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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (279 votes)
Zoom: G2

Price paid: $ 150

Sound — 9
I use it at home with a Ibanez GRG270B and a (Ibanez ibz3 amplifier at home/marshall valvestate 50w in the garage), and I must say that I like it better with my small home Ibanez ibz 3 rather than any other amplifiers I tried it on (Peavey's and Crate's mostly). Some effects can be noisy a bit (I plugged it into a high frequency Marshall input on a gig once while my "ex-"distortion was active and the sound crashed making it quite irritable, but it can be fixed by meddling with the gain. I can't quite find the perfect metal sound I'm looking for, but for the money paid for it, it gets pretty close.:^D= I'm still searching for a patch to get a Metallica sound, but it seems like a mission impossible. I got a Machine Head(burn my eyes) sound, a Slipknot(subliminal version) sound, as well as the clean for most ska bands. I don't play blues or jazz, but I think that I accidentally passed over a few clean sounds which are pretty great for blues/jazz/mellow music. But then again, I prefer metal, so if you want to get a great variety of distortions for this money, I'd say go for this one. It's a surprising little gadget!

Overall Impression — 10
I play mostly metal, and I must say that the ZoomG2 is a perfect choice if you don't play professionally (metal, that is. professional artists from other genres could probably be using it!). I've been playing guitar for 12 years now, electric for 9, and I'm still using this processor and I don't think I'm gonna replace it that soon. If I did lose it or someone stole it, I'd definitely buy it again. I don't trust any other processor more than this one. I love it's durability and reliability (which is the main reason I bought it!). The patching and sounding are incredible, the simple display, integrated drum samples and tuner, it deserves to be topping all other processors when it comes to the economic aspect of this product. I played on DigiTech's and Behringer's and the ZoomG2 completely wins them. Boss processors are better than the ZoomG2, but they are also pretty more expensive, so...

Reliability & Durability — 10
This little device has the armor alloyed from Titan and Chemical X. It's almost impossible to chip, break or malfunction the ZoomG2! It's one of the most reliable processors on the market and it'll never fail you. Gigging with it using no backup what'soever is 100% safe, and you'll be most satisfied with it's durability no matter what you do or where you go with it.

Ease of Use — 10
It's patching is amazing, and suits great to get any metal, jazz, ska, punk, blues sound out of it. crazy! I just love finding new sounds from day to day with it!

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    bob farrell
    Somebody tell me how to get a sound like 'rooster' by Alice in Chains and I will give you a million e-hugs!! This pedal so far just won't give me any decent grungy tones!!
    I LOVE my Zoom G2 though I'll admit I was frustrated at first, seemed like there were just too many options to tweak. Then I found a couple of sites that post patch settings and have really been impressed with the pure sounds I can get from this thing! I can use it for live vocals too. Run it through an Art Tube Preamp for a more organic sound, it blows doors on just about every other pedal I've tried! Check this killer site for patches: http://guitarpatches.haax.se/
    I use a BC.Rich MM Warlock and a Roland Cube 30x amp. When wired up with this pedal the sound is unbelievable. Sure it takes a bit of time to get used to but its an excellent pedal. I can only pick out 1 problem with it - the marshall drive. When you attach an expression pedal it is very easy to control the volume, gain, wah etc. Really impressive piece of equipment. Highly recommend it!
    I own one. It's a good pedal for beginners and intermediates (I'm between those two) but when it comes to advance guitar playing I Think it's better get the original pedals. This is modelisation, and with advanced amp and guitar I Don't think i t will work well. This applies to every modelisation devices I've met. I use an ibanez RG270DX through a Vox DA-5 (a set I hope will be changed soon) and I get a decent sound for clean and distorded. I've always got what I wanted through the patches modifications, from clean to blues to old-school metal rythm and Linkin Park tones.
    I don't know what quality of equipment or ability to hear people writing these reviews must have but it must be pretty bad because this pedal is just aweful sounding through my Gibson's into a point to point wired handmade amp. If people find a use for it then I'm happy for them but nothing on this thing sounds even as good, let alone better, than some basic stand alone pedals. Sure it's got a lot of effects, but they all sound terrible so it's not very useful. Of course it's not costing a lot of money so that's a good thing but really it's not worth buying because did I mention already? it's got a lot of effects, but they all sound terrible so it's unusable. I have mine back on eBay because it sounds so bad. I have used it for a couple of hours and I wish to mention the fact that I bought a G2.1u very early on a few years ago, but I wanted to check it out again. In that time I've gotten a small collection of pedals which sound awesome through my amps. This pedal is soo very bad, but that's digital for you. On paper it looks good, 96kHz sampling which is more than anything else around, and fastest patch change than anything else around. The effects are weak imitaions of the real thing and there is a total staleness of tone like you are eating a frozen vegetable compared to fresh. That's the worst part about it. Even bypassed it sounds bad.