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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (476 votes)
Zoom: G2.1U

Price paid: $ 160

Purchased from: JB Music

Sound — 9
I am using 2 modified guitars with humbuckers and singles, with phase Switch and wiring mods thru a Marshall MG15, using the FDD most of the times and all tone knobs set to 10. I alternately connect the Zoom to the CD In and Main Guitar In. I also play the Zoom thru my PC and thru a high definition monitors and thru my earphones. It's a quiet box but it's because of the ZNR module. The Extreme Distortion effect on the Drive module can get a little bit raspy and blistering at some point but it's a good thing because it's meant to give you a very aggressive sound. The Acoustic effect is not that "acoustically sounding" but you can dial in a great sound. I use the Gate function set to full on the ZNR module for the Acoustic setup. It recreates the playing "feel" of an acoustic guitar, you have to strum hard to sound thru the gate then the decay is rather fast and immediate to recreate the acoustic strings being muted at once. But it is still my frustration not to be able to hone the "Petrucci tone", but nevertheless, I was able to dial in some good tones reminiscent to Pantera, Metallica, and even some Nu Metal phat tones. I like the Mesa Double Rectifier amp combined with the Cabinet emulation, Condenser + closed mic position 0. The Metal Zone tone is disappointing though, the mids are not that versatile and seems it's lacking the thunder of the original Metal Zone sound. Some modulation effects can be tricky like the Pedal Pitch and the Pitch Shifter. Can't seem to copy the DigiTech Whammy sound. But all in all, for my money's worth, the sound is amazing and very versatile. Sleepless nights are forthcoming.

Overall Impression — 9
I've been playing guitar since 1995, tried a wide spectrum of genres I shoud say and I also work as a freelance guitar tech and came across tons of effects and guitar gears. This is my first impression review, a comprehensive review coming up. I'm still waiting for the pedal to ease up on my feet, a month would be enough and maybe a few days out Live. Until then, this pedal is very good for it's value. Will keep it as a major part of my rig. I'll try to upload some audio and video next time. If someone out there is thinking of buying this product, go ahead! It's worth the bucks!

Reliability & Durability — 8
I haven't tested it's Reliability and Durability yet but seems my little daughter is having fun stomping on it when I play. She often step on the whole thing for crying out loud. My daughter is 13kilos with big feet, and yes, she tried jumping on the pedal! These was on the first few days that I was using the G2\.1U. Let's give it an 8 first for that.

Ease of Use — 9
First off, thanks to my loving wife for giving me the Zoom G2.1u as a christmas gift. Now let's get in on. The Zoom G2.1u comes in a nice box, first impressions are 8 out of 10. The drawback is that it only comes with the manual and the Cubase LE CD. I immediately tried to reset the box to it's factory settings trying to see if that works and making sure that I get a fresh start. The salesperson tried it when my wife bought it, so I reset it. Ease of use is 9/10. It's fairly simple, the four knobs are labeled nicely and even without looking at the manual I was able to go into editing one patch. Then I refered to the manual for the complete info and it was helpful enough with list of what I need to know. The presets are fairly enough to paly with, you can get a clean jangly tone all the way to a distorted mayhem BUT just fairly, just barely "there". There was nothing set amazingly good, well because they are general presets. But nonetheless, you can play with the presets on the onset. One thing I am not happy with is that the patches from A0-A9 B0-B9 are just copied to C0-C9 D0-D9, only that banks C&D are set for recording (Live versus recording via the Cabinet/Extra EQ module) and the whole A0-D9 are copied to banks 00-30. It would have been better if they made 40 totally different user presets, say 10 artist presets, 10 amp presets, 10 clean sounds, 10 dirty sounds or whatever, just a suggestion. But all in all, the presets are ok, enough banks and patches to store your ideas, editing can be as fast, storing is simple, parameters are easy to get thru with. Keep the manual handy because it has a lot of info that is rather hard to memorize. Strong points: The Control Module gives extra versatility for the expression pedal, The Control Jack that option to use another pedal for volume control or a Footswitch for extra control, and the USB interface that is simply Plug n' Play. Weak points: The drum Machine could have been better like a dedicated double time button. Couldn't ask for more since this was like just an extra feature.

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