USA (New York), April 3, 2007 Review

artist: Chevelle date: 04/05/2007 category: live concerts

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Chevelle: USA (New York), April 3, 2007
Chevelle came up, the only problem was that the set up took 30 minutes.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
USA (New York), April 3, 2007 Reviewed by: electric7, on april 05, 2007
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Sound: Today was the release of Chevelle's new album "Vena Sera". You could tell that they were happy, since they played their hearts out. But they didn't come on first. The first band, The Parlor Mob, was a local band from New Jersey. Never heard of 'em, and I still haven't. The microphone was low, and the lead singer's voice was high (think The Mars Volta). The guitars were kind of good, face-paced, and the band-mates danced around stage. They gave a good show, and I would check them out. The next band, I actually listen to. The next band was Strata. They didn't play anything off their first album (which kinda pissed me off, they didn't play "Never There"), but I heard Erik (lead singer) say two song titles, "The New National Anthem" and obviously, their new single from their new album ("Strata Presents The End of The World") "Cocaine (We're All Going To Hell)". It was funny that Erik said, "It's nice to hear you cheering for a band that isn't a gymnastics team." He was actually dancing around the stage, so that made me laugh. Chevelle came up, the only problem was that the set up took 30 minutes. When the drum set was unvealed, it was kind of weird, because it had a bald picture of Brittney Spears on the bass drum. When Chevelle came out, they looked completely different. Pete (lead singer, guitars) and their new bassist (I forget his name unfourunately) were dressed up in tight black clothing. Kind of different for them, but what was totally out of their persona was the fact they had long-emo hair (the kind that they purposely put in the front of their faces). Oh well, Pete seemed to like the fact that the show was sold out. // 9

Perfomance: The Parlor Mob. The singer's voice was high. They played about 5 songs, one I believe was called "White Oyster" and I think they did a cover of the Offspring's "The Kids Aren't Alright". I really didn't care for them, mainly because of the lack of strong vocals. But I would recommend you check them out, of course. Strata. When I saw the keyboards for these guys, I almost freaked that they had had a new member playing or something. But the bassist played keys. The drummer was actually freaking amazing, and the singer was trying to act all cool and stealthy. Didn't really impress me (the singer, that is). The rest of the band, especially the guitarist, really put out. Chevelle. They came out and played twelve songs until my parents told me to come out (I payed $90 for these tickets, so I was kinda annoyed). I kept record of them with my handy-dandy cellphone. Family System - I've always loved this song, so I was glad they played it. Pete was running around stage. I was so close to the stage (I was literally right up against it), he seemed to notice me. Cool. Get Some - this is a song that doesn't sound as good as it should on CD, but in concert it literally kicks ass. The bridge was the greatest part, they exteneded it, so we could sing along and then they could. Vitamin R - obviously a classic. I was glad I got to hear this, because along with "Don't Fake This", it's my favorite Chevelle track. Antisaint - It was a track off the new album, which I heard through ClearChannel before it was released. I like this track, especially since I was about the only one Who knew it in the crowd. Closure - a good song, bit of a bad choice to play Live. I would have gone with "Forfiet" myself. Well Enough Alone - Pete announced that it was the first single off the new album Vena Sera. We all knew what that was. Even though they were off limits (according to the theater), a giant mosh pit formed. I joined. The Clincher - everyone knew this one, mainly when Pete did the slide down. Another mosh-pit song. Very good one, too. I didn't catch the title of next. It might be one from the new album. I don't know though. Another Know It All - I've always enjoyed this track, and I was glad to see it Live. Very much fun to listen to. Send The Pain Below - another classic, so they said "This is one of our favorites." And then started playing it. The crowd went wild, and I mean wild. Paint The Seconds - they announced this was from the new album. Definitally Chevelle. I liked this song. It's probably going to be my favorite off the album. Straight Jacket Fashion - I caught this title. I liked this song, very good. // 10

Overall Impression: At that point, I was forced to leave by the folks. I was glad I got to get to see them in the Gamercy (or Gramercy, I forget) theater in NY. The place was small, nice place to hold a concert. Small. The tickets, like I said, were $90. I bought it off eBay in a last-minute attempt to see Chevelle. The orginal price of them was about $21 bucks. Chevelle gave a great liveshow, and the price of $90 was actually quite good for a show this tremendous. Chevelle, along with Breaking Benjamin, are on my watch list for when they come back to the NY-area. // 9

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