UK (Glasgow), April 5, 2005 Review

artist: 36 Crazyfists date: 04/13/2005 category: live concerts

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36 Crazyfists: UK (Glasgow), April 5, 2005
In comparison to the last gig they played in Glasgow, the feeling of desperation to get as close to the stage as possible was definitely higher this time round. Everyone went mental.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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UK (Glasgow), April 5, 2005 Reviewed by: colourofanger, on april 13, 2005
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Sound: Brock Lindow's vocals blew me away. He recreated his unique style excellently onstage, proving that his bizarre vocals weren't simply studio-perfected for extra effect on the records. Both Steve Holt and Mick Whitneys guitar/bass parts remained tight throughout the gig, despite them throwing themselves around the stage. Whereas at most gigs, the bass is faded out, here Mick's role in the band was emphasised and really added to the live performance. Thomas Noonan's fifteen minutes of checking and re-checking how his drums sounded really paid off. // 10

Perfomance: In comparison to the last gig they played in Glasgow, the feeling of desperation to get as close to the stage as possible was definitely higher this time round. Everyone went mental. They played "At The End Of August," "The Heart And The Shape" and "Bloodwork," three crowd favourites, in the same order they appear on the album. The long guitar intro on "At The End Of August" was perfect to get the crowd in the mood. "The Heart And The Shape" was made for moshing, and this is when the hardcore kids in the audience got excited, and "Bloodwork" was a complete favourite, their second and most recognisable single from "A Snow Capped Romance" and dont they know it! They really put all their effort into making this one sound excellent. "Kenai" was probably the heaviest song on the setlist and this is where Brock Lindow requested that the crowd make a circle pit, before exploding into the song. "Skin And Atmosphere" was the softest song on the setlist. "Destroy The Map" sounded much better onstage, with just Brocks vocals (on the album, another vocalist is brought in called Raithon Clay). The bass parts really shone through during "Cure Eclipse," which is probably the most intimidating song on the setlist, opening with the lyrics "Cut into the face and think straight." Mick pulled off the bass riff really well, an important part of this song. They also played a new song, "Felt Through A Phone Line" which prepared us for their new material. Only two songs from "Bitterness The Star" were played which was quite disappointing and they were "Eightminutesupsidedown" and "Slit Wrist Theory." They played "slit wrist theory" as the encore. In their previous Glasgow gig, they also played "Ceramic" from Bitterness The Star, which I really missed this time around. "Slit Wrist Theory" was not quite as impressive this time, but still heart stopping. (At the last gig, Brock came out for the encore and asked the crowd what they wanted to hear - "Slit Wrist Theory" was the screamed reply, from every audience member in unison). During one song, Brock came up to the audience and had to return to the stage promptly when a member of the audience tried, almost successfully, to remove his belt. He sang the rest of the song while trying to get his belt back on and made a joke of it by saying "Just let me get myself tied back up here." Towards the end of the gig, he climbed on top of two amplifier and wobbled there for a minute before he launched himself into the crowd. The quite small crowd. (Have you met Brock Lindow? He's one tall, muscular dude). I was impressed, to say the least. // 10

Overall Impression: They played The Garage in Glasgow, Scotland on the 5th April 2005. The first support act, "From First To Last" did not impress me at all, they seemed quite young and didn't have a very good stage presence. The second support act, "12 Tribes" were excellent - the guys dreads were the thickest, biggest, longest, heaviest dreads I have ever seen and he was throwing them about everywhere. They were very heavy and really set the mood for the night. The ticket cost me 11. 50, but I would have paid much more. I will definitely be going to their next gig, I've been to 2/3 Glasgow gigs so far and next time round, I feel more inclined to travel, to get to as many of their gigs as possible. Simply put, they were fucking excellent. This was the best gig I've ever been to - outstanding! // 10

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