Belgium (Brussels), April 22, 2009 Review

artist: Bob Dylan date: 04/24/2009 category: live concerts

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Bob Dylan: Belgium (Brussels), April 22, 2009
Bob Dylan's singing was amazingly good! He re-invents the melody as he goes along, and this time, it worked out really good. He played guitar on one song, staying behind his organ for the rest of his set.
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 Overall Impression: 8
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Belgium (Brussels), April 22, 2009 Reviewed by: hendrixfanatic, on april 24, 2009
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Sound: Bob Dylan's singing was amazingly good! He re-invents the melody as he goes along, and this time, it worked out really good. He played guitar on one song, staying behind his organ for the rest of his set. His band consisted of Tony Garnier on bass, George Recile on drums, Donnie Herron on violin, banjo, electric mandolin, pedal steel and lap steel, and Stu Kimball and Denny Freeman on guitar. The band played really tight, even though the drums were a bit high in the mix, and Donnie's violin could have been higher... // 8

Perfomance: Dylan clearly had a good time, smiling and dancing around behind his organ, although he didn't speak a word to the audienc (apart from his "Thank you, friends!" at the end of the show, followed by an introduction of his band). This is what the set list looked like: 01.The Wicked Messenger: a great opener, with howling vocals from Bob, and very tight playing from the band. Stronger than the album version. 02.It's All Over Now, Baby Blue: a very different arrangement, but great, with the most beautiful harmonica solo Bob played that night. 03.Man In The Long Black Coat: the only song on which Dylan played the guitar, and he Busted out two haunting solos! 04.Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again: one of my favourite songs, and really a song that fit's '08 Dylan as much as '66 Dylan. 05.Blind Willie McTell: a great song, and a rocking version. 06.Desolation Row: a very moving performance, with a more Acoustic sound (Stu played a beautiful Gibson J45, and Tony played upright bass) 07.Honest With Me: the first more recent song, and it blew the album version (which didn't do much for me) miles away! 08.Sugar Baby: beautifully played. Untill this song, the performance had not a single flaw. 09.Highway 61 Revisited: more of a routine than the rest of the performance. 10.Ballad Of A Thin Man: another highlight, with great singing. 11.I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met): the worst performance of the night. Both Dylan's singing and his harmonica playing weren't very good. 12.Ain't Talkin': my second favourite song from his latest album, played very hauntingly. 13.Thunder On The Mountain: a great rocking performance, with a blistering guitar solo from Stu. 14.Like A Rolling Stone: like Highway 61, a bit of a routine, and one of the songs Dylan plays every night. Encore: 15.All Along The Watchtower: Dylan's guitarists lack the emotional power to reach Hendrix' version, and Bob's voice nowadays lacks the power to compete with the hard rock arrangement he plays. 16.Spirit On The Water: nicely sung and played, close to the album version. 17.Blowin' In The Wind: very different from the original version, and closing with Bob center-stage, playing a harmonica solo. Great closer! Untill Sugar baby, the show was one big highlight, with every song sung and played great. After that, the set list became a little more monotonous and predictable, but still with very good performances. It was fun to see how the members of the band had their eyes on Dylan nearly all the time. During Thunder on the mountain, Bob, Tony and George were grinning to each other, obviously having a great rockin' time! I stood pretty close to the stage, so I had a great sight on Bob dancing behind his organ. // 8

Overall Impression: I saw Bob Dylan at Forest National in Brussels (Belgium), for the ticket price of 50. It was the first time I saw Dylan in concert, and I absolutely loved it (although the second half of the show was a little weaker than the first)! When he comes back to Belgium (the Never Ending Tour stops here every two years or so), I will definitely go and see him again! // 8

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