USA (Atlantic City), August 29, 2006 Review

artist: Breaking Benjamin date: 08/31/2006 category: live concerts

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Breaking Benjamin: USA (Atlantic City), August 29, 2006
They were the main event, and the songs they played were awesome.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
USA (Atlantic City), August 29, 2006 Reviewed by: electric7, on august 31, 2006
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Sound: When I bought the tickets, I was bouncing off the walls. Breaking Benjamin is my favorite band, and I'd been wanting to see them live for a while. When I went there with my dad, I found out that ticketmaster had lied: they had 3 starter bands. I didn't mind, but my dad's foot was bothering him and we had "Standing Room Only" tickets, so I was a bit worried. It was fun, and I'll review all the bands. Transfusion M - the band, as a whole, was good, but the backup singer, who I think was named Amy, was dressed up like a slut. The sound didn't really impress me, just some generic punk band. Dropping Daylight - I really hadn't heard much on these guys, but they impressed me. The keyboardist/lead singer was way into it, and they brought Chad (Breaking Benjamin's drummer) out for one song. I liked these guys. Evans Blue - while I believe it was the mixer's fault, I could not hear the lead singer. The guitars and drums were way overpowered, and I didn't really like these guys. Ben (Breaking Benjamin's lead singer, doy) came out unexpectedly and helped on a song, and the crowd went nuts! Breaking Benjamin - the main event, and the songs they played were awesome. Even my dad, who had never heard these guys prior, just doing me a favor, really liked them. They teamed up with the guitarist and lead singer of Evans Blue came out, the Dropping Daylight's guitarist replaced the Evan's Blue one. Ben stopped twice to drink a beer, and the crowd seemed to like that. // 8

Perfomance: Transfusion M - most of the guys were sober by then and were enjoying Amy's "performance". They wern't very good, but still something to check out. Dropping Daylight - the whole band was into it, and the fans and band were enjoying the performance. The keyboardist missed some keys, but hey, no ones perfect. Evans Blue - truely, I cannot review their performance because I couldn't hear the singer. Breaking Benjamin - they blew the place away, plain and simple. // 9

Overall Impression: Breaking Benjamin stopped by The House Of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ, and I think that it was right to buy tickets for 18 bucks. Transfusion M, and Dropping Daylight were awesome openers, and Eveans Blue really wern't. Breaking Benjamin was what everyone came to see, and it was a great performance. I plan to go to their next concert (if I can) in New Jersey. // 9

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