Finland (Helsinki), July 17, 2005 Review

artist: Children of Bodom date: 12/04/2006 category: live concerts

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Children of Bodom: Finland (Helsinki), July 17, 2005
They had big, yellow barrels that shot flames towards the sky. It was a visualy good show. The sound was pretty much like on the record "Hate Crew Deathroll."
 Sound: 9.5
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Finland (Helsinki), July 17, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 03, 2005
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Sound: This was the second time that I saw Children Of Bodom live, and again, like on the first time, they just blew me away. The sound was pretty much like on the record "Hate Crew Deathroll." Most people seem to think that Alexi's vocals suck, but I'm a big fan of his whole work, as well as a singer as as an guitarist and a songwriter. My personal opion on the vocals: perfect! And for the people who don't like Alexi's growling he still gets the job done! The overall quality of the sound was really good. // 10

Perfomance: I was up on the front row, where all the hardcore COB fans were, and at least there, everyone was really insane! Even though there wasn't a single moshpit (except the two-man moshpit that me and my friend made), there still was barely any room to move or breathe! I sang along in every song, and so did most of the audience. It was insane. Unfortunantely, I can't remember the whole setlist or the order, but here's what I can remember: 01. Intro - from the movie "Naked Gun." It was a fun sounding intro that got the audience smiling. 02. Sixpounder - what's cooler than the Pantera, like opening riff for the song? A perfect opening song! Everyone begun jumping and screaming! 03. Silent Night, Bodom Night - an old classic! Evereyone knew the song, and the insanity went on! 04. Hate Me! - in the beginning, Alexi said: "Okay, now when you leave the festival area, if anyone comes and tries to f--k with you, what do you say?" And the audience: "I don't give a f--k if ya hate me!" 05. Chockehold (Cocked N' Loaded) - a fast song with briliant solos and killer riffs, it pumped the adrenaile level up by 110%. 06. Bodom After Midnight - another fast-tempo song. One of the best songs by COB. Alexi encouraged everyone to sing along during the chours - And boy they did! The also left the song incomplete. 07. Bodom Beach Terror & Bodom After Midnight continued - right when they left Bodom After Midnight incomplete, in a flash of an eye the killer double-bass intro was going, and the noise level increased. After the song there was a half-of-a-second silence, and the solo guitar-keyboard duel solo from Bodom After Midnight begun, and they ended the song. 08. Needled 24/7 - still the potentially best song off "Hate Crew Deathroll." It's so good! 09. Every Time I Die - the slow killer song. Very slow and very heavy. 10. Knuckleduster - one of the newer songs. Kind of weird, but I totally love the song. 11. Deadnight Warrior - the only song they played from "Something Wild." 12. Angels Don't Kill - another slow one. Exspecially the chicks in the audience were singing along. 13. Kissing The Shadows - the "setcloser" as if! After the song there was an encore. Encore: 14. In Your Face - a brand new, yet unreleasd song. I Can't remember it very well, but it had a real killer riff, and it sounded really good. Waiting forward to the new album. 15. Downfall - the real closer song. What can I say? It's a damn classic. Whoa, man, how could the fit 15 songs on to their set? Anyway, on stage for the first time they used pyrotechnic. They had big, yellow barrels that shot flames towards the sky. It was a visualy good show. The also used the to grill some sausages that Janne had put on a switchblade. Also, they had a big car an and police ligths on the stage. During the intro, the police lights and the car's lights were flashing. Sometimes Alexi would jump on the car to play a solo, and in the beginning of Downfall he jumped on the car, and used some strange whammy bar tricks to make quite real car-startup sounds. // 10

Overall Impression: Finlad, Helsinki, Tuska Open Air 2005, 17.07.2005. What a day! Children Of Bodom was the first act on the main stage, and after them on the main stage played Sentenced (which also was one of the best gigs I've ever seen) and Accept (not a big fan of their). I loved everything, the new intro and outro (Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right, Alexi got everyone to sing during that, too), the new special efects, everything! I really don't hate anything, but it sucks that they can't play like 2 hours. It's the time required for them to play all the essential old classics! The ticket for the whole 3 day festival cost 67 Euro (a single day would've been 35 Euro) and it was totally worth the 3 days of fun! If they play in Tuska again next year, I'm totally going there! // 10

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overall: 9.7
Finland (Helsinki), July 17, 2005 Reviewed by: COBHC06, on december 04, 2006
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

Sound: This Show took place on Sat. Dec. 2nd. 2006 at The Rave Eagles Club In Milwaukee, WI. First Off I want to say it was a kick ass show. Amon Amarth opened up for Children Of Bodom, I don't know a whole lot about A.A. But the crowd seemed to dig them a little, They sounded pretty good. But When Children Of Bodom hit the stage the crowd really started to get loud and crazy. The mosh pit was very intense with a lot of body passing as well good times. I managed to fight threw the mosh to get really close to the band. I was right up to the front of the stage where I could see Alexi Laiho up close and personel. Alexi is a guitar God, That guy fuking shreds like no other. He was playing his usual ESP black w/yellow stripes, And a white ESP w/ black stripes. A sweet axe! I have a Jackson Randy Rhoads which is somewhat similar. I will also add that I met the band before the show at the Exclusive CO. in Greenfield, WI. And I got my Jackson signed by the band and photos, I also shook all their hands, I have a little Alexi in me now. Anyway The sound quality of The show was pretty damn good. If you were in the middle it was perfect, But if you were on the sides of the stage it was a little distored at times, but still good, I was super close and in the middle so the sound totally kicked ass were I was. Alexi played amazingly and sang very well too. It was COB's 4 show in a row so I was a little worried that Alexi's voice would be a little wore out, but no problems at all, sounded great. Roope the other guitar player also played great. When he and Alexi are dueling guitars next to each other there is nothing like it. Awesome! Janne Warman played awesome as usual on keyboard, he seems to always be right on. Hennka and Jaska were right on as well, on Bass and Drums. Jaska's double bass seemed to be pounding right through my chest. And Hennka helped with his thunderous bass slaps. great overall performance. // 9

Perfomance: What Else can I say. The crowd was totally into it as I mentioned the mosh was nuts, the crowd sang well with parts, And were chanting Bodom... Bodom... Bodom... before they came out. As far as I can remember the Setlist was like this, (note) not in order. Hate Me! Children Of Decadence, Chokehold, Living Dead Beat, Are you Dead Yet? Sixpounder, Were Not Gonna Fall, Needled 24/7, Children Of Bodom, Angels don't Kill, Mask Of Sanity, Deadnight Warrior, Kissing The Shawdows, Bodom Beach Terror, In Your Face, and Downfall. I think that is all of the songs, I know they Opened with Hate Me! and closed with Downfall. they might have also played Silent night Bodom night but I can't quite remember, too much Beer perhaps, Correct me If I am wrong. A really good setlist, I was very surprised to hear a lot of their older songs like Deadnight Warrior, Mask Of Sanity, Children Of Bodom, and Kissing The Shawdows one of my favorites. I was going nuts during K.T.S. Awesome ass solo, and Alexi just shredded it, he really kicked every solos ass. Pretty good light show not many Visuals. If you go to a metal show for lights and Visuals then you are not metal. Just a awesome show I had a blast! // 10

Overall Impression: Again this show was in the U.S. Milwaukee, WI. Sat. Dec. 2nd. 2006 at The Rave Eagles Club. I loved the show great setlist awesome sound and quality. Great crowd good moshing! Just overall a kick ass metal show. I have no complaints. except parking was a bitch because of all the snow in the brew city. Ticket cost about 20$ depends whether you had to pay a service charge or not. Well worth the money. 20$ bucks to see a guitar God. perhaps the best guitar player on earth right now being Alexi Laiho (my idol). If you have never seen or heard of Children Of Bodom, first off where have you been sleeping under a rock? But you should for sure pick up any or all of their albums to check them out. And If they are in your area go see them Live. They put on A kick ass show and they sound just like their CD's. Just f--uking Amazing! Coolest moment for me was meeting the band and I caught a guitar pick from Alexi and I caught a water bottle from Roope. I will always go to a Children Of Bodom show that is in my area, I skipped work to go to this past show. Well worth it. I highly recommend anyone Who is into Metal to check them out and go see them live. // 10

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