UK (Birmingham), Oct 5, 2008 Review

artist: Aiden date: 10/09/2008 category: live concerts

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Aiden: UK (Birmingham), Oct 5, 2008
They sounded great a played a nice range of songs from music written and composed by themsleves such as 'Die Romantic' and 'the Last Sunrise' but they also did a cover of the 'Die, Die My Darling'.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
UK (Birmingham), Oct 5, 2008 Reviewed by: 【♠Jøsh♠】, on october 09, 2008
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Sound: I must say this is one of the best concerts I have ever been to, the sound quality for Aiden was amazing being as it was only a tiny indoor venue, usually the sound of symbols in small indoor venues will overpower the whole band I find, but in this concert you could hear Aiden in all their glory. They sounded great a played a nice range of songs from music written and composed by themsleves such as 'Die Romantic' and 'the Last Sunrise' but they also did a cover of the Misfits 'die, die my darling'. WiL Francis generally did a good job of the vocals (even though he claimed he felt lke shit and could not sing) and he kept the whole crowd going all the time whilst swinging his mic around, I was amazed he didn't wipe the band out on such a small stage. Slaves to gravity, who were one of the support acts were also very good and very loud, how they should be. Although whether it was my ears or the venue but the sound quality was not fantastic generally because the drums overpowered the rest of the band. The lead singer of slaves to gravity played a Gibson Lucille and it was a marvelous guitar, I wish instead of throwing plectrums into the crowd he threw his guitar because it was so beautiful(how sad). The first support act sign didn't grasp my attention too much, the lead singer had quite a nice black flying V however they did not altogether sound special, but the vocalist had an interesting voice because it was somewhat squeaky however it was captivating. // 9

Perfomance: I thoroughly enjoyed the band being as I am an Aiden fan, however I think that even non-Aiden fans would have enjoyed the show because of the live factor involved. They opened with the room in Darkness and an eerie sound playing in the background which I couldn't make out because of the crowds shouts. They played every song you could imagine, especially their new music off the album conviction. They played lots of their light stuff such as Teenage Queen and One Love where they would get the crowd to sway and put their hands in the air so they kept the crowd pre-occupied at all times and they would then come in with some of their hardcore screamo songs such as 'the Last Sunrise' and 'I set my friends on fire' These songs really got the crowd pumping, for example a tiny emo girl next to me ran into a massive group of blokes and started moshing with them, she ended up getting knocked over and losing her hat, however she still continued to thrash about regardless of the height difference or anything else. During the breakdown to I set my friends on fire WiL Francis as usual got the crowd to part down the middle so they could participate in the 'wall of death' I think it was called, this involved both sides of the crowd running at each other and engaging in a massive mosh in the centre of the room when the band kicked up the volume again. Me being a scrawny little emo wnet to the front and made sure I had some fun as well and it was very enjoyable. To finish the concert off with a cherry on top they performed their song 'world by storm' which they tend to do at most concerts, however this time he got a number of the crowd to get over the barrier and onto the stage to join him in the singing and moshing. I attempted to climb over the barrier however the securit guard just looked at me and hit me back, either I was unlucky or he had a grudge Against Me, either way I was not getting over the barrier. The bass player Nick Wiggins was swinging his bass round crazily as well to show vote just like Pete Wentz, howvever you could hear him playing the bass with lots of talent, however he spat all over the crowd at the start with water he had in his mouth and this wasn't quite an enjoyable experience. Altogether though it was amazing and it has to have been the best concert I have ever seen so far! // 10

Overall Impression: UK, Birmingham, Barfly, 5 October 2008. There were two openers for the gig and the first was the Icelandic band sign and the second was upcoming London based band Slaves to Gravity. Both bands opened very well and got the crowd started, Slaves to gravity did exceptionally well in my opinion, but that opinion is highly bias being as I love STG in a non gay way. I loved the show itself, the support acts were good, The Music qualit overall was good, the crowd were awesome because they were not aggressive but they put emotion into the gig and everyone seemed to have a good time. All the acts were good hearted and were not arrogant at all, they kept the crowd punping and joining in and performed amazingly. For 12.50 the tickets were definitely worth all their money and were amazingly cheap, personnaly I got the full enjoyment of a 60 festival for a mere 12.50, I felt like I was stealing from them! The most unforgettable moments were probably the emo girl Who seemed a bit psychotic and when Aiden got some of the crowd (not including me) to come on stage and sing with them, you wouldn't get any of this at your average high profile gig! I will go to see their next gig if it is local, however I am not going to travel across the country to follow them because of lack of transportation. I advise that you go to their next gig though, I highly advise this. // 10

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