USA (Orlando), December 14, 2011 Review

artist: Alice Cooper date: 02/06/2013 category: live concerts

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Alice Cooper: USA (Orlando), December 14, 2011
Alice Cooper did the most spectacular performance I've every seen or heard. Period. Everything morphed together perfectly: The venue, the stage decorations, the music, and just his personality made this the best experience of my life.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Orlando), December 14, 2011 Reviewed by: CinderellaFan14, on february 06, 2013
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Sound: First off, I'd like to say that this was the ultimate Christmas gift in the world: 14th row in the Hard Rock Live in Orlando at an Alice Cooper concert! Not to mention it was my first concert ever! The entire experience was simply surreal: The Hard Rock Live building is actually inside Universal Studios, Orlando, which was amazing enough! You had City Walk with their music and the shops lit up with lights and blasting music, and then you have the Park rides inside Universal and Islands of Adventure up and running. That was amazing enough. But just the venue for the concert was awesome, as well! You walk into two double doors underneath a giant, glimmering Hard Rock LIVE! Sign, and inside is this giant chandelier make of saxophones. Universal really went out to make the building just amazing. There's a giant bar before you walk into the concert room, and the bar has this rotating 1940's motorcycle on top. Everything about the interior was just simply amazing. But Universal really goes out over the top with all of their stores, and it was almost like a ride in itself! You go inside the concert room, and the stage is set with some instruments and two banners on both sides of the huge stage that say, "Livan". I realized that this was the opening band. I sat down in my incredibly close and awesome seats, and I'm just taking everything in. My heart is racing excitably, and rightfully so in my opinion. Then all of a sudden, the lights dim down, and red smoke starts pouring out through the middle of the stage. I get my cell phone camera ready to take a picture, and then the band starts playing. The music is so loud, I am thrown back into my seat from shock! Mind you I've never been to any concert before, so I had no idea what to expect. // 10

Perfomance: The opening band, Livan, is some new hard rock/heavy metal band from London, and instrumentally, they were fantastic! Everything else was... Different. The singer comes out in this strange, shiny kilt, and he climbs onto this StairMaster that lifts him about 10 feet into the air, and he starts to sing about "Shiny, shiny leather! Learn to play guitar! Love's a Raven when it flies!". Yes, a little bizarre, but I just sat back and busted up laughing! Normally, I'm sure that this would've been a rude reaction at any other concert. But all of the other Alice Cooper fans, decked out in School's Out leather jackets and Alice Cooper face paint, did not enjoy the band either. They all just sat back in their seats looking just bored and aggravated. After a few songs, the singer came up the mic and said who he was, but didn't introduce the rest of the band, which was a little rude. The singer said where they were from, and said they were going to play in Tallahassee, and if anyone was from there, then they should come see them. This was one of the best parts of the night, because one of the Alice Cooper fans yelled out "GET OFF THE STAGE!", which got quite a bit of laughs and applause. Other than that moment, the opening band didn't get much of a reaction out of the audience. Eventually, the lead singer had to go up and say, "Ready for Alice Cooper?", in order to get a response from the crowd before he went into another song. After the opening band, the lights turned back on, and the folks at Hard Rock LIVE had some of Alice Cooper's music playing on the speakers, which made the fans happy, and everyone started to sing along. It was a really neat thing to see. Except there were two already intoxicated gentlemen in front of me who singing a little louder than everyone else, and they were swaying back in forth. It seems like a waste to go buy expensive tickets to see someone great, and then become drunk and don't remember a thing about the show. But, it's there experience, and so I just continued my awesome time! The show hadn't even started, but it was already a great experience. They lifted up a giant Alice Cooper stage blocker, and that just looked awesome. It had Alice Cooper under the guillotine with the boa from the "Constrictor" album and a few black widows here and there. The crowd started to cheer as soon as they saw the giant stage blocker. It didn't do a great job at blocking the stage, though: you could make out parts of props as they moved past the edges of the stage, and each time the crowd roared. Eventually, the lights began to dim, and the whole place nearly shook from cheering from the crowd. You hear the Vincent Price intro that was on the "Welcome To My Nightmare", and then you hear Alice's infamous lines: "These words he speaks are true. We're all humanary stew. We don't pledge allegiance to... The Black Widow." With those last words, the curtain drops, and Alice is on this giant tower, coated in spider webs, black widows, the works. Alice raises his arms up, and he has 6 spider arms attached to his side that move along with his hands. It was simply unbelievable. He starts to sing "The Black Widow", which is one of my all time favorite Alice Cooper songs. When he gets to the chorus, he sings "Love Me! Yes we love me!". As if on queue, the entire audience sings back "Love him! Yes we love him!". He didn't point his mic to the crowd or anything: we all just sang back to him, which was a truly surreal moment. Even Alice enjoyed this, and had broke out of evil Alice Cooper's character with a giant smile. When it came to the guitar solo, Alice raised his hands and fireworks came shooting out of his palm! He left no moment boring and dull, with every second just a great time. Towards the end of the song, his tower turns around, and there's a grand staircase leading down to the stage. When he reaches the bottom, he finishes the song with "The Black Widow!" and the song transitioned immediately into "Brutal Planet", which I had never heard before and now love. The amazing songs just continued throughout the show. From there, the next song was "I'm Eighteen", and he brought out his blood stained crutch for this song. The entire song was just amazing. The next song, "Under My Wheels", was just flawless. Time has not changed this amazing rocker! The infamous hits came next: "Billion Dollar Babies" and "No More Mr. Nice Guy". The crowd just roared when the first few guitar riffs and drum intros echoed throughout the room. Alice Cooper brought back the surviving members from his original band, which was only right in my opinion. They all did amazing together again. Alice knew exactly what the crowd wanted, and kept them coming! "Hey Stoopid" brought the entire crowd chanting the intro as soon as they heard the beat coming. A concert favorite, "Is It My Body?" had the entire room screaming as soon as they heard the first few notes. I had no idea what to expect, but the multiple-time Alice concert fans knew exactly what was coming. Alice Cooper walked out with a live boa constrictor moving around his neck! The snake seemed right at home, completely fine with the hundreds of fans screaming, the loud but amazing music, and the crazy guy with strange markings on his face singing. The snake seemed used to it after doing the same thing for hundreds of shows! After this song came "Halo Of Flies", which even my dad, who was incredibly familiar with Alice Cooper, had never heard before. The band played for about 7 minutes of just instrumental music and some chanting "Hey! Hey!", which was probably used so Alice could go take a break and rest a bit. I enjoyed the heck out of it anyway! Alice came back decked in a leather jacket, and when he turned around, the back was jeweled to say "New Song", which was pretty neat to see. They played "I'll Bite Your Face Off" from their new album, which I already knew and enjoyed a lot. He took off his jacket halfway through the show to reveal a blood stained shirt reading, "I'll Bite Your Face Off!". He transitioned from there into "Muscle Of Love", in which he brought out his special maracas and played along to the song. It was time for a band break, so the new guitarist for Alice, Orianthi, went out performed a simply amazing guitar solo! She used Eddie Van Halen's style for her guitar solo, playing it very similar to the end of Eruption. She showed that she is not just another pretty face on stage, but an amazing guitar player! After this, Alice took center stage with his life-sized woman doll, and was singing "Only Woman Bleed", which was just amazing. At the end of this song, he went straight into "Cold Ethyl", which is another great song. I had to laugh at one of the lyrics: "She's cold in bed. She better be! Ethyl's dead!". The entire song was just performed perfectly. The lights dimmed, and you hear a large groan. "ARRRGHHHHH! Yes, yes, I know you're hungry. Ah! Here comes dinner!" The concert went straight to "Feed My Frankenstein", which was musically great, as well as an excellent show. When the song transitioned to the guitar solo, Alice calls out "IGOR!", and a man dressed as an Igor comes out and puts the doll off of "Only Women Bleed" on a counter, and then sparks go out of both sides of her neck! Then, the Frankenalice comes out of the back, and raises both of it's arms straight into the air! I just roared, it was simply awesome. The people inside of the Frankenalice had a little fun, taking swings at the guitarists playing on stage! The Frankenalice's hand is about the same size as the guitarist, which made it fun watching the musicians react! The show only got better with "Clones (We're All)". He changed the originally pop-rock sounding song and made it a classic sounding, hard rock performance. He had one of his guitarists decked in some sort of jewels that glimmered like a robotic control panel, and he and Alice moved simultaneously, as if they were both clones! I checked other videos of other Alice concerts, and none of them have that simultaneous movement, which only makes my concert more unique and amazing! From this song it was "Poison", which is one of my favorite Alice Cooper songs of all time. I was singing along to the whole thing from beginning to end, which made the experience more and more great! It makes me extremely happy to know that I was singing with Alice Cooper live in the same room, which is more than a lot of people can say! He played "Wicked Young Man", which I had never heard as well! It's off the same album as "Brutal Planet", and they both had the same sound, so I really enjoyed them! Halfway through the song, a man in a press pass shirt came up on stage and was taking flash pictures of Alice while he was playing. Alice all of a sudden screamed "HEY!", and came running up the press man. The press pass guy showed Alice his pass, and kept taking pictures of Alice in his face. Alice and the guy start shoving back and forth, and then Alice takes his cane prop he used for the song and stabbed it right through the guy! Two folks dressed as executioners drag the guy off stage, which make the entire experience just more amazing! I know it was fake, but it just proves once again that Alice is one heck of a showman. The executioners come back, and they drag Alice to an executioners block. I had to yell, "BYE-BYE ALICE!", which made the other fans around me laugh. After around a minute, the blade is dropped, and Alice is headless! The executioner takes the head and goes around the entire stage, showing the whole crowd. One of the band members yells, "DO YOU LOVE THE DEAD? LET ME HEAR YOU SING!", and the executioner drinks the "blood" from out of the head and spits it into the crowd! Again, I know it was fake, but it was just amazing. It was liking an entire live action movie, which made the show just incredibly awesome! After the band plays "I Love The Dead", Alice Cooper miraculously comes back onto the stage to sing "School's Out"! It was a really great performance, once again! Large balloons are thrown out into the crowd, and the everyone's passing them around and back on stage so Alice can pop them with a sword! Halfway through the song, Alice sings, "We Don't Need No Education!", and starts singing Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall". Just another awesome thing about the show! Right on queue when he began to sing Pink Floyd, he popped a balloon right over his head, which rained confetti all over him! The show only got better than better. Alice yells, "Good Night, Orlando!", and the crowd is roaring. I had no clue about an encore! He comes back out in a silver, sparkle suit with a sparkled top hat and an American flag, and they begin to play "Elected". The best way to end the show, ever! Alice had to interact with the crowd, with us singing "Elected!" and he would go, "MAKE ME BELIEVE IT!" or "I'm YOUR MAN!". He was awesome! I use that word a lot, but that's because it's the most effective word for it! Just like he said, "We have problems in Orlando! We have problems in Tampa! And personally, I DON'T CARE!" At the end, Alice did the best thing ever and introduced every band member to the audience, with each time the crowd responding with a roar! Alice Cooper gave me the best time in the world. Like I said in the beginning: BEST. CHRISTMAS GIFT. EVER! // 10

Overall Impression: Alice Cooper did the most spectacular performance I've every seen or heard. Period. Everything morphed together perfectly: The venue, the stage decorations, the music, and just his personality made this the best experience of my life. I think even the opening band, Livan, was pretty great, too, besides the many strange qualities and music. That or I had too great of a time to complain! I cannot bring myself to say I hated anything about that show! If I did, I would probably burn in hell for all eternity for committing such an incredibly large sin. This is how much I loved this show, as well as how great it was! The Hard Rock Live! in Orlando, Florida on December 14, 2011 was truly spectacular in itself! Like I said before, the entire venue was like a ride in itself! Universal Studios did just a spectacular job at making the building beautiful and amazing! The entire show is unforgettable! I cannot bring myself to forget anything about this concert! So it's a good thing I got pictures and a recording of the whole show!:D As if Alice read my mind, at the end of the show he yelled out "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERY BODY!". I know he didn't... Or did he? You never know: he is Alice Cooper! // 10

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