USA (Chicago), May 10, 2006 Review

artist: Avenged Sevenfold date: 03/08/2007 category: live concerts

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Avenged Sevenfold: USA (Chicago), May 10, 2006
The audiance was so pumped for A7X that during the set up, a brawl broke out and everyone was yelling "Se-ven-fold" over and over.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 9
USA (Chicago), May 10, 2006 Reviewed by: Noahs A TIGERRR, on march 08, 2007
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Sound: Overall, Avenged Sevenfold put on the best performance I've seen them put on in years! Everything was coordinated perfectly! They played with loads of emotion. The P.A. system was crisp and clear, and mixed nicely with the roar of the crowd. M. Shadows had a couple vocal slips, but overall just amazing! The Rev was doing some amazing druming, while twirling his sticks. It was raw! Finally, Synister and Zachy had some great moves! With their schecters they blazed the audiance with amazing guitar skills and emotion. // 10

Perfomance: The audiance was so pumped for A7X that during the set up, a brawl broke out and everyone was yelling "Se-ven-fold" over and over. When the curtain came down everyone was moshing and going crazy. One bab thing though, the Argon "brawlroom" isn't the greatest due to the fact that it gets so hot. Many of the fans at the end of the show were completely finished, but it didn't stop them from moshing and crowdsurfing. 01. Beast And The Harlot - great opening song, some flaws in the harmonies, but overall was a stellar performance. 02. Unholy Confessions - just like the music video, except no screaming. It didn't sound good without M. Shadows high pitched screams. I'm not gunna lie. 03. Trashed And Scattered - great introduction to this song. M. Shadows started out by saying "You know all those punk ass kid's who think you guys are pussies? That you A7X fans are a bunch of loosers? Well they can go f--k them selves! If they saw you now! They'd f**king piss their pants! This ones for them, it's call Trashed and F--king Scattered!" By far the best song of the show. 04. Chapter Four - this song when performed had the most emotion. Far Better than most of the other songs, but lacked due to the fact that M. Shadows can't scream anymore. Anyways, great song, great guitarin. I especially enjoyed the drums in this song. 05. Seize The Day - second in terms of emotion. Although it seems this one would have more emotion, it was kinda sketchy since Zachy started singing it. He's not a bad singer, but I liked it better when M.Shadows sings. Amazing visuals. 06. M.I.A - the guitars in this song were so perfect. Every Harmony was together, except in the intro, there was a little bit of confusion. Other than that they nailed it. Sounded just like the album. After about 2 minutes of chanting, A7X came back out to perform "Bat Country". Finally the huge skull with bat wings in the back of the stage came to life and flapped it's wings and it's eyes lit up. It was the best way to end the show. // 9

Overall Impression: Ya, A7X did amazing, especially since it was at the Argon. I love that Venue, a lot better than the H.O.B. USA, Chicago, Argon Ballroom. 18 Visions and Coheed & Cambria opened up. I loved that A7X still played some of their older material and that I got to crowd surf and slap hands with M.Shadows. I hated that I got dehydrated and had to go to school after getting home at 4 in the morning. Most unforgettbale moment I had, was when I was crowdsurfing and M. Shadows reached and gave me a high five. It was truly great. I can't wait to see them again. Hell, I can't wait for their new album. // 8

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