USA (El Paso), April 14, 2005 Review

artist: Breaking Benjamin date: 08/12/2005 category: live concerts

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Breaking Benjamin: USA (El Paso), April 14, 2005
Ben's singing was amazing, even if he was a little off at times. He sounded just like he does on the CDs. This band was so good at performing. They put so much energy into their songs which made the show extra exciting.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
USA (El Paso), April 14, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 12, 2005
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Sound: The sound had it's good points, and bad points as well. For songs like "Breakdown" and "Natural Life," you couldn't really hear that much because the sound was really loud. The band did manage to tone down later on during the show. Ben's singing was amazing, even if he was a little off at times. He sounded just like he does on the CDs, which I find awesome. Overall, the sound was pretty decent. // 8

Perfomance: This band was so good at performing. They put so much energy into their songs which made the show extra exciting. The lighting was good. It would stay still pretty much during the verses of a song, then flash like crazy during the choruses. Here are the songs that they played: 01. Natural Life - great way to kick off the show. The intro sounded just like it did on the album. It built up all the way to the part where Ben whispers "hold still," then the song went off. 02. Away - I was surprised at this song being played next. Good guitar and vocals all the way through. Overall it was pretty good. 03. Breakdowbn - finally! This is where things really started to heat up. When Aaron played the piano intro on his guitar (which sounded perfect) everyone went nuts. After Ben yelled "Breakdown!", pits filled the whole place it was crazy! Everybody was singing the verses. During the end of the song I got pulled out of the way from a speaker that almost fell on top of me. This was the best song of the night. 04. Polyamorous - before this one, Ben said "Here's one of our oldest songs." They played this song perfectly. 05. Sooner Or Later - their current single. Sounded better than the album version. The entire crowd sang the slowed down part of the bridge. This song was awesome. 06. Home - a little audio clip of the Wizard of Oz was played before this. Then thr song blasted throughout the place. Good performance, great song. 07. Simple Design - my favorite song off the CD. Sounded awesome. I think by this time Ben was starting to lose his voice. 08. Break My Fall - another great song. Played very well. Ben held the last part of the song perfectly. I didn't think he would. 09. Firefly - surprise, surprise. I don't think anybody thought this song was going to be played at all. It was awesome. Everybody was screaming the songs final chorus. Just amazing. 10. So Cold - as soon as the first guitar note was hit, everybody knew what was going to happen. Nice build up on the intro. Everyone sang this one. Encore: 11. Rain - Ben walked out on his own in front of the stage with his acoustic guitar and did this one. Hit every not perfectly. But what do you know? The rest of the band came in by the end of the part part where Ben sings "to lie here under you is all," and this song turned into an electric guitar version. It sounded awesome. Everyone was singing and lighters were everywhere. I think this version is better than the all-acoustic version on the CD. Perfectly done. Great show. Before the encore, everyone was screaming "Water, Water!" I was screaming "Believe," while my friend was screaming for "Blow Me Away." The funniest moment though was when my other friend screamed "Forget It!" out of nowhere. I was laughing so hard. We were also chanting "Ben-ja-min!" for a good 3 to 5 minutes before Rain came on. // 10

Overall Impression: El Paso, Texas. April 14, 2005. Corral Nightclub. The openers were The Exies (best show of the night. If they come back here I will surely be there), and Theory Of A Deadman. I loved everything about that show. My only flaw I found was that the sound at some points were too loud. The tickets were $25, and well worth the money. One of the two most un-forgettable moments was a topless girl in front of me and my friends during Theory Of A Deadman. Theo other one being me about to get crushed by one of the speakers. If any of these 3 bands were to come back here again, hell yeah I am there! It was such an awesome night! // 10

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