USA (Atlanta), March 24, 2008 Review

artist: Atreyu date: 03/28/2008 category: live concerts

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Atreyu: USA (Atlanta), March 24, 2008
Overall, the sound was very impressive. The only errors were small mistakes, but that is what seperates live music from studio music anyway.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
USA (Atlanta), March 24, 2008 Reviewed by: axiSSlicer, on march 28, 2008
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Sound: I felt that the quality of the sound was top notch. Each instrument could be heard clearly, as opposed to some of the earlier bands Who had really swimmy guitars and drowned out vocals. Alex Varkatzas and Brandon Saller both did some great vocal work. Brandon struggled a little in some of the songs, he seemed to have some trouble keeping up the fast drumming pace and singing, but that is perfectly understandable. Dan Jacobs faltered in the Lip Gloss and Black solo when he went to put the guitar behind his head and played it that way. Overall, the sound was very impressive. The only errors were small mistakes, but that is what seperates live music from studio music anyway. // 10

Perfomance: 01. Doomsday - fists pumped the air in unison with the drums of Brandon Saller, although the band was still obscured by a screen that bore their symbol. The guitars roared to life and the screen dropped revealing the band. Alex Varkatzas stood on an amplifier at the head of the stage, fist in the air. The song was done very well. Brandon and Alex's vocal timing was impeccable throughout the song and as always, Alex was encouraging the crowd to get into it and mosh. We obliged and it was the beginning of a mosh pit that lasted for the next hour or so. 02. Right Side Of The Bed - "Doomsday" led directly into "Right Side of the Bed" which was greeted with frenzied enthusiasm. The guitar at the beginning faltered slightly, but it quickly picked up and Alex Let out a scream that rocked the entire venue. The rest of the song went flawlessly, (although I was knocked down during the guitar solo and got stepped on). I particularly enjoyed the lighting in this song, which matched the rhythm perfectly, going into crazy flashes during the solo, (though I was on the ground for much of that). 03. Lose It - before beginning the next song, the band chatted with the crowd a little about being on A Taste Of Chaos tour and expressed their gratitude to us for coming out and supporting them. They then went into Lose it, which was performed very well. The crowd was a little more subdued throughout this song. 04. Bleeding Mascara - when they finished "Lose It" Alex announced that the next song was "Bleeding Mascara" and the crowd went crazy. Dan performed the opening riff flawlessly and the lighting matched the rythm really well. This is probably my favorite song by them so I am really glad that they played it. 05. Ex's And Oh's - I really like this song but I feel like the stage performance was only mediocre. The lighting was nothing special and the band didn't move around much. I was glad to see the play something off of A Death Grip On Yesterday though. 06. Blow - I enjoy this song a lot, however, I did not expect Atreyu to perform it Live because Josh Todd (Buckcherry) is a big part of the song and he obviously was not on tour with them. Brandon sang in place of Josh and the song sounded really amazing. 07. When Two Are One - before they started this song, Alex said that it was the closest thing to a love song that they had ever written. This is one of my favorites off of the knew album so I am glad that they played it. 08. The Crimson - the crowd went nuts when Dan began playing the intro riff for "The Crimson". The audience was really into it and the mosh pit went pretty crazy. We all chanted along with the spoken word near the end of the song. This one was probably the crowd favorite out of all the ones the performed. 09. Falling Down - Brandon preluded this song by announcing that it was their knewest single off of Lead Sails Paper Anchor. The whole crowd clapped in unison with the beat. I especially enjoyed the lighting during the solo, it made it really intense and crazy. 10. Becoming The Bull - this one got the crowd really fired up. Alex told everyone to pump their fists in the air and we all did. the audience knew the song really well so we were all singing along. In the last chorus when Brandon usually sings, he instead pointed to the crowd with the drumsticks and we all sang in unison. It was a really impressive moment. 11. Lip Gloss And Black - I was really glad that they ended on this song because I feel that it is one of their deepest and strongest songs. They started out really well, but they lost some momentum in the middle when the Alex stopped to encourage everyone to get down on their knees and jump at the climax of the song. It picked back up really quickly and we all chanted "Live, Love, Burn, Die" in unison. Dan played the solo with the guitar behind his head, faltering a little in the beggining but ending with a bang. // 9

Overall Impression: This show was performed at The Gwinnett Center in Atlanta, GA on March 24, 2008. Atreyu was performing as a part of the Taste Of Chaos Tour which also included d'espairsray, Mucc, Idiot Pilot, BlesstheFall, Bullet for My valentine, and Avenged Sevenfold. I really enjoyed all of these bands and I feel that most put forth a very solid effort. The only thing that bothered me was the ammount of smoking in the venue. Every other person was lighting up and by the time A7X came on it was getting hard to breath in there. Other than that it was really amazing and was deffinately worth the $30 I paid to get in. I have no doubt that I will go see Atreyu again some day because they are one of my favorite bands. // 9

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