USA (Saratoga Springs), December 2, 2006 Review

artist: As I Lay Dying date: 02/22/2006 category: live concerts

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As I Lay Dying: USA (Saratoga Springs), December 2, 2006
The sound of everything was amazing, you could hear the singers voice above the guitars and other instruments very well.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
USA (Saratoga Springs), December 2, 2006 Reviewed by: Absentmental, on february 22, 2006
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Sound: The sound of everything was amazing you could hear the singers voice above the guitars and other instruments very well. It didn't take long for the sound check but once it got rolling it was great. Nick used his usual black Gibson Les Paul Custom and Phil used the normal Gibson Les Paul Standard they sounded very well runned through the Krank heads and Mesa amps. Clint used the usual Ibanez bass ran though an Ampeg cabinet which sounded very good too they all sounded very well together not one of them were louder than the other and it all came together nicely. // 10

Perfomance: The audience got very excited for them to come on they were flipping out and rushing the barracade. They played their usaul intro Right Into Meaning In Tragdey, Falling Upon Deaf Ears, Through Struggle, 94 Hours (which got the crowd going nicely), Empty Hearts (which was amazing 'cause of the solo which was perfect btw and then nick noticed me in the crowd cuz I had told him I was going), Reflection, Darkest Nights, Control Is Dead (which cory came out and sang the second singing parts in the song which was very nice prolly the highlight of the show), Undefined (this was the highlight awsome drum solo alot longer than the normal one is was so good he began playing very fastly then stopped and hit a gong that was behind him then sat down and began playing again for another min or two then they come back out on stage and went right back into the song the whole solo lasted for bout 5-6 mins it was very good), Distance Is Darkness, Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier (which was I would say was the best performence of the night it had so much energy and emotion in it it was soo good) Confined, ("This is one all you guys can sing along too"), Illusions, Forever (which got the crowd going to most out of the whole night, it was wild during this song but it was amazing). The visual effects during the show were right on time and very well planned, and of course the 9 amps stacked on top of each other with the skull on them was the sickest. // 10

Overall Impression: The show was in Saratoga Springs at Saratoga Winners on December 2nd. It was apart of there shadows are security headlining tour which included A Life Once Lost, MadBall, Norma Jean (which was the second best performence of the night) and of course As I Lay Dying. The show was very good also 'cause I got to hangout and talk to Nick again I had met him at the aggresive music festival a while back but didn't get to talk for long but I did this time. The tickets were cheap only like $15 I was the first one through the door and right dead center on the barracade in front (I don't mess around when it comes to As I Lay Dying) but the show was definatly worth the money. The best moments of the night were: at the end of the show Nick personally giving me his pic and getting corys and Tim's waterbottle and the martigra beads from Jake Schultz bass and meeting Jordan I have never meet him before I got to talk to Tim again and of course Nick were talked for a while bout our guitars and stuff and got him to sign some stuff again, but I've been to a few of their shows and will continue to go until AILD are no more. // 10

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