Germany (Dusseldorf), December 4, 2009 Review

artist: Clueso And Stuba Philharmonie date: 06/09/2011 category: live concerts

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Clueso And Stuba Philharmonie: Germany (Dusseldorf), December 4, 2009
A simply fascinating thing about Clueso is that his voice is actually better live than on the studio-albums.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Germany (Dusseldorf), December 4, 2009 Reviewed by: ms.brightside., on june 09, 2011
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Sound: A simply fascinating thing about Clueso is that his voice is actually better live than on the studio-albums. In the Live-CD of this concert his voice truly shows off all the emotion that sways with it and also displays what a great singer he is. As this special concert featured the "Stba Philharmonie", a approx. 100-headed philharmonic orchestra, nearly every conceivable intrument was used. Due to this the sound of the songs was beyond all description and conjured goosebumps on every person in the audience. Interesting was also the mixture of a classical orchestra and some of his Reggae/Rap Songs that made the concert a momentous experience. // 10

Perfomance: Clueso is a very impressive artist. He always gives the audience a feeling of sitting in the living room, being with their friends and family and sharing what they all love: good music. "Gute Musik" translated into english means "good music" is a song he wrote about feeling good while listenig to good music; about forgetting the "grey world and bad wheather outside" and just abandon oneself to the music. And that is basically what Clueso aka Thomas Mller does all the time. He falls for the music and shows his affection for it in every situation and with all means. Seeing him performing on stage shows that he truthfully loves music and song-writing and puts all his soul into it. The audience, consisting of young children and at the same time elderly people, was really fascinated by the performance and the sound. There were only a few of the screaming-girly-kinds and so we could enjoy the concert in its wholeness. The audience was so overwhelmed, that everyone craved for an add-on, which we got with "Auf Kredit" a relatively new song at that time, that was not featured on any album of his, played only by Clueso, singing and playing the guitar, and one man playing the Cello. A very special and human thing to see was the time when Clueso got down on one knee to sing to a woman playing a solo on the violin, in order to sing to her, which did not really function, because he got a conniption and they hadto start the song a second time. The audience had fun and he was simply amused by his action aswell. The songs he played were a mixture of all of his albums; from "So Sehr Dabei", "Text Und Ton" and "Gute Musik". He played around 20 songs featuring his debut single "Chicago", "Mitnehm", "Keinen Zentimeter", "Love The People", "Gute Musik", and also his current single at the time "Niemand An Dich Denkt". All the songs where performed with great emotion and let the people fully forget all the world around them. // 10

Overall Impression: Country: Germany City: Dsseldorf Arena: Tonhalle Date: 4th December 2009 The opener of the concert was done by the Stba Orchestra alone, performing the prologue of the "Metropolis Suite", an instrumental part, leading on into the first song of Clueso: "Barfu". I cannot think of anything I hated - only of tousand thing I love about this concert: How we felt all family-like, sitting there side by side in the former planetarium with the enormous vault which made the songs sound even more fantastic, the way he made everyone laugh with his funny comments, and how noone did want to go in the end. The tickets were 39 for seats in the 9th row and totally worth it. I do not regret a thing. And as I went to overall 5 Clueso-concerts up to now, and already have a ticket for the next one coming up in fall - I can definitely say that I will probably go to the next 20 concerrts he'll give. And finally the best moment of the show: when somebody screamed something from the upper seats, and Clueso answered something like "I can't hear you - it's getting all foggy and turning in here" making an allusion to his next song "Vergessen Ist So Leicht" (translated: "forgetting is so easy") which starts off with a man in a burning house rolling a joint, not caring about the fire brigade outside trying to save everyone - he made us all look up to the vault and seeing the lights going up in circles just like the circles of smokes that appear when you smoke a joint for example. I guess that'll stay in my memory forever! // 10

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