USA (Denver), July 11, 2006 Review

artist: AFI date: 07/18/2006 category: live concerts

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AFI: USA (Denver), July 11, 2006
It was awsome. White strobe lights, with dead trees casting shadows on the set.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
USA (Denver), July 11, 2006 Reviewed by: DownbëloW, on july 18, 2006
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Sound: When I walked into the auditorium, I was expecting to hear a kind of weak Afi. I've seen a live video of God Called in Sick Today, and I can say that I was not impressed, his singing was bad. And when they perfomed on MTV movie awards, I absolutely hated what he did with his voice on there. Anyways, I wasn't expecting a whole lot. When the concert finally started, the first band was good. I liked them. The second band was so bad, I sat in the bathroom just wishing they'd stop. After about 2 hours, Afi walked onto the stage. The crowd went wild, and so did I. Adam sat down at the drums, Davey walked up to his mic, and a familiar chime sound started. Prelude. He sang it wonderfully. I was shocked, it was just as good if not better than the album recording. It was great, I finally knew, Davey really could sing, well now. He didn't used to. I'm pretty sure that Jade was playing his white Les Paul, the same one on the MTV awards. Hunter was rockin' his white Fender, and I don't know what Adam played, cause I'm not a drummer and I can't tell by looking. Aside from missing a few of my favorite riffs, the sound was great. Davey's voice came out loud and clear, the guitar and bass was very clean, and the drums were great. I was kind of sad, because being live, they didn't have two guitar parts playing, so some of the stuff sounded wierd with only 1 guitar. // 10

Perfomance: The audience and I enjoyed them very much. We were all screaming and singing along, and Davey did like 3 stage dives. Some nut job tried to crowd surf with him, but the crowd carried him over to security. As I said before, they opened with Prelude 12/21 and It was great. After that, take a guess at what they played. Girl's not Grey. Yeah, it kicked ass. Then The Leaving Song Pt. 2. Also very kick ass. Then Bleed Black. That was my favorite song they played, it was awsome. Then Silver and Cold. Great. Then a loud guitar riff hit, and I couldn't tell what it was. It got louder and louder, then stopped. Then it hit again, along with, "Will you join me in this dance, this dance of misery?" Hell yeah. When the solo came, jade jumped up onto the amp set and Busted out. It was pretty close the the recording of it, but this live one was much cooler. They also did Death of Seasons, I couldn't really hear the bass intro, but the chime thing that hits every 2 measures gave it away. They even did the part at the end with the cello and dave screaming alone, it was pretty cool. then they played This Time Imperfect. It was great, except for the end, where dave sings way up high, that wasn't so great. He was very tired by then, and didn't do it very well. Love Like Winter was also on the playlist, It souned just like the recording. Endlessly, She Said was awsome, I'll never forget that. They played Ever and a Day. It was great, and he screamed at some parts on it, and I like the screaming in that song so much, I wish that I could hear it again. Sadly, they did not play Days of the Phoenix. I was really dissapointed. They did, however, do the Dispair Factor. I loved it, also much better with dave's new screams. After that, they walked off stage. Was that it? No Miss Murder? It grew quiet, and faintly, we heard a riff that we all knew. God Called in Sick today. I couldn't really hear it well, cause everyone was screaming so loud. Oh, I forgot, they also did Kill Caustic earlier. After GCIST, they walked off stage again. Are they really done this time? They walked back on stage, and Hunter started playing his catchy Miss Murder intro. I thought that the crowd was loud on God Called... but shit, Miss Murder turned them into animals. It was crazy. After that, I knew they would be done soon, and I was right. They finished the concert with Totalimmortal. And I enjoyed it a lot. After it was over, Dave talked to the crowd about DU, and with that, it was over. They had the all white set, guitars, amps, and white suits. It was awsome. White strobe lights, with dead trees casting shadows on the set. It was the best stage I've ever seen. // 10

Overall Impression: This show was on July 11, in Denver, CO, Usa, in the Filmore Auditorium. The openers were Nightmare Of You, and The Dillinger Escape Plan. I loved the stage, lights, and of course Afi. I hated the Dillinger Escape Plan. The ticket was about $28, I can't really remember, I bought them a long time ago. The show was worth the money. 100%. I will go to their next show that's around here, hell, I'll Drive to New Mexico to see them play. // 10

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