USA (New York), May 21, 2012 Review

artist: Chickenfoot date: 05/23/2012 category: live concerts

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Chickenfoot: USA (New York), May 21, 2012
USA, New York, NY Beacon Theatre Monday, May 21st 2012. The performances kicked butt, Joe was smokin, Mikey was mind-blowing in the pocket, Sammy was amazing when he was on, and Kenny was dynamite if not really out-there.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 8
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 8
USA (New York), May 21, 2012 Reviewed by: ZeligtheAxMan, on may 23, 2012
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Sound: So let me start by saying how much I love Chickenfoot!!! I was psyched when Joe decided to join a band, especially one with such killer companions! That said the concert was a bit of a let down. The sound was Killer! We arrived a few minutes late and the band was just finishing up "Alright, Alright" off the new album. From the minute we entered the hall I was blown away! The Bass + Bass Drum had me in the pocket the entire time, I couldn't not head-bang to them! Joe's guitar was crystal on every setting. And Sammy, f--k!!! Sammy was incredible! Dynamite delivery, great showmanship, and damn he can still sing like an animal! I will say that at certain points in the set he was definitely over-reaching. But overall he was on fire! The boys were all using their typical stuff, Satch had his array of Ibanezes, The original Chickenfoot one, the new Blue and Red, he used the white 24000 on Oh Yeah (If I recall correctly) an older black one and of course the famous chrome! I'm totally blanking out as to what song he used what for because they were constantly changing. The only other guitar Satch used was the double-neck on "Something Going Wrong", it kinda looked like a Gibson from where I was sitting, but I'm almost certain it was just the Ibanez they made for him. Mikey had all his basses, pretty sure they're all Yamahas. Again, the two Chickenfoot ones, his Fireball one, That funky blue, I was sad to not see the Jack Daniels bass though... I have no Clue what Kenny used because a) I couldn't see, and b) I only know all the guitar information because I know what I'm looking at! Sammy did use a red Les Paul on "Future In The Past". The mixing was perfect, I could hear everything always, and it kicked a-s. The only reason for the 9 is because I felt Sammy could've done less screaming and not worn himself out (although watching him try to keep up with Joe's whammy antics was hilarious). // 9

Perfomance: I definitely enjoyed the concert as did a good number of the crowd. However, the crowd was the main issue with this show. I've gotten flack for liking Chickenfoot before but I never really cared, now I get it. The band is almost a Mom-Rock band! I think my two friends and I were probably 3 of maybe 10 people under the age of 25 in the entire venue! Consequently, there was not a lot of opportunity to really get into the music. The Beacon is entirely seats, no dance floor so everyone was stuck where they were and the young/drunk were not able to get together to go crazy. Again, the Audience response (myself included) seemed very enthusiastic, but subdued. Set List: 01. "Lighten Up" - I just looked online to find out what I missed, it was this, which is a shame because I love Joe's guitar sound on it, but there are worse songs to miss. 02. "Alright Alright" - Came for the last minute of it. I think this should've been the opener. It was ridiculously awesome to walk through the doors of the Beacon and vaguely hear the sounds of the chorus, but Damn! When we actually got into the theater, this song was smokin! 03. "Big Foot" - First full song I heard, I'm not a huge fan of it on the album, it kinda feels like it belongs on the first. Live however, this song was a monster! Sammy was singing incredibly and it's always funny to watch a 50-something old man slap his own a-s! This is also one of those songs that show that sometimes guitar and bass just playing along can be perfect. 04. "Sexy Little Thing" - I love this song! One of my favorites on the first album! They really killed it last night! This was the first song that let me really appreciate seeing Joe live. With the last two songs he kind of stuck to the script but here he took the time to play around a little. I'm telling you, even if this concert sucked otherwise, just watching Joe would've made it worth it! 05. "Soap On A Rope" - Headbanging! I seriously could not stop moving during this song! Also one of my favorites off the first album, it was a billion times better! This is the magic of live concerts: When the band can take a great song and just blast it! Everything was f--kin amazing about this performance. Sammy's voice got a little tired near the end but Joe just filled in. 06. "Last Temptation" - This was only mediocre to be honest. I think this is really a record-song not a live song. Sammy was kinda dying here on the choruses. That's not to say the execution wasn't flawless, but the performance was a little slow here. 07. "My Kinda Girl" - Ahh, the Mom song, I almost left for this song but it is killer, and I'm glad I stayed. While the album version is a hard-rocking "sophisticated" AC/DC song, the live was a full on headbanger! Another example of the energy of live bringing a song to the next level! And Joe was incredible on this one too! 08. "Down The Drain" - This is the bands jam song, I wasn't very fond of the album version or even the one from "Get Your Buzz On", but WOW! This really is amazing! They just went with it, up, down, back again1 They must have ended this song like four times! This song also had my friend's favorite Joe moment. Near the end (or second to last end) he was playing with the feedback, but unlike most guitarists, he somehow found a way to stay on pitch the whole time! Truly a master of the weirder parts of the instrument! 09. "Something Going Wrong" - Actually went out to smoke on this song, had they played "Come Closer" I would've stayed, although as I write this review I realize, live might have made this song for me. This break was also when it hit me how old everyone else at the concert was! 10. Bass And Drum Solos - Didn't realize they even did this, I just heard it as the end of "Something", kinda sad cause this might've been the one shot top see how Kenny is compared to Chad's insanity! 11. "Turnin' Left" - I was kinda comin down during this song so I couldn't enjoy it as much but the lights were f--king trippy! 12. "Future In The Past" - This was amazing! I love this song but here, they just turned it up to eleven! Even though I was coming down, and spacing out, I still loved this song! And when Sammy ran out for the outro with his Les Paul! Just F--king Wow! Probably the best song of the night, the should've closed for real with this! Encore: 13. "Different Devil" - I Love this song, second time I heard it I almost cried! I was a little disappointed because even though there was a 2 minute break, Sammy was still wiped from "Future"'s outro. He had the audience sing the whole first verse and pre-chorus which would've been awesome if I was closer, and with the singing part of the crowd. 14. "Oh Yeah" - Kicked A-s! Love this song, and loved the performance, just straight ahead rockin! 15. "Rock Candy" - This was Sammy's tribute to Ronnie Montrose (R.I.P.) and although I felt with two albums they should'nt have done a cover, the freshness of this really made it amazing! I listened to the record this morning and last night blew it out of the water! Joe's playing was Monstrous! Massive Guitar sound and killer solos. Sammy sang the sh-t outta this! They really finished strong! The whole place was rockin on this. Hard Sweet and Sticky! The show aspect here was also dynamite, I was actually two rows behind the sound and lights boards so I did watch them a little. Like I said the sound was incredible the only special thing was the sound guy's use of echo on Sammy here and there. I would've hated it except it was only used two or three times and all perfectly! The lights were very solid! Nothing crazy or special but very well done. I enjoyed watching the light-guy do his thing because he was really in the pocket! He was kinda rockin out the entire show except whenever he slammed a fist or did a little jump, something happened onstage! It was pretty cool! The stage also had two big screens which played parts of music videos ("Bigfoot", "My Kinda Girl"), images of the band in the past, and then a bunch of funky animations of the band logo. One of my favorite moments of the show was Sammy's little intro before "Future In The Past". He was just talking about how when you first play guitar, you're not worrying about "making it", you don't care about people liking your music, you just love playing the guitar! I've been really busy lately and have let up on my guitar playing, and that really hit me. I'm always distracted about finding a band, wanting to play live, these are cool things but the fact is, I love playing guitar! // 8

Overall Impression: USA, New York, NY Beacon Theatre Monday, May 21st 2012. Black Stone Cherry opened and while I did have marginal interest in checking them out, I couldn't make it. Overall, the performances kicked butt, Joe was smokin, Mikey was mind-blowing in the pocket, I really feel he carried the show in a way. Sammy was amazing when he was on, but there were a few songs when he really needed a break. And Kenny was dynamite if not really out-there. However, as I said before, I wish this show was more open, if not for the fact that I love this band, I would've been really bored! We paid 109 or so for our tickets On the floor row V, I'm actually a little p-ssed about these seats because on every single ticket site it makes it seem like the entire "orchestra" section is before the overhang of the balconies. It's not. Starting from Row R or S, where the Sound board is, the seats are under the balconies which kinda gives you a more closed off vibe, I wouldn't have paid that much for these tickets had I known the geography. The show was basically worth the money except that they really didn't play long! The band has 23 songs, they played 14 and a cover, It was, at most, only an hour and a half of music. So the show was worth it but would've been better with a few more songs. Unforgettable moments for me, obviously that first moment of walking in and seeing the band plowing through the last choruses of "Alright Alright". Sammy's speech and the entire outro of "Future In The Past". Joe's funky guitar jamming and Sammy's attempt to keep up at the end of "Down The Drain". And really the power, I don't know if I've said it enough, but the power of Mike and Kenny was colossal! It really made the show rock! I would go to another Chickenfoot gig but if, and only if: The venue has room to dance/mosh/go crazy, there are more young dudes (I would try to get a bigger group to come) to rock out with, and preferably the band play a little longer. // 7

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