USA (Hartford), October 13, 2009 Review

artist: AFI date: 12/03/2009 category: live concerts

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AFI: USA (Hartford), October 13, 2009
The power of their preformance was absolutely stunning. You could feel Hunters bass in your chest, and Jade's guitar ripped your ears, in a good way.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
USA (Hartford), October 13, 2009 Reviewed by: askingforit176, on december 03, 2009
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Sound: I cannot stress how much has changed since I saw them in 2006, its like a whole new band. The power of their preformance was absolutely stunning. You could feel Hunters bass in your chest, and Jade's guitar ripped your ears, in a good way. They both were both the loudest I've seen from them since 2001, as wellas the heaviest. Now if you've seen the I Heard A Voice DVD and are basing Davey's live sound off then your not doing him justice. That preformance was complete garbage to put it nicely, he sounded amazing both with accuracy and power in his voice. // 10

Perfomance: Setlist: 01. Torch Song 02. Girl's Not Grey 03. The Leaving Song Part 2 04. Veronica Sawyer Smokes 05. No Poetic Device 06. Kill Caustic 07. End Transmission 08. Dont Make Me Ill 09. Beautiful Thieves 10. Dancing Through Sunday 11. Leaving Song 12. On The Arrow 13. Death Of Seasons 14. Medicate 15. Love Like Winter Encore: 16. The Interview 17. Miss Murder 18. Silver and Cold Pretty good setlist. They played my top two songs (Death of Seasons and No Poetic Device) with No Poetic, and Dont Make Me Ill a complete suprise. as was On The Arrow (a decemberunderground b-side) and The Interview (I hated this song on the record live I actully really enjoyed it) The Crash Love songs sound much better Live with the heavier guitar tone. Davey did a flip into the audience during the leaving song part two. And appologized about not coming to Hartford in quite some time, and told a story about getting Hunter's tuning peg into the side of his head at that show (story is true I was there) the set was very nice and stripped down compared to the DU tour. The fire alarm was pulled inbetween the Gallows and Afi resulting in us standing out side for over an hour in 35 degree rainy weather. // 9

Overall Impression: USA, Hartford, Connecticut, Webster theatre. Gallows were the openers, amazing live great couple of albums too. Worst thing about the show by far was the younger fans. Half were with their parents and the other half shreaked everytime Davey spoke pretty much. Grow the f--k up. They also thought it would be a great idea to stand right on the edge of the pit and get upset they got hit... I've seen Afi every US tour since 99 and if they keep preformin like this (cheap too $24) I will be going for much longer. // 10

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