USA (Atlantic City), August 28, 2010 Review

artist: Aerosmith date: 08/30/2010 category: live concerts

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Aerosmith: USA (Atlantic City), August 28, 2010
Sammy brought out REALY hot waitresses and shot tequilas with the people against the catwalk.
 Sound: 7
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8
USA (Atlantic City), August 28, 2010 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 30, 2010
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Sound: Steven Tyler was Steven Tyler, he has an amazing falsetto range, he went as high as Joe's guitar at times, but he also had a very good growl. Joe used a Les Paul to start off, an ES-335 with some girl on it, a half dozed strats, a plexiglass guitar at the end, and more strats during the encores. The quality of the sound was not perfect in my opinion, the mics kept feeding back in the first half of the show, and you could not understand the lyrics if you didn't already know them most of the time, but I think that might just be at the band's fault. // 7

Perfomance: I was never a big Hair Rock fan, but I had a fine time there with my Aunt. I couldn't recognize a few of the songs, but I know the ones that did stick out were the ones that I knew, and that they had a big setup for(with the backdrop). I remember elevator, sweet emotion, train kept rollin, a handful of beatles tunes, and the rest was a blur of Steve skiping across the stage, and me being amazed by Joe's weird glasses. Everything was played perfectly, on time, and in pitch. Great if it was recorded. There were alot of funny things that Tyler did, like humping the speakers in front of the stage, skipping across the catwalk, throwing back the baloons and beach balls that were always bouncing across the catwalk, and just being funny and interacting with the crowd(yelling at them, sing alongs etc.) Everybody else was pretty active on stage, and there was a moment where Joe played against his guitar hero self, and there were parts where the guitar hero joe was beating him, but it was good fun. I can't remember the drummer's name, but he played a 5:00 minute drum solo, at one part Tyler came out and played a little melody along with him. From listening to other solos, this drummer was in my opinion was playing a solo very very similar to Ginger Baker's solo when I seen Cream at Madison Square Garden in '05. // 9

Overall Impression: The show was in the USA, at Boardwalk Hall, on August 28th. Sammy Hagar opened for them, (reader be reminded, I'm NOT a fan of his style), and he was kind of bad. It was very cheezy, and it reminded me of seeing a Van Halen video, and I couldn't wait for the main act to come on stage. The thing I loved about the show was how close we were, we were on the floor, but not very close to the catwalk. We got into the show by one of our friends who is a superviser for security, and we often get into the good atlantic city shows(borgata, ceasars, trump, etc.) for free. I would not have paid for those tickets though. The most unforgettable parts of the show were: Sammy brought out REALY hot waitresses and shot tequilas with the people against the catwalk. Joe almost slipped on a balloon that fans were bopping around. One girl flipped a boob for steve, numerous times. I would not go to their next gig unless it was in atlantic city, as I would not pay to see them. They put on a good show, but I'm not a fan of them. // 8

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