USA (Detroit), November 9, 2007 Review

artist: Boys Like Girls date: 11/12/2007 category: live concerts

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Boys Like Girls: USA (Detroit), November 9, 2007
Boys Like Girls did an awesome job entertaining the crowd. Everyone seemed to know every song and there wasn't one person that wasn't singing along.
 Sound: 6
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.7
USA (Detroit), November 9, 2007 Reviewed by: zola81, on november 12, 2007
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Sound: Out of the four bands there (opening acts: Valencia, The Audion, All time low. Main band: Boys like Girls) I would say Boys Like Girls had the best sound by far. The music was clear and you could hear without any problem, but the vocals weren't loud enough. With everyone singing and yelling, you couldn't understand what was being said. It would have been a lot better if everyone stopped pushing and screaming and just shut up to listen to the music. // 6

Perfomance: Boys Like Girls did an awesome job entertaining the crowd. Everyone seemed to know every song and there wasn't one person that wasn't singing along. The band played songs from their album Boys Like Girls. They got every song in except for Against The Wall, Learning To Fall, and Holiday. The two most entertaining ones were Hero/Heroine and Thunder. Hero/Heroine was one of the best because of the pause in the middle when Martin Johnson (singer/guitarist) got the crowd singing T-Pain's Buy you a Drank. There was a lot of humor put in between songs and during, but there wasn't so much that it ruined the music. Thunder was the calmer song played. The room went dark and Marin sang it as a solo, but at the end of the song, the rest of the band joined HIM. I would say that part got the best response, meaning people actually listened and you could really hear his voice and the guitar. // 9

Overall Impression: The concert was held at St. Andrews Hall in down town Detroit, Mi on November 9th, 2007. The first band was Valencia. They played 4 of there songs and it really filled the crowd with energy. Next was The Audition Who played 5 songs, one being You've Made Us Conscious. People seemed to enjoy them better because the songs were more familiar, unlike Valencia where no body knew the words to sing along to. The last opening band was All Time Low. They seemed to get the most attention and bring the most energy in the crowd, but that could have also just been because Boys Like Girls was next. All time low played 5 of their songs, some being The Coffee Shop Sound Track, Break Out! Break Out!, and Dear Maria Count Me In. The opening acts did seem really long and everyone kind of just wanted to get to the point of why we were all there, Boys Like Girls. One of the low points of the show was how unbelievably crowded it was. With everyone standing and the space being so small, there was tons of pushing and shoving to get closer to the stage. People would force through, not caring Who they hit, just to get in front of a couple more people. It was impossible to stand still with everyone that bumped into you from the mosh pits and the several people that went crowd surfing. For some, it was a success, but then others would go over one person and fall straight down to the ground in front of them. // 8

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