UK (London), October 11, 2005 Review

artist: Babyshambles date: 10/17/2005 category: live concerts

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Babyshambles: UK (London), October 11, 2005
The night was totally enjoyable, apart from the people in the audience who were there for Peter alone. There were less BabyShambles fans than Pete fans, as always, and that makes the atmosphere a little volatile.
 Sound: 7
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
UK (London), October 11, 2005 Reviewed by: Einkunst, on october 17, 2005
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Sound: The first thing that hit as soon as they started playing Pipe Down was that the venue's sound was terrible. You could see Peter trying to sing louder, but the sound from the mic was minimal. It was only when they got into The Man Who Came To Stay that the sound man seemed to get this sorted. Apart from that, the sound was good, Patrick's guitar play was the best I've seen from him, while Drew and Adam kept a tight rhythm, and gave the reggae songs that little bit extra that they always need. // 7

Perfomance: From the moment he walked onstage Peter looked happy, clean and up for it. When he was talking to us out the window before the gig, he looked healthy and got into good conversations while handing out Stellas. As you would expect, there were no flashy effects, just a lively, upbeat performance from a band most definately on the up. Compared to the festivals, just a few months ago, this performance was remarkable. The opening song was Pipe Down, with some parts of the crowd knowing every word, and others just shouting at Peter. Next up was Black Boy Lane, which after its recent outting on the Fuck Forever Vinyl was well received and well played. Stix And Stones followed, played superbly, the verses were funky with their laid back reggae beats, while the choruses were loud hard and anthemic. The Man Who Came To Stay was the first real crowd pleaser, due to being the B-side on killamangiro and the atmosphere really got going (from here on songs are in no specific order). In Love With A Feeling got the majority of us singing our hearts out, and 8 Dead Boys was at its powerful best. Fuck Forever and Killamangiro prompted mass sing alongs. Albion was powerful, but still not at its best in the full band version, and I just hope the album version is acoustic. Other songs I remember were What Did I Dream?, the closing song My Darling Clementine and Do You Know Me?. But, by far the best song of the night was Wolfman in the encore. Wolfman himself came onstage, Peter was in the crowd, and he played guitar, it was good to see a guitar round his neck again, just like the good old days (there were no good old days) and the bluesy riffs went on for probably well over 10 mintues. The crowd was loving it, the sing-a-long chorus and the rap-stlye verses, that was a song that I will never forget seeing on that night. The night was totally enjoyable, apart from the people in the audience who were there for Peter alone. There were less BabyShambles fans than Pete fans, as always, and that makes the atmosphere a little volatile. // 9

Overall Impression: This is definately the best of all the times I've seen BabyShambles. Just after the doors opened we were treated to acoustic versions of Time For Heroes and What A Waster. The first support act (I didn't catch their name, but what an afro). Got the crowd going well, and were followed by lefthand, playing a full band set rather than just Alan Wass on his own. Up next were The Littl'ans, and they got one of the best recpetions I have ever seen for a support act. There was no Peter for Their Way, but in my opinion that made it better, as we got the song and not the fangirls screaming for him. BabyShambles themselves, as I've said, were great. They were tight, yes tight, and at some points even gave off a feeling of profesionalism, turning up early and standing by the stage waiting for the roadies to set up their gear. I will almost definately see BabyShambles again, as I have a habit of seeing them every so often. The sound in the academy was poor, but the good old St John's Ambulance (I think) people were there to help. The Gig was definately worth the 20 I paid for my ticket (for once), railfare was a rip off as always, but that's not something the band can help. Overall, a memorable show, showing that the good ship still sails on, and one day, we just might reach arcadia, as long as the captain can stay on board. // 9

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