UK (London), January 8, 2007 Review

artist: Bullet for My Valentine date: 02/08/2007 category: live concerts

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Bullet for My Valentine: UK (London), January 8, 2007
Bullet by and large, had good sound quality throughout the gig.
 Sound: 7
 Perfomance: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.7
UK (London), January 8, 2007 Reviewed by: Mike-o_Psycho, on february 08, 2007
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Sound: The gig I went to was Bullet For My Valentine at The Hammersmith Apollo on the 8th January, a re-scheduled date as Matt lost his voice for a couple of weeks. Support were Gallows and As I Lay Dying. Quite a surprise they had any support, bearing in mind how many times they changed it! The sound quality varied throughout the gig. Gallows, Who hit the stage first, I thought were very good but had a slightly tinny sound within the walls of the cavernous Apollo. Walls of sound aside, I loved every second of this bands set. Unfortunately there was a bit of heckling for the lead singer, due to his hair being on the ginger side of life, which was surprising. Do metal heads hate the pretty boys (the emo's) and the posers or not. Because Gallows were neither of these things. I'm not familiar with song titles yet but they definitely played come friendly bombs. Which was apt seeing all the missiles that were being thrown at them throughout their set, and even leading to the lead singer squaring up to 5,000 people at the end of one of their songs, demanding to know which "c***" threw a water bottle at his band mate. As I Lay Dying fared much better and went down a treat with the crowd. Again I'm unfamiliar with song titles as I was mainly there for Bullet. The breakdowns were easier to hear than the riffs but mushy sounds appear to be widespread throughout large venues of the land if Wembley and The Forum were anything to go by. Bullet by and large, had good sound quality throughout the gig. Barring the unfortunate incident during their cover of Creeping Death when the speakers cut out completely. Bullet to their credit (I guess) continued to play as if nothing happened, but random bouts of pyrotechnics didn't help matters. // 7

Perfomance: Gallows it's fair to say, didn't get the respect they deserved. Grumblings of "Who are these people?" "What the f--k is this? were far too common. I'd seen them support Bring Me The Horizon a few months back so I appreciated them more. Glows sticks, (plastic) bottles, beer, (other peoples) shoes and many more goodies were thrown at Gallows throughout their set and I was surprised to set security to next to nothing about it. Frank, the lead singer (screamer) had to go to the front of the stage and demanded to know Who kept chucking stuff at his guitarist. Which was a shame giving that they gave such a brilliant performance. As I Lay Dying were also very good. I'd never seen them before, but I knew that they were Metal core so I expected the same old Scream verse-sing chorus-breakdown-blah, but they were actually very entertaining and the crowd enjoyed them. Well either that or they had run out of things to throw at the stage. Their showmanship was the outstanding part of their set and their drummer Who could circle head bang and play simultaneously will easily go down as one of the coolest things I'll see at a gig in 2007. As soon as Intro wafted out the speaker, pandemonium befell The Apollo. "Hmm" I thought, "I knew they were going to come on with this, maybe they won't play Her Voice Resides straight after again, just like at Brixton. But they did. and it was very good. But this was half the problem. The set list was as follows: 01. Intro 02. Her Voice Resides 03. Hand Of Blood 04. Suffocating Under The Words Of Sorrow 05. New Song 06. 4 Words To Choke Upon 07. Room 409 08. All These Things I Hate 09. Creeping Death 10. Spit You Out 11. The End 12. Tears Don't Fall Bullet played a set that played the maxim If it ain't broke, don't fix it to the max. Speaking of broke, the speakers did just that during their cover of Creeping Death which I couldn't decide was a good or bad thing as I personally didn't find it that interesting. The whole crowd grew restless at seeing Bullet play the song as if they were completely oblivious to the fact nobody else in the building could hear it. Which guessing by the fact that Matt was trying his hardest not to look at the crowd I'm guessing wasn't true at all. The random pyrotechnics during the un-amplified song just served to make Bullet look even sillier, even if it wasn't their fault. All I will say about the new song they played is if what Metal Hammer Magazine were saying about Bullet being the future of British metal was true, then British metal will be going the way of nu-metal. It was ok, but like Trivium's new album, it's less metal than it predecessor. This is a bad thing in my books. Bullet played a very good set. But for those seeing them a second time, the severe case of De Ja Vu would have (slightly) ruined the experience. // 8

Overall Impression: The gig occurred at the Hammersmith Apollo, on Monday 8th January 2007. As the show was sold out, the atmosphere throughout was electric and enhanced the entertainment value of the show. The crowd, unlike most gigs, weren't just there to see the headliners. As I Lay Dying gave as good as they got, and they got a lot from the crowd (and I'm not talking about bottles this time). What I enjoyed most about the show was seeing Gallows again and seeing As I Lay Dying for the first time. Considering the size of the venue, and considering Gallows are still relatively early into their careers, both these bands did an amazing job of filling the venue and the stage, despite Gallows' lack of stage decoration. The ticket cost 16.50, because we're London. Everywhere else in the country was 15. To be fair to Bullet, they did play one of the most incredible sets I'd ever seen at Brixton a year ago, so it would have been hard for them to top that. But still, a few older songs and B-sides I felt would have livened up their set. Has anybody seen them play Curses or 7 Words Live? Despite this the show was worth it but it depends on the quality of Bullet's second album whether I will see them again. Gallows and As I Lay Dying I fully recommend to anybody seeing in the future. Gallows especially. // 8

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