USA (Mt. Pleasant), July 17, 2011 Review

artist: Avenged Sevenfold date: 07/20/2011 category: live concerts

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Avenged Sevenfold: USA (Mt. Pleasant), July 17, 2011
Mt. Pleasant, MI. 7/15-Soaring Eagle Casino. I love everything about the show, it's worth watching in every single aspect.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
USA (Mt. Pleasant), July 17, 2011 Reviewed by: Mohamed Ibrahim, on july 20, 2011
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Sound: As singer M. Shadows marches towards the stage while the energy is building up, the catch phrase "nightmare!" was roaring towards the speakers and this is where all the good sh-t starts. He obviously managed to hit the notes flawlessly. Synyster Gates shredded his guitar like it was a paper shredder going wild. He used Schecter Synyster Custom's (one black and silver for Drop D tuning, one black and silver for Drop C#, one black and red for Standard and the white and gold for D as well). All of them were equipped with Sustainiac, so he plays those great harmonics and dive bombs. I am sure ear virginities were lost that day, hahahah. Zacky Vengeance is too good to be a rhythm guitarist, he also played with his signature model Schecter Zacky V. As of the sound, it's pretty ace. Although there were just a little bit of feedback but it wasn't that much of a big deal. // 9

Perfomance: It was sure fun. I really enjoyed the show. 01. "Nightmare": It was full of energy, the crowd screamed their lungs out so hard especially when the catch phrase "It's your f--king nightmare" comes. 02. "Critical Acclaim": On this one, it was played flawlessly and also, The Rev's vocals were sampled so it was pretty awesome to hear him. 03. "Welcome To The Family": Matt asked the crowd if they have ever been in an A7X show, and when some people answered it was their first time, Matt simply goes like "Well welcome to the f--king family" and Arin (Drummer) starts playing a drum solo at the beginning. The song is dropped to C# so it was a little heavier. The solo was sick and the ending was amazing. 04. "Almost Easy": A classic. It was so intense to hear the crowd scream "I'm not insane" so much. It was one of my favorites. 05. "Buried Alive": OH THE SOLO. Very well played. I really loved the fireworks and pyro that was been done on this song. 06. "So Far Away": Quite emotional, Matt payed tribute to The Rev and literally people were sobbing. I was about to cry myself. 07. "Afterlife": Another song where we can hear The Rev. Solo was sick as usual. 08. "God Hates Us": WAY TOO BRUTAL. Synyster also had added this long ass divebomb after the solo. It was sick. 09. "Bat Country": Do I even have to explain? 10. "Unholy Confessions": The exciting part was when they played "Crossroads" in the middle of the song, there was a big circle pit, biggest one I have ever seen in my life. 11. "Save Me": 11 minute song! WOW. I couldn't believe that they would play such long songs. It was amazing. What an amazing concert! // 10

Overall Impression: Mt. Pleasant, MI. 7/15-Soaring Eagle Casino. Seether and Sevendust played before A7X, they were good but I enjoyed A7X more. I love everything about the show, it's worth watching in every single aspect. Even the fact that they were nude girls everywhere, haha. I would definitely go for another A7X concert! // 10

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