UK (London), September 18, 2007 Review

artist: Alter Bridge date: 09/22/2007 category: live concerts

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Alter Bridge: UK (London), September 18, 2007
They didn't have anyone opening witch made one think they'd do it extra long but they unfortunately didn't.
 Sound: 7
 Perfomance: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8
UK (London), September 18, 2007 Reviewed by: RoffeDH, on september 22, 2007
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Sound: Myles singing is, as always has been, great! The band started off with Come To Life, a new song that's been floating on the net for some time. They just nailed it to the max! Myles singing just keeps getting better by the years. Myles couldn't sound any meaner too on the new songs, he did sound genuine mad as if he's really feeling the songs, just grabs you by the balls as a listener! Myles played a cover song called Mud (by Robert Jonson, I think), giving the audience some blues. Marks guitars haven't, as for what I can notice, evolved that much, he still sounds great, just that Myles is the one giving the songs the new edge, not Mark. But as Mark himself have put it they have no second guitarist, they're both first. As for Marks sining, it really blends good with Myles voice. Sound great! Can't hear him that well, it just give the singing a more broadness. Brian's bas playing have either evolved or he's just allowed to do more on these songs. You could really see him going all over the neck on the new songs as too the ODR songs where he's not elaborating anything as far as I'm concerned. As I don't know that much about drumming I can't really say much about Scotts drumming other then it's great, just went smooth with the songs. As for the venue, too small for that sound. Didn't give the band the best sound, they need a bit bigger place for that. On one of the songs my right ear started to heart by a loud squealing sound even witch made it quite hard to enjoy the music. I'm only gonna give it 7/10. Reason: the venue weren't doing the sound justice and even though they were tight on the songs they can be tighter! // 7

Perfomance: We, the audience loved it! We were rocking out from the first note to the last. Even to the songs we didn't know we were still head banging, showing the sign. Even when Myles took out his blues guitar and played Mud we were still rocking out, not so much head banging but showing our love at least and digging the songs! In between two songs Myles commented the fact that we knew songs that had yet to be released and mentioned "the wonders of the Internet", how everything you don't want people to see gets up on You Tube, at this point a loud voice screams "You can see Stapp make an ass of himself!" at that point the band just cracked up! Myles played guitar on every song now and he was struggling with a note on Find The Real at the end, he says that the note is hard to hit even without a guitar but he's confident that he'll get a hang of it eventually. They interacted good with the audience and talked a lot to us. They were as always happy to be back in London. I only give them 8/10 because of the fact that they were the only once playing and they didn't do an extra long show anyway. // 8

Overall Impression: UK, London, The Underworld, September 18th. They didn't have anyone opening witch made one think they'd do it extra long but they unfortunately didn't. Love everything about it, by far the most funny concert I've been to yet! With the new material, Wind-Up out and Motown in, it looks like the band is going to be going up! The tickets cost 15 and that was a low price for a show like this! Well worth the money spent! The most unforgettable moment must have been the shout out about Stapp, wont slip the mind easily! I'll absolutely try and go to the next gig if I have the money for the traveling expenses that is. Only thing that could have been better with this gig is that they could be more tight on the songs, they could have played Ahavo Rabo Taco Salad, longer set, better venue (as the fans experienced the guards were asses, they let the people Who had waited the longest in the last! The Germen fans got bitched at for not having the tickets in their hands but in the venue and therefor not being let in at all until last! Myles could have listened to me and played Dazed and Confused, which he promised he'll try to do at the next gig in London! Hope he does! Overall, great gig! unforgettable with such intimacy, no barrier and no guards, not much pushing and not much surfing! Great gig! They've just started this tour, new material is still being rehearsed, they'll do great on the tour and you wont be disapointed at all! // 9

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