USA (Verona NY), October 28, 2008 Review

artist: Alice Cooper date: 11/13/2008 category: live concerts

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Alice Cooper: USA (Verona NY), October 28, 2008
The sound was very enjoyable, the show was in a theater, so it resonated pretty well, without being too dry or to reverberating. It's the same band he's been touring with the last 2 or 3 years, obviously Alice Cooper sings, Keri Kelli and Jason Hook play guitar, Chuck Garrick on bass, and Eric Singer on drums.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
USA (Verona NY), October 28, 2008 Reviewed by: de-fexxx666, on november 13, 2008
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Sound: The sound was very enjoyable, the show was in a theater, so it resonated pretty well, without being too dry or to reverberating. Alice can still sing as good as ever, and I personally enjoy his voice more now than any other period except the late 80's/early 90's. It's the same band he's been touring with the last 2 or 3 years, obviously Alice Cooper sings, Keri Kelli and Jason Hook play guitar, Chuck Garrick on bass, and Eric Singer on drums. The band was tight, as usual, though sometimes Eric Singer went a little overboard with his fills, to the point where I couldn't find the beat at times. The mix was pretty crisp, despite the 2 or 3 spots of feedback which seem to plague practically every Alice Cooper show ever. But it's never too bad to detract from the show. // 8

Perfomance: Alice Cooper puts on one of the best shows in the world, and anyone Who's seen HIM can vouch for that. The show started with an abbreviated version of It's Hot Tonight, mostly played behind a curtain which showed Alice's silhouette stabbing an impostor, before coming on stage, and as usual acting like he owns the place. He went right into No More Mr. Nice Guy, one of the few songs with no props or gimmicks (Sans his iconic baton with which he prodded his band and the audience to do what he wants). Under My Wheels followed, with the beginning being so disorienting one couldn't tell what song it was until Alice Started singing (Thanks to an especially bad Eric Singer fill). Another classic, it really saw the crowd staring to warm up to the show (It's unusual to take 2 full songs for an Alice crowd to warm up! ). The band went on with I'm Eighteen, with Alice propping himself up on a cane, which represented his beliefs in the song. Is It My Body saw Alice beat the impostor dummy from the beginning of the show, before several undertakers carried it out on a stretcher. Woman Of Mass Distraction, one of the few modern songs in the set, strating with an air raid siren and Alice running around the stage like a madman trying to make it stop. This song segued into Lost In America seamlessly. Again, Lost In America saw the use of no props. One of the high points for the crowd followed, in Feed My Frankenstein. Keri Kelli came out and played an acoustic solo with a spanish flare, showing off his incredible chops, his solo led way into Be My Lover, a staple of Alice Cooper shows. The crowd was at it's loudest all night when Alice changed the lyrics in one line to "I told he that I lived in Verona city", and again on the infamous line "She asked my why the singer's name was Alice/I said now listen baby, you really wouldn't understand". They played a song off his new album, Along CAme A Spider next; (In Touch With) Your Feminine Side. The song was recieved pretty well despite few people knowing it, and was actually so good it made me re-listen to the studio version, which had seemed to poppy upon my first listen. He did Dirty Diamonds, which constituted throwing dozens of necklaces of fake jewels intro the crowd (It's always amusing to watch people fight over stuff he tosses into the audience). Following was the first single off Along Came A Spider, Vengeance Is Mine. The song is a toss back to the early 90's metal period in general, but it sounded mean as hell Live, it's a slow grinding song, with Alice pointing a sword in audience member's faces. The longest song of the night was Halo Of Flies, a big song among die-hards, and when coupled with the drum solo/jam section, it was about 15 minutes. To tie in with the song's lyrics, Alice was escorted off stage at gunpoint by a Malaysian lady, leaving Eric and the two guitarists to stage a 3 man drum solo, which was highly entertaining to say the least. Alice came back on in his spider coat, singing Welcome To My Nightmare through a thick layer of fog, while being beaten by monsters. Cold Ethyl went by, seeming tame after the last two songs (He threw a doll around stage). The lights went down and when they came back up for Only Women Bleed, it was not a doll, but a woman, Who received abuse from Alice. Steven saw a big stir in the crowd, but nothing really happened on stage. Dead BAbies started the "storyline" part of the show, in which Alice stabbed a woman and proceeded to Drive a stake trough her baby's heart with blood capsules erupting all over the front row. He was taken away by the police and put in a straight jacket, leading into the Ballad Of Dwight Fry, my personal favorite moment in the show. The highlight was when Alice tore out of his straight jacket, and left the stage, dagger in hand, presumably to kill again. The song culminated in a Devil's Food/Killer medley, when Alice was brought back on stage, cuffed, and held to tease the crowd as a two-story gallows rolled on stage. Alice was hung by the police, and wheeled off stage, still dangling and with a noose around his neck while the band played I Love The Dead, with Chuck Garrick handling vocals. A school bell rang, signaling Alice's return to finsh the set. School's Out is always a lot of fun, especially when he bring the baloons on stage a proceeds to pop them, showering the crowd in confetti. After a lengthy Encore break, he came back to do Billion Dollar Babies, with a rapier in hand and fake money to throw to the crowd. Poison was one of the best moments as far as the crowd goes, almost everyone sang along for the whole song. Finally, they played Elected, which saw Alice give a campaign speech (After all, why shouldn't we vote for HIM? ) and was followed by a fake Obama/McCain fist fight, after which Bush escorted them off stage and dropped trow. The show ended with Alice wishing the crowd a happy holloween, and reminding us to vote for "a troubled man for troubled times", and it was over. Two hours of sheer shock rock, and not a dull moment in it. // 10

Overall Impression: The show was in the Turning Stone Casino showroom in Verona, NY on October 28th 2008. There were no opening acts, a sigh of relief for many as it was the first snowfall of the year. The venue was a great place to see Alice Cooper, it only holds 700 people, so it was very intimate. Our tickets about 10 feet back from the stage were $65, and quite honestly, Alice could double his ticket prices and not have his show be overpriced. My personal favorite points in the show were Ballad Of Dwight Fry, the hanging, and Poison. I wouldn't think twice about going to see Alice Cooper again, this was my fifth show of his in less than a year, and I'll see HIM anytime he plays within 200 miles. // 9

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