Netherlands (The Hague), September 8, 2012 Review

artist: Birdy date: 09/11/2012 category: live concerts

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Birdy: Netherlands (The Hague), September 8, 2012
the gig in The Royal Theatre (Koninklijke Schouwburg), The Hague, The Netherlands on September 8 was quite good.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
Netherlands (The Hague), September 8, 2012 Reviewed by: TuningGamer, on september 11, 2012
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Sound: The full band existed of Birdy on her piano and using her impressive voice for vocals, a female guitarist that also provided backing vocals, a male cello player that also did backing vocals, a drummer and a guitarist. The sounds of the songs from Birdy's debut album were very accurately reproduced, but with some extra's and oddities to keep it interesting. A pre-recorded sample was only used once, which is quite a thing if you listen closely to some of Birdy's songs. The sound-quality over all was good, but the mix had a bit too much high. This could sometimes lead to a certain loudness that wasn't there in terms of decibels. (Piercing highs). Birdy herself managed to sound even better live during most songs, although she sometimes rushed it a bit. Nevertheless a very talented singer. // 9

Perfomance: Full setlist: 01. Shelter (Birdy solo) 02. I'll Never Forget You (Birdy solo) 03. 1901 (Band joins her) 04. White Winter Hymnal 05. Without A Word 06. The District Sleeps Tonight 07. Learn Me Right 08. Young Blood 09. Just A Game 10. People Help The People 11. Terrible Love ENCORE: 12. Skinny Love (Birdy solo) 13. Fire & Rain (Band joins her, extended version) I think the setlist was quite varied and it was nice to see songs that weren't on her debut album ("Learn Me Right & Just A Game"). The set decoration was made of lightbulbs hanging down their cables that were controlled to add effects to certain songs. When Birdy played solo, the bulbs got dimmed and only one bulb near her remained on at a certain point. It really contributed to the song "Shelter": when she sang "...Can I make it better, with the lights turned on?" the lights slowly started to glow, which really gave a cool effect. What has to be said, is that the band supporting Birdy got quite some attention. Not only did the acoustic guitarist and cello player open for Birdy with three entertaining songs, the band also were in the spotlights, whereas Birdy was put at a side of the stage. Although Birdy herself is very shy on stage and barely speaks or interacts with the audience, she at least could've been situated more in the middle. She is the main artist after all. The shyness and modesty is something that could bother some, but to me it contributed to the atmosphere of the concert and it is agreeable for such a young talent to be modest, instead of arrogant. What was visible during the course of the concert, was the fact that Birdy and her band really 'got into it'. By the end they really looked like they were having a great time and really enjoyed playing with each other. The musicians all got a bit eclectic, which also was quite funny at times (the cello player dropped his hat at a certain point). // 8

Overall Impression: So the gig in The Royal Theatre (Koninklijke Schouwburg), The Hague, The Netherlands on September 8 was quite good. Especially for the money (around 25). The opener was entertaining, but not great. Unforgettable moments include: dimmed opening by Birdy (solo), Birdy and her band playing together as one, Birdy and the band saluting everyone and leaving stage, getting the setlist from the stage and last but not least: a free soft drink afterwards! A nice token from the venue! A friend of mine stayed to wait for Birdy to get to her tourbus and actually got a picture taken and an autograph. I sadly couldn't do so, for logistical reasons. It is a great thing that she cares for her fans, though. I'm glad I went to see her perform and am very interested to hear what she puts out next. When she comes to the Netherlands again, chances are I will go see her again. // 8

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