Canada (Vancouver), October 2, 2010 Review

artist: Brad Paisley date: 10/07/2010 category: live concerts

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Brad Paisley kicked the crowd and the sound technicians into high gear, and his vocals and guitar lines were pristine and matched superbly with the levels of the rest of the the band.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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Canada (Vancouver), October 2, 2010 Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 07, 2010
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Sound: The sound of the concert improved with each act. Obviously, opening act Justin Moore would have the worst mix - a mix so poor that his vocals were often buried in the sonic mess of distorted guitars and kick drums. Darius Rucker had some issues with slapback due to the half empty area, but his sound seemed tight for the most part. Brad Paisley kicked the crowd and the sound technicians into high gear, and his vocals and guitar lines were pristine and matched superbly with the levels of the rest of the the band. The strongest part of the sound mix, besides Brad's vocals, was the pedal steel. Often a difficult instrument to incorporate amongst powerful bass and guitar amplifiers, the pedal steel breaks sailed overtop of the instrumental backing, achieving their purpose live as they are meant to do on record. No qualms about the quality of the sound, in fact it might be one of the better sounding concerts to have been put on recently at Rogers Arena (note: the arena was known as GM Place from 1995 - July 2010). // 9

Perfomance: Up and coming opening act Justin Moore did his best Jason Aldean impression to mixed results, and his Arkansas drawl began to noticeably fatigue the audience near the end of his set. Darius Rucker pleased everyone's expectations with his mix of country smashs and Hootie and the Blowfish classics. His upbeat attitude and graciousness on stage won him many fans that night. Most importantly, however, was Brad Paisley's performance. He entered to the fanfare of the Welcome to the Future reprise and kept the energy high from the official opening song, "Water," to the night's final encore, "Alcohol." The strongest section of the show was easily Paisley's performance on a small stage located at the foot of the lower bowl. From this miniature stage, Paisley sang "Letter to Me" and the intro to "I'm Still a Guy" - which was finished with the entire band. Paisley's pedal steel and additional guitar players matched him note for note on many of the instrumental codas that have made this Nashville gunslinger famous. The best fan moment was easily seeing four hooligans jump on stage and run drunkenly across to the other side. The frantic motions of the security team to get these men off the stage before someone got too close to Paisley or a band member was hilarious to watch. Brad Paisley gave everyone in Vancouver, a city known for its metropolitan values, a chance to pretend that they were country folk for a night - and what more can you really ask for? // 9

Overall Impression: At the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada on October 2, 2010, Brad Paisley owned the stage. His mix of traditional country, modern country and southern rock captivated the crowd for a full two and a half hours. Openers Justin Moore and Darius Rucker did excellent jobs trying to keep the crowd's energy level up before the headliner. The highlight of the show was Brad's intimate Acoustic performances of "Letter to Me" and "I'm Still a Guy" from a small stage out past the floor seats. Ticket prices should not be an issue for a show of this caliber, Brad Paisley's showmanship is priceless. He knew why his audience had come to see him, and he delivered. // 9

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