USA (Saint Paul), March 4, 2008 Review

artist: Avenged Sevenfold date: 03/06/2008 category: live concerts

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Avenged Sevenfold: USA (Saint Paul), March 4, 2008
The fireworks at the end of Unholy Confessions were really shocking and loud, you were unable to hear the band.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
USA (Saint Paul), March 4, 2008 Reviewed by: Newbs28, on march 06, 2008
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Sound: I have been a fan of Avenged Sevenfold ever since Waking The Falen came out and had not gotten the chance to seem them live, until last night. I have heard previously from my other friends that they put on a great show, and they were right. M. Shadows, even though he does not scream anymore on their new albums, can really let those shrieks wail around the arenas and auditouriums they are performing at these days. As for other vocals; Syn, Zacky and The Rev sang backups and The Rev was incredible during the song Critical Acclaim. For their instruments, Syn and Vengenance used their signature Schecter guitars and I cannot make out the drumming equipment or bass guitars that The Rev and Johnny Christ were using. Everyone was really capable of hearing Shadows' singing, but while he was singing, the backups were really hard to hear. During the solo breaks of A7X's songs you really could really hear Syn's solos. The bass could have been turned up just a little bit more, Christ is really good and gets covered up by everyone else which is a shame. Overall though the show was really good and loud. // 8

Perfomance: Everyone enjoyed the show. We were all really tired from the previous bands Bullet For My valentine and Atreyu so everyone was really starting to calm down. I could hear everyone singing the songs whenever the band asked to. 01. Critical Acclaim - this was a great introduction to start Avenged off. The pyro at the beginning of the show was really intense. I was capable of feeling the heat from where I was, I wonder how bad The Rev felt since he was surrounded by the 10 foot fire stacks. The chanting and fist throwing during the part of the song where Shadow rants were insane because everyone was in unison with the band. 02. Second Heartbeat - I was really happy that they played at least one song from their old albums. Their rendition of it was really cool because since Shadows does not like to scream like he used too, he sings it with more calmer voice. Even though this happens, Sevenfold could really pull it off. Syn's solo at the end was crazy because he can really shread live. 03. Afterlife - this was their new single off of their self-titled. It was a really great performance when played Live. The build up to the solo was really cool because it lasted for like 2 minutes. One side note is that the b and was pretty much dressed up the way they were in the Afterlife music video. Zacky was dressed in a buttonup shirt witha bowtie while everyone else was in their original outfits. Syn did not have his top hat on but that did not stop him from going crazy on the solo. 04. Beast And The Harlot - one of their greatest songs Live. Everything about the song just makes you want to mosh. The song was played perfectly and I loved every second of it. 05. Scream - during every song, there were two projector screens showing a different picture for every song. Before this song, their was a small video of a girl running down a dark alley and then finally getting cornered and began to scream extremely loud. 06. Seize The Day - this was a really different style from the rest of the concert. Before the song started, the band made fun of Johnny for being shorter than the rest of the band and how bad his singing is. Since he is the only member of the band that does not have a microphone, Shadows lowered his mic to about the height of an 8 year old. They told HIM to sing the beginning lyrics of the song, but he did not want to. Back to the song, it was really cool to see how Shadows would do Live with a slower song. He really performed it well and has a great Live voice. The solo was really incredible and was improv-ed a little bit. 07. Bat Country - he who makes a beast out of himself. Gets rid of the pain of being a man! The whole song had great build ups and lyrics. For it being a MTV TRL song, it really is great to see that they can still perform it infront of a metal crowd it get great reactions out of it. 08. Gunslinger - this song was a great tribute to the troops of the United States over in Iraq. Before the show even started, the projectors showed a lot of footage of the troops and how well they are doing over there. Shadows dedicating this song to the fighting men and women that are protecting this great country. The whole song was really good and everyone enjoyed it. 09. Almost Easy - before the song started, Shadows was asking the crowd if they were insane and if he was insane, thus indicating the song was soon to come. It was a really good song and it merged very well into Unholy Confessions. 10. Unholy Confessions - the greatest Live song I have heard. During the buildup to the second verse, Shadows told the crowd it was the last chance they had to go crazy. Everyone in the middle of the crowd went insane, but the area that I was in no one was moving. I tried to get eveyone around me to mosh, but they didn't want to. After this song, they all said goodbye and went backstage. Everything went dark and the projector screens came on and showed Avenged Sevenfold in a hot tub telling stories about previous women that they had slept with. One of their roadies came in and said that the crowd out there was going nuts and wanting them to come out and perform an Encore. They all got out of the hot tub with all of them wearing shorts, minus Johnny Christ, who was bareass naked. 11. A Little Piece Of Heaven - confetti started falling everywhere, the cartoon music video started, and the band came running out. Everyone was shocked that they were playing this song because, in my opinion, I was not expecting this to be performed Live. The entire song was a really great way to end The Taste Of Chaos tour. It was really erie seeing confetti falling while the band was singing about necrophilia. The only thing that was fishy was that Shadows was forgeting the lyrics and I could see him looking down. I think that there was a monitor reading of the lyrics, so they must have just started playing this song and Shadows just forgot the words. There were a lot of great moments for me, especially whenever someone wanted me to get them started for crowdsurfing. The band was really good live and I will always go and see them now. The fireworks at the end of Unholy Confessions were really shocking and loud, you were unable to hear the band. The backdrop screens behind the band were really cool and changed after every few songs. The projectors showed the different singles covers were shown while the song was being performed and it was a really good show. // 10

Overall Impression: The show was performed at The Roy Wilkins Auditourium in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The date was March 4th, 2008. The opening acts were really cool. Blessthefall, Idiot Pilot, Mucc, Des'pairasay and a few other nonsigned bands performed before Bullet For My Valentine. Atreyu came out and put on an amazing show before Avenged played. I loved every minute of the show, except for the beginning of Bullet's performance because everyone was really roudy and wild and I really was not up for it yet. My friends and I were seperated from each other for most of their performance but we eventually found each other. I ran into a good friend from Duluth at the show and it was really cool seeing that these bands can bring friends from all over Minnesota together. The show was only 35 dollars and I would have paid 50 for it. The whole show was perfect since there was really no down time for the next band to come out and play. There were two stages and while one band was performing, the other band was getting ready on the other stage so it really flowed smoothly. The moment that I will not forget at the show was when the confetti began to fall for Avenged Sevenfold's last song. I will probably go to the next Atreyu, Bullet for My valentine and Avenged Sevenfold show whenever they come near Minneosta or driving distance. This was my first time I saw Bullet live and it was really intresting to see ho big they had gotten between shows. Overall, I would recommend anyone who likes any of these bands to go see them now. They have just started the tour and it will be going on until April. // 9

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