USA (Louisville), October 27, 2006 Review

artist: Breaking Benjamin date: 01/16/2007 category: live concerts

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Breaking Benjamin: USA (Louisville), October 27, 2006
The instruments were great. Sounding just like they should in concert.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
USA (Louisville), October 27, 2006 Reviewed by: FBA Ac1d, on january 16, 2007
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Sound: Ben Burnley is one of the best hard rock singers in today's music industry. I'm sorry but he is absolutely amazing. He is so freakin melodic and then the next song he's screaming in tone. It's amazing his abilities and his very unique singing style. The instruments were great. Sounding just like they should in concert. The overall impressions was phemnomenal. Breaking Benjamin takes my breath away every time they walk on stage. They don't mess up and they sound unbelieveable. I do however wish they would react with the crowd just a dat bit more. A lot of bands today don't realize how much fans want their favorite band to look and normally talk to them and let them know that they know they are there and love them so much. // 10

Perfomance: I mean this when I say this. Godsmack was headlining but the crowd was for Breaking Benjamin. don't get me wrong everyone sang along with Godsmack but when Breaking Benjamin played there hit singles like, "Diary Of Jane", "So Cold", "Sooner Or Later" and much more. I seriously could barely hear Ben sing because the chicks beside me and the guys in front of me were screaming their lungs out to every word. Also partially because of the big mosh pit I was in. The stage was dark and Aaron(guitarist) walks on stage and turns his tremolo on and hits d chords over and over teasing the crowd with the "Polyamorous" riff. Then Ben walks out straps on and they go directly into Polyamorous and it runs goosebumps up your spine when Ben does the opening scream to Polyamorous's opening riff. Breath-taking. So obviously they opened with their first hit single "Polyamorous" and I can't remember the exact order to the concert but I remember all the songs. Here they are: 01. Polyamorous (Saturate) 02. Had Enough (Phobia) 03. Breath (Phobia) 04. Until The End (Phobia) 05. Sooner Or Later (We Are Not Alone) 06. Away (We Are Not Alone) 07. Topless (Phobia) 08. Breakdown (We Are Not Alone) 09. Dance With The Devil (Phobia) 10. The Diary Of Jane (Phobia) 11. So Cold (We Are Not Alone) The songs that got the most crowd reaction was the most popular, "So Cold", the latest and biggest hit "Diary Of Jane", the fight song "Breakdown", the forceful and angry "Topless, and heart-felt "Dance With The Devil". However myself and some of the other mosh members were kind of upset though when they didn't play a lot of their better songs off their somewhat underground first album "Saturate" like, "Home", "Wish I may" and "Shallow Bay". The first album is definitely their heaviest and fan-favorite album. I wish they would have played more of it. // 9

Overall Impression: Me and my buddy Joel were in Louisville, KY at Louisville Gardens on October 27th when this amazing concert took place. Three awesome bands played. New rock comers Hourcast, Who suprisingly rocked out, opened for my favorite Breaking Benjamin, Who opened up for the giant success band Godsmack. We payed 45 bucks a piece to get in the pit and it was well worth it. I could have touched Ben's hand but he never looked at the crowd much. My only saddness was Breaking B didn't play a lot of their album "Saturate". And YES O my gosh how could I forget there were a lot of boobies! Chicks up in the balcony's were making out during the bands set-up and I swear every eye of 20, 000 in the crowd was looking at them. The crowd chanted, "Show your tits! Show your tits!" for about 3 minutes straight till they finally flashed everyone twice. And then 2 chicks right beside me and Joel jumped up and flashed the crowd. I bout reached up and grabbed em but the guy holding her was big! But that wasn't the most unforgetable moment. The most unforgetable moment was when me and my buddy Joel got to shake Ben Burnley's hand and tell him how much we love him and his music. A radio station outside the venue before the show was hosting Breaking Benjamin over there signing autographs and we went over and met them while my dad saved our spot in line. I will definitely be attending Breaking Benjamin's next gig close by. I love them more than they know! // 10

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