion and Overdrive patches do not sound that digital. If you close your eyes and just listen, you'd find it hard guessing if it's analog or not (the distortion). An exaggeration, but something like that. The modulation module, which contains the great effects, sound good and the delay too, awesome! I'm using a very good copy of the Strato (did I mention Suzuki) and I plug it into the home stereo! It still sounds first class though, believe me! Sounds good with the stereo which was not built for this, and sounds greater with an amp, built for this. When the Zoom noise reduction is turned to zero, or lesser than the preset, the noise comes in. It's like a gate: once opened, hell breaks out. When you increase the value though, noise becomes controlled, but your sustain suffers! I compensate though by adding a little delay and reverb. You do not need a very long sustain most of the time though, right? if no, just play with the reverb! When I first tried it, I was surprised it sounded the way it sounded, because it was pretty good! Load some more patience, tweak, and oh! They'll be surprised to know that it's coming from this cute, little thing! There are 40 writable patches, the other 40, read only (from 00-39), maybe, maybe, so that you'd have an idea of how this patch was created, the effects combined, etc. Useful useful. I play Velvet Revolver, alterbridge, filter, and the like the wah's not that wah-like. It is there, but it needs more kick. It's nothing compared to slash's "slither" or even "come on come in solos," but gets a bit, little, touch close to Mark's "find the real solo autowah." The clean sound of Mark's "Open Your Eyes," with a little chorus, is easy with the G1. The distortion in filter's "you walk away" is easily imitated by this babe. I made it even sound heavier for the part after the 2nd chorus!

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, I think G1 is for the not-so-rich-but-decent-guitarist (am I talking about me? Apologies). I mean, what are you going to do with an Ibanez, a Fender with all the boss/vox/korg digital and analog effects plugged through each other like that of Mike of Incubus (singing: Love hurts, but sometimes it's a good hurt) when you don't know what you're actually playing? I play "rock" from those I mentioned above to lighter ones like lifehouse, more experimental, like Incubus, and even lighter like Jason Mraz and John Mayer (Velvet, Alter, and Filter, are the ones I'm busy with right now.) I'm self-taught, started strumming in 6th grade, the scales, modes, techniques when I was 18 so how old am I? And up to now, still learning them. "Owned" not "played" my first electric when I was 18 by the way. So from 6th grade to 18, it was mostly electric songs played in "acoustic." If it were stolen or lost, that depends: if I have more money, I'll buy a different one. If I just have money, I'll buy the same thing again. if I don't have money, then I'd probably just behave. It's cute, light, yet it can do So many things for you if you just want it to, of course, subject to limitations. It also has a built in drum Machine, good for soloing practice. The EQ works, but "confined" to -18 to +18 settings. (Sigh) hey it's only $70, let us not be so harsh about it. Needs work on the sustain of the distortion. I wish the effects under the modulation module, were separated, like that of the delay, so that we could maximize it! I wish we could select more than one effect under a module when editing. G1 actually has two delays: one under the modulation, and one separate, more range than the first. The control knobs are very easy to turn, the step-on pedals I suspect were placed with 'springs' to protect it inside making it more sturdy comapred to 05-507II, which I've also played with but didn't own. Don't get me wrong, the G1 step pedals respond, ok?

Reliability & Durability — 8
The front's made of plastic, the part that hits the floor is metal, with some rubber on the edges, maybe so that you won't get "electrified" while playing. I don't know with the first review, but the fact that you actually have something to step on other than a foot Switch, to me, is gig-like. So yes, on a gig without backup. This is not Boss analog encased in steel, so please give it a little loving when you step on it or kick it.

Ease of Use — 10
First of all, I do not work for Zoom. The preset patches are generally OK, for something as little and as digital as the G1. If you want a good sound, then you must first know or somewhat define the "sound" you want, and from there, start turning the module selector. it's not that hard, but it just takes patience, especially if you mix up a lot of effects. I mean, compared to analogs, tweaking a digital doesn't only take 2 minutes! The sound that comes out of this unit goes through the drive, ZNR, comp, modulation, etc. With all the effects that comes with the G1, you really have to make choices. You don't need the manual really. I only read to know about turning the patches back to their original state (in case I messed up).

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    Looks promising, as I also am a "not so rich" but decent guitarist, and am looking into buying something like this product.
    i am looking forward on buying this product i dont know when but i am deffinately going to make a review about this g1.
    how to use this product? well, as you can see in the photo, it has two step on pedals, up and down. it operates by either using an ac adapter or 4 AA batteries. by default, the moment you press the pedals, the sound changes. you can also do patch call setting, that requires stepping on both the up and down pedals at the same time for the sound to change...is this what you mean?
    Very complicated function, until now i am still learn to use it. Although it has manual that comes along, the manual confusing me. It's pretty good, and it has a lot of effect. CHEAP AND EXCELLENT!
    I currently have a G1 and a Peavy Raptor Plus, and they sound great together. I never go anywhere without either of them. The distortion is very good (Ed is my favorite drive), but the wah-wah could use a little more wah, though. You can customize it to almost any sound you want, and with a good amp, the G1 is an exeptional effects pedal.
    The only beef I have with it, though, is the Bass effect. The one that makes your guitar sound like a bass. If you play too fast, or you tune your guitar to drop c or lower, it sounds wierd. Like someone's untuning your guitar. But, it's a small price to pay, especialy if you don't want to make your guitar sound like a bass.
    For 75 euros this is a very good pedal. The distortion models are pretty good and meaty, at least they're better than the distortion on my spider.
    gud eve.. i would like to ask the set-up of zoom g1 to create good artificial harmonics like what dimebag darell of pantera is doing?