G7.1UT review by Zoom

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (148 votes)
Zoom: G7.1UT

Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: JB Music

Sound — 9
My set-up consists of a Marshall MG50DFX, which I use for practice, an Ibanez RG321MH, my main guitar, a PRS SE Standard and a homemade power amplifier. it sounds good when I plug it in the front input of the amp, and with the output level at -4dbm. There is very little noise produced by this unit. the ZNR does the job of minimizing the noise of some patches. most of the effects do not sound too digital as some might say. personally, I love using the delays and chorus of this unit, especially the stereo chorus. some patches and effect types have less volume than others. this can be compensated by raising the output level of the patch and the volume parameter of the preamp. I can get some Slash, Angus Young and David Gilmour tones from it. I also make my own patch for my own songs. By far, the best preamp models that I like would be the Twin Reverb5150, JCM 800, Mark III and the Klon Centaur models. the 12AX7 tube in it gives the preamps more crunch and bite. for the modulations and other effects, the best for me would be the delays, stereo chorus, Vox wah and the reverbs.

Overall Impression — 10
I play a wide range of music. I go from jazz to blues to metal. I needed a versatile multi-effects and I've found it. I've been playing for 4-5 years now and it's my first multi-effects pedal. I have no regreats when I purchased this pedal. it fits my needs perfectly. I love effects and the sturdy chassis. my favorite feature would be the USB connection for recording. the only thing I hate about the product is it's weight, but that's what you get with a metal housing. I compared this to a DigiTech RP500, a Korg AX3000G, Korg AX5G and a Zoom G2.1u. in the end I was thinking either the G7\.1UT or the RP500. I went for the Zoom because of the fast patch change and very good preamp and effect emulations. I only wish it had a button for turning the reverb off. if it were stolen or lost, I would either look for it or buy another one. if only I had the money, I'd go for a Boss GT10 or a TC Electronics Nova System or G System. Overall, I did not regret my purchase and I am very much pleased with this unit.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This pedal is housed in a metal chassis. it's pretty rugged and sturdy. I've used it many times in studios, gigs and practices and it holds up really well. I can depend on this unit for every show and practice that I do. I've used this so many times on gigs and I can say that I do not need a backup effects unit.

Ease of Use — 9
The Zoom G7\.1UT is one of Zoom's flagship multi-effects processors. First of all, this multi-effects pedal is very easy to use. as I tried it in the store, I did not use the manual that much, although manual is really helpful when it comes to editing/creating a patch. The preset sounds are useful enough for me, but I think some of the patches are overly done with reverbs and delays. Editing patches is very easy, especially when you read the manual. The unit I have has a firmware version 1.06, which I believe is the latest version. you can also plug this unit into a USB port for recording.

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    sounds cool, but i hate using multieffect pedals. I use a pretty simple setup of 5 pedals into my amp. Much simpler and a lot less of a hassle to get my sounds and make sure I'm using the right effects at the right time.
    To RIPRory, this pedal does have a whammy, but in my opinion, it's not that great. It too glitchy for me, but a digitech whammy pedal is pushing the price mark. Overall, it is a fantastic pedal, but things like the whammy or octave effects aren't that good. btw the whammy is controlled by the expression pedal.
    is it possible to get a slash sound from this pedal through an ibanez guitar and a vox amp..if it is can you tell me how pls
    hey guys is this effects processor worth buying it for playing for example As I Lay Dying or Trivium?I'm thinking of buying it,but I can't decide between this and the Line6 Floor POD Plus.....Thanks in advance
    I have had this pedal a while, two things. There are soooo many different options it takes ages to get a good sound but the clean ones are immense. Theyre so soft and rounded theyre great. Secondly use this website, I found it from this review thread and it has helped so much with how to use the pedal http://giasso.s42.eatj.com/ZooM/home.jsp
    Korg Ax3000g or zoom g7.1ut? What do you think? Im hard in choosing.
    alan2k9 wrote: is it possible to get a slash sound from this pedal through an ibanez guitar and a vox amp..if it is can you tell me how pls
    depends on which album, for typical poeple looking for a AFD album sound then Slash used a modified Marshall amp with a handcrafted Les Paul by some guy in LA. Also he himself has said that he cannot get a better sound from any guitar or amp from the ones he had on AFD. However with this, which I bought last week I can get good rich tone and when I play Sweet Child O Mine it is quite similar. (I play an Ibanez through a Marshall 100)