Canada (Barrie), August 14, 2004 Review

artist: Billy Talent date: 08/16/2004 category: live concerts

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Billy Talent: Canada (Barrie), August 14, 2004
Outdoor Festival. The set was enjoyable, alot of jumpin, yellin and movin around, and Ben learned from his past stage mistake.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Canada (Barrie), August 14, 2004 Reviewed by: Treyko, on august 16, 2004
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Sound: Well how good could the instruments and the lyrics sound when you are right up agains the barricade hanging on every word? Blankin amazing. If you have their CD or have seen them perform you know what to expect from this band Live. You have Benjamin Kowalewicz (vocals), Ian D'sa (Guitar), Jon Gallant (Bass), and Aaron Solowoniuk (drums) setting the standard for what a live performance should sound like. Rockin out with Fender Strats, MusicMan Sting Rays and Ben's freaky range of voice sets a new standard for what a live performance should sound like. Normally when you are right up against the barricade at a live show the Lyrics are not always clear. And most of the words are just the echo of the audience around you. Ben sounded clear and oddly enough his voice did not crack or lose any range. Have you every tried to sing like HIM, or yell continuously like Ian or Jon during the chorus's? It is hard f'in work. All the instruments sounded clear as a whistle. What more could I say about the sound? Oh yea although you could hear every song clear as CD Quality you mostly heard the guy to the right of you, or the lady to the left, or the hundreds of people behind you. // 8

Perfomance: Outdoor Festival. That is all I have to say. Those of you that have attended a Warp Tour know that everyone is there to have fun and enjoy the whole experience. Whether the experience is crowd surfing, moshing, or just standing there and singing along. The set was enjoyable, alot of jumpin, yellin and movin around, and Ben learned from his past stage mistake (He no longer throws the mic stand around. At one show he knocked out Aaron the drummer, and had to stop the show until he was finished gettin stitches). Toilet Paper thrown on stage, Ben takes it wipes his brows and tosses it back for more. What more could you expect, they had fun and so did the Crowd. In typical warp tour fashion the set lasted roughly 30 minutes so only enough time for abour 5 or 6 songs. Now feel free to correct me, but they started off their set with "Living In The Shadows" to get the crowd pumped up and it worked. After they hit up "Line And Sinker", another song just designed to get the crowd surfing and chanting along with them. Be calms the tempo and dabbles into a little story about This Girl he knew, that eventually became his ex, and the inspiration for the song "The Ex". Followed up with "Living In The Shadows" into another lil talking break where they played their first single "Try Honesty" followed that up with "River Below". Time for the last song and I am not sure whether or not it was to fit in with the whole Anti-Bush theme from the rest of the bands present, but they played "Prisoner Of Today" where near the end the drummer goes off, followed by Ben leaving Jon and Ian on stage jammin away. Finally in one big burst they end and Ian's Fender Strat is launched onto the drum kit. // 10

Overall Impression: Barrie Ontario Canada, Molson Park Flats, August 14th, 2004. The show was high energy, the sun was shining and the crowd was rowdy, what else could you ask for? Well probably a longer set if you are a fan like myself, but hey that is wat the smaller shows at intimate venues are for. Tickets were generously priced at $36.50, but if you bought at the door like I did, then you dished out a even $50. Fifty dollars for over 40 bands is very cheap, you see 10-13 bands so it is like $5 a piece, where else are you going to find a concert that cheap? Bring in the front row has the advantages when all the female crowd surfers come over you and there pats are down or a boob is hanging out, but if that is your only kick at a show like this. Get the F Out. Go See Them next time they are in your town. Remember the name Billy Talent. And yea, there is no one in the band with the name Billy, Just deal with it. // 10

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