UK (Birmingham), November 13, 2007 Review

artist: Biffy Clyro date: 11/15/2007 category: live concerts

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Biffy Clyro: UK (Birmingham), November 13, 2007
Biffy Clyro have always had a strong fanbase, and the audience was made up of die-hard fans, and those who have only heard the band through their latest effort.
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UK (Birmingham), November 13, 2007 Reviewed by: frusciante_50, on november 15, 2007
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Sound: Simon Neil, James Johnston and Ben Johnston are known for their ability to hold down complex time signatures and combine crashing distortion with tender subjects and melodies. This is delivered even more effectively Live, than it is on their four brilliant albums. Simon, James and Ben all deliver vocals fantastically (best shown on 57, where all three deliver a different vocal) and Simon did not miss a note all night. Where appropriate, Simon used his awesome (and underated) scream, and where a softer side was needed, he sang beautifully (on the haunting machines). The sound in the venue was phenomenal. This could be because there were techs and roadies fretting for almost an hour, tuning Simons various guitars (Several Strats, a Telecaster, and his White Falcon, although he did not use the latter) and making sure the mics were working properly. // 10

Perfomance: Biffy Clyro have always had a strong fanbase, and the audience was made up of die-hard fans, and those who have only heard the band through their latest effort. Setlist (from what I can remember): Saturday Superhouse - excellent choice of intro, really got the crowd going. Who's Got A Match - another very upbeat song, ideally placed high up the setlist. A Whole Child Ago - from Puzzle, could have been replaced by any other Puzzle track and I wouldnt have noticed. Justboy - relieved to hear an old song, I sang along heartily, but I got the impression that a lot of the audience didn't know of it. Joy.Discovery.Invention - another old track, and delivered fantastically, with the trademark Biffy style. Eradicate The Doubt - brilliant song from Vertigo Of Bliss, again delivered skillfully. Glitter And Trauma - first song of the Encore, played with the dance/techno intro. 57 - track 8 from Blackened Sky, ideal set closer. What an anthem! At one point in the show, an audience member threw a shoe and it Simon in the face (presumably by accident) but like a true professional he kept going without flinching. // 10

Overall Impression: The gig took place on the 13th November at the Carling Academy in Birmingham. The openers were Matches (average band, seemed to like themselves quite a lot) and Forward Russia (truly awful, half an hour of electro-nonsense). I loved every minute of Biffy's set, and was bored throughout the support. The ticket only set me back 14.50, which I think as a bargain, as they are one of my favourite bands. I will most certainly go and see them again in the New Year. // 10

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