UK (Bridgend), June 2, 2006 Review

artist: Bryan Adams date: 06/05/2006 category: live concerts

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Bryan Adams: UK (Bridgend), June 2, 2006
Bryan must have been on for nearly 2 hours and his voice held out and in fact, got better as the concery progressed.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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UK (Bridgend), June 2, 2006 Reviewed by: gemtextr, on june 05, 2006
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Sound: One word - amazing! Bryan must have been on for nearly 2 hours and his voice held out and in fact, got better as the concery progressed. Keith Scott was the lead guitar player and his techniques were brilliant. There were plenty of amps around the stage so everybody could hear from where they were and the mics were also nice and loud, I cant stand having to strain to hear what the artist is saying! Also, B.A. kept turning his mic around so we could hear ourselves singing, what a fantastic idea! // 10

Perfomance: I can safely say that every single person in the audience enjoyed the gig. We all sang and clapped (and screamed) together. I could list every song but I'd be here all day, he had 3 encores! He basically sang nearly every song off his anthology album (except Rock Steady and All For Love), of course there was Summer Of 69, Everything I Do, Run To You, Heaven (his biggest hits I'd say) and also Cuts Like A Knife, Straight From The Heart, Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?, The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You, Lets Make It A Night To Remember, 18 'Till I Die, Open Road, So Far So Good, Heat Of The Night and so on. He varied from upbeat songs to slower numbers and right at the end he did a couple of acoustic songs just for us. Special moments, where do I start? I've got to say the whole thing was pretty specail. A good bit was when he 'replaced' Tina Turner with Beverly Knight on a song. Also the fact that he played extra for us because they made him 'go off early' the night before. Talk about getting your moneys worth! He also dragged a girl up on stage for his 'when you're gone' (Mel. B normally does it) and he was brilliant with her. I also came this close to shaking his hand but he ran back on stage (he came down to the crowd) and that was a great feeling. I can't really pick more moments cos I'll be here all day, the whole thing was great! He has incredible charisma and is in fact, a sex god! I think he made every woman (and some men) in the crowd fall in love with him, I know I will never listen to his songs the same way ever again! // 10

Overall Impression: Wales, UK, Bridgend, Brewery Fields, 02/06/06, Beverly Knight and 10 reasons to live opened for him - both very good fair play. I loved Bryan and his personality and the songs and the guitarist and the atmosphere and everything. I really didnt hate a thing, though I expected a better/more famous first opener. The ticket cost about 35 with booking fees etc and my god it was worth every penny. The most unforgettable bit was probably when he dragged that girl up on stage, lucky moo. I will go to every one of his gigs, as long as he's playing, I will be gigging. This is only the start of my Badman tour career. // 10

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