USA (Lafayette), May 10, 2005 Review

artist: Breaking Benjamin date: 05/13/2005 category: live concerts

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Breaking Benjamin: USA (Lafayette), May 10, 2005
They truly rocked with few visual except some stage lighting chanes and four huge stobes that flashed on a few strong hits and such.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Lafayette), May 10, 2005 Reviewed by: tdragon316, on may 13, 2005
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Sound: The opening band Silvertide was a relative unknown. They had a lot of bass maybe too much as my ears are still ringing two days later. You could barely make out the lyrics on most of their songs. Breaking Benjamin had a crisp clean sound almost CD like. And no they were not lip syncing 'cause during one of the songs the lead singer laughed and pointed to the rail as a gut pushed throught the audience and was pulled down by fans who handed him to security. Anyway overall Breaking had an amazing sound with a few areas were the guitar drownded the vocals and one or two tempo slips that most didn't notice. Now the head liners 3 Doors Down well with the exception of a volume problem with second guitar, which they kept trying to tell the techs to turn him up, they had a good sound as well their drummer just killed his set and knocked his hat over at one point but while drumming used his foot to pop it back up and didn't miss a beat. The only thing I can truly complain about is they did a drumless semi-acoustic version of Here Without You and there was no Bob Seager for Landin In London, but they said he will be on the summer tour. Overall excellent sound from Breaking Benjamin and 3 Doors Down. // 10

Perfomance: Silvertide was like on the very edge of the stage thus not much room but their lead singe was by far the most animated of the night. He actually stood on the saftey rail during one song and went into the sitting area on their last. The only song that they have on the radio is Blue Jean which got the best reaction. They did a good job pumping the crowd. Breaking Benjamin is by far the reason most were there. Now I can't remeber the order they played their songs in but I will say when they screamed Break Down the place went freaking nuts every person in the place, even in seats, were up and jumping. During So Cold I counted 8 people crowd surfing at the same time - the most at once during the night. they also played Polyamors, Home, Firefly, and I can't remeber exactly what else they played off the top of my head but all together they played about 10 or 12 songs I believe. They said it was great to be home as they are from Louisiana, I think, and that for the siize of the crowd we were a crazy group of motherf--ers. They truly rocked with few visual except some stage lighting chanes and four huge stobes that flashed on a few strong hits and such. 3 Doors Down had an awesome stage it was set up like a factory with three moving gears huge gears that where set in motion via pyro. During Kryptonite green flames shot out of the stage. They plaed basicly every hit they've had and closed with the song everyone chanted for all night Loser. they did probaly 15 or 16 songs thats including the encore which was more like a they took a break and teased a close and came back out. // 10

Overall Impression: United States, Lafayette, Louisiana, Cajun Dome, May 10, 2005. I loved the energy that the bands and audience brought it was a full body mind and spirit expereince. I hated the people who got high and drunk and stupid cus they just took away from the attention that the bands deserved. It cost about $40 for tickets after service charges etc. I paid $60 after shipping. It was worth every cent and I would go again in a heart beat infact I almost followed them to New Orleans and would have had it not been for having to go to work. Most unforgetable moments were the guy pissing in the cup before the bands took the stage so he wouldn't lose his spot, the numerous crowd surfers dropped on their heads, they guy who came from Tokyo and gave 3 Doors hand made quilt and 3 Doors showed the quilt and bowed in Japanese tradition to him (quit awesome to see a and that appreciates fans like that), learning that 3 Doors first performance ever in a arena was at the Cajun Dome opening for Creed. The high light of the night that sticks out though is when Breaking Benjamin played Break Down because the energy in that building was overwelming. // 10

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