Finland (Tampere), June 11, 2004 Review

artist: Children of Bodom date: 07/26/2004 category: live concerts

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Children of Bodom: Finland (Tampere), June 11, 2004
Audience liked it, since Everyone had their devilfists in the air, everyone was shouting out loud, and just having a good time.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Finland (Tampere), June 11, 2004 Reviewed by: The^Unforgiven, on july 26, 2004
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Sound: I think there is no point to tell since everyone knows it but: Alexi Laiho is one hell of a singer! In Children Of Bodom there's no "singing", like you know, with a clear and beautiful voise, but some good "singin'!" with shouting and growling that not every metal singer could match. Alexi is also a master in guitar playing, his solos are insane as are his composing skills, and he really enjoys Performing, expecialy in Finland, And you cant see it from HIM! In a word Laiho is a god. The instruments on stage were the same as on record, Alexi and Roope on guitar, Jaska on drums, Henkka on bass and Janne on keys. The sound and music were awesome. The best live show I have ever seen. And I must mention it was much better than In Flame's Tuska performance 2004. // 10

Perfomance: I think the whole audience liked it, since Everyone had their devilfists in the air, everyone was shouting out loud, and just having a good time. I was insane! It was strange, I had not taken any alcohol during the day or the evening, and still I had no control over myself. I was just jumping around and shouting out loud things like "Perkele!" and "Alexi on jumala!" (Alexi is god!). The set was perfect. Here is the order: 01. Intro (Napoleon XIV) - They're coming to take me away ha-ha). It was awesome to know that in seconds I would see COB live! 02. Hate Me! - The real opener. I was thinking that they would have saved it 'til later, but it was awesome! I went insane right when the song begun! Mayde the best CoB song eva, and an important part of the set! 03. Chockehold - (Cocked and loaded), another great song! The insanity went on. 04. Silent Night Bodom Night - I was suprised that it was still on the live set, since it's an oldie, but I and everyone else loved it, and the fact that it was easy to sing along! 05. Bodom Beach Terror - I was waiting for this to be the opener track. One of the best songs ever! Alexi deticated the song to Nils Gustafson (The prime suspect of the Lake Bodom triple murder, though he was set free a while before the gig.) 06. Sixpounder - Maybe the best song off Hate Crew Deathroll. When alexi said: "Tn seuraavan biisin nimi on Sixpounder!" (The next song will be called Sixpounder), everyone went insane! 07. Angels Don't Kill - A good slower kind of song. A good choise in the set. 08. Trashed, Lost And StrungoutDeadnight Warrior - Another oldie. A good song, though I have got a bit bored to it, since I've been listening to it singe 99. 10. Bodom After Midnight - I love this song so much! I Couldn't remember the lyrics very good, but still a great song to palyed live. It could have also been the opener. 11. Needled 24/7 - If Sixpounder's not the best song from "Hate Crew Deathroll", then this is! Alexi introduced the song (in english translation) "This song is for all you motherfuckers in the audience. Needled 24/7!". I love the catchy tune and the opening solo and the chours in this song. Lyrics rock too! 12. Everytime I Die - The song everyne was really waiting for. Definatly ne of the best COB songs ever, a part of every live set. 13. Kissing The Shadows - I wasn't expecting for it, and only after this gig I learned it's true value and begun to appreciate it. Now it's one of my favourite tracks from COB. 14. Hate Crew Deathroll - One of the brutalest and angriest COB Songs ever with tight riffs and chours! The "Closer" of the gig. 15. Downfall - The encore song and the real Closer. After the second verse the band leaved, and left the audience to scream for more for a while, then they returned and finnished the gig. One of those eternity songs, that you can't and don't want to fet rid of! The intro rox in this song! That was the set, with quite long comments. The only thing I was waiting for but didn't get was "Bed of Razors". The scene was decorated with a couple of COB Iron Cages with the letters "COBHC" (Children Of Bodom Hate crew ) on them, and a big Hate Crew Deathroll banner on the back. No "funny" moments during the show, but after the show and before Nightwish's performance, I heard a guy telling his friend behind me That Alexi's water bottle has hit the guy in the head (Alexi tossed his bottle on the audience). I was jelouys to that guy! // 10

Overall Impression: The show was in Finland, Tampere, Sauna open air metal festival, Ratina's park, The elevnth of June, 2004. It was a festival, and COB was the second performer on the main stage, and also the second band I saw. Before Bodom I saw Diablo. I loved Everything about the show, the set, the sound quality, the weather ( It had rained for the whole mourning, the sky was full of dark clouds, no rain - Perfect for a metal festival!), even the audience was nice, not a single asshole, only friendly fellows. I "Hated" The fact that my hair looked really gay, since it was quite short, and the rain in the mourning at the city had ruined it ( It was standing straight up, but in the shot it was a mess, a stupid wimpy-looking mess), and the fact that I had no booze at all. But I managed to survive. The ticket for the whole festival cost 30 eur, that's about 31 or 32 USD, and COB alone was worth the money! The whole show was onw unfogtable moment, I'll never forget it. The next COB Gig in Finland is a Club gig with an age requirement of 18, so I won't be goin' but 2005 summer festivals, expecially Tuska. (That is IF COB plays on them.) In overall: one hell of a show! Rock on! // 10

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