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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (80 votes)
Zoom: G3

Price paid: $ 150

Purchased from: Online Shop

Sound — 8
I'm using a custom Tele with humbucker on the bridge. I'm using this direct to my PC. It's a bit noisy but the noise gate can handle it for sure. Now for the effects. As ell all know Zoom G3 offers several types of effects, such as Amp sims, Dynamics, Filter / EQ, Drive, Delay, Modulation, Reverb, Twin FX and FX pedals. I tried to give a quick reviews of each of them. 1. Amp Sims. On this section Zoom really works hard to develop the sound of the amps. And the result it's really good actually if it's compare to the previous Zoom G1/G2. It has more dynamics and more tweak able. Of the amps that I tried: Marshall, Diezel, Mesa Boogie, and Vox, the sound is amazing. But the cabs sims is not my liking thought. 2.Dynamics I haven't really use this section. 3.Filter/EQ. To be honest in this section I really curios and interested with the Step, Random Filter and Seq Filter. It really have an awesome sound, that I think could be applied on my band music. 4.Drive. Because I have a Heart Breaker (Blues Breaker clone) and Rasha Fuzz 70's (Fulltone Fuzz 70's clone)so for this section I haven't tweak it. 5.Delay. This section are the one who really stand out if you asked me. It has many type of delay effects, such as multi tap delay, delay Filter, and Pitch delay. All this effects sounds weird. Moreover Pitch delay, If I Pick one note, the delay sounds like it has a pitch higher than the first note. So if I Pick a note (Do) the the delay sound would give the notes (Re), It's really awesome. 6. Modulation This type of effect is the reason I'm buying Zoom G3. The Quality of this effects are really good and really complete. It has a tremolo, Flanger, Chorus, Vibe, Vibrato, Phaser, Pitch Shifter, n there is Slicer, too. But one effects that failed is the Pitch effects (HPS, Octave, Pitch Shifter). The sound is really thin, and when I bend a note, the pitch is all over the place. 7. Reverb This type of effect is the best effects that G3 has. Especially the HD reverb. It's really awesome. 8 & 9. Twin Pedal FX and FX. I haven't really use this section. And for the number 9, Zoom G3 is without Exp Pedal. So I can't try this section.

Overall Impression — 8
I'm playing a British pop rock kind of music but with ambience (Reverbs and delay). My band is very full loaded hehehe with 2 guitars and keyboard. I've been playing guitar for almost 12 years with many Genre. I have a couple of stompbox too like I have mentioned above. If it were stolen I would definitely buy this thing again. It's really awesome. For the money I spend this thing is a best buy item hehehe. There's only one problem. Zoom G3 is a multi effects unit which generated by processors. And as we know that processors has it's limits. So when you combine effects which really used the procesors such as HD reverbs, the result is you can not combine all three of them. One of them will be Thru or in bypass mode. I think it's really sucks because HD reverbs is really cool effects to combine with. But overall this is the best Effects unit I have tried so far. All sound from this units sound amazing.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I'm really sure I could depend on it. It really strong build. I'm quite sure I could depend on it on a gig. But for a backup, I'm thinking to buy 2 or 3 more of this. Or maybe combined the G3 with Line 6 M9. I'm Pretty sure it would be an awesome mix if it were put together.

Ease of Use — 9
Zoom G3 is very easy to use. It has 3 pedal which operated like a regular Stomp box. It has very 3 pieces Led light with Orange color. The foot switch is very light and soft, to tell you the truth I'm quite shocked for it. There is no significant volume drop to suck tone between the FX on/off. It's very easy to get a great sound out of this pedal. I don't need the manual because it's just like 3 stomp box but with many feature. Editing the patches is really easy just turning the 3 knob to find your needs.For the firmware, mine hasn't been upgrade. And there are options for G3 Zoom plug into what (eg Amps Input, Direct to the mixer or Return amps), making the G3 is very versatile for all conditions during live or recording.

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    you can set the effect at 0 when your expression pedal is closed(or opened) that way when you start using the EP the wah will 'turn on'
    COREYTAYLOR721 wrote: are these much better than digitech? can't stand my rp255
    It's way better than Digitech RP series. Because i have one. And the Zoom G3 it's a best buy multi effects unit. Btw on what section effects that you would like to compare against (eg the modulation, the amps sims or the drive section) ? For me on those area The G3 is way better than the Digitech RP Series.
    kutless999 wrote: I think they sound better than the digitech units but you can't run as many effects at a time.
    Actually the Zoom G3 is three stomp box in a box. Which mean that you could combine maximum 3 effects. Not like Digitech RP series or Line6 POD family where you could combine many effects at once. But for me the question is how many effects do you really want to combine with ? I think the Zoom G3 with maximum 3 Stomp box is all you need. Because I've seen many guitarist only use 3 stomp box, which is a drive pedal, modulation pedal such as chorus/phaser,etc, and delay/reverb. So for me why you spend so much money for effects unit that could combine many effects but you use only 2,to maximum 3 effects that it's has. Zoom G3 is being efficient on that particular area