Australia (Melbourne), March 6, 2009 Review

artist: Coldplay date: 03/17/2009 category: live concerts

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Coldplay: Australia (Melbourne), March 6, 2009
Chris Martins voice is one of the best in the world. The only let down being occasionally he would be too far away from a mike when he had to sing a part he would miss a few beats.
 Sound: 9.5
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 9.7
Australia (Melbourne), March 6, 2009 Reviewed by: axelfoley, on march 17, 2009
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Sound: At 3/3/09 I ventured to Rod Laver Arena to see Coldplay Live in concert for the first time. I Don't consider myself a huge Coldplay fan, far from it actually. Not knowing what to expect I went into the arena hoping for the best, and was blown away. The always stunning vocals of Chris Martin delivered an amazing preformance and great atmosphere, I don't think one person that wasn't singing along to the chorus of Fix You in the entire place. The guitars used from what I saw was a Gibson Les Paul, and a Fender Telecaster. They also used a couple of nice Gibson acoustics at one point not cirten on exact model, but they looked like something from the J-series. The sound overall was pretty much sweet in my books, no complaints here. // 10

Perfomance: The performance was simply excellent, from laser light displays to yellow balloons falling from the ceiling to it raining confetti the concert did not lack any entertainmant. It was also really good to see the band getting upclose and personal with the crowd playing on two smaller stages, one situated at the end of a catwalk which saw chris playing a great solo version of The Hardest Part, the other in the stands not 15feet from where I was actually seated this is where they played the first Encore. Here's the setlist for the concert. 01.Life In Technicolor 02.Violet Hill 03.Clocks 04.In My Place 05.Yellow 06.Cemeteries Of London 07.Chinese Sleep Chant 08.42 09.Fix You 10.Strawberry Swing 11.God Put A Smile Upon Your Face / Talk 12.The Hardest Part 13.Postcards From Far Away 14.Viva La Vida 15.Lost Encore: 16.Speed Of Sound / Green Eyes 17.Death Will Never Conquer Encore 2: 18.Politik 19.Postcards From Far Away 20.Lovers In Japan 21.Death And All His Friends Encore 3: 22.The Scientist 23.Life In Technicolor 2 It was an all round fantastic perfomance, thats not just me eaither, you could tell from the deafening applause and screams that a great time was had by all. // 10

Overall Impression: I saw Coldplay at Rod Laver Arena which is in Melbourn, Australia. Tickets were about $160 each, and the show was deffinetely worth the money, and I would, no hesitation, attend their concert again. The first support, Decoder Ring, was okay, didn't do much for me, I mean prog rock is prog rock, they were all right. The second support act on the other hand! Sucked Big Hairy Testicals! I know you might be thinking 'well come on Axel give em a go, they can't be that bad' but trust me. They were! Their name is Mercury Rev, heres a couple of reasons why I hated their 45 minute set. First off in this 45 minute set they played about 5 songs, the first song they played went for a total of, count em, 22 minutes! I mean really guys come on, lets just go right ahead and make a rule of when writing a song, aim for 3 minutes, if it goes over 4mins 20secs. Don't bother! Secondly, the lyrics to these songs were just ridiculous, some of my favourites being 'got telephones for eyes' and 'tossed all night like a raging sea woke up and climbed from the suicide machine with her spanish candles' come on guys, when writing lyrics, stick to the less harmful drugs like weed. The one mildly good part of their band was the drumming, that guy knew how to play those things, talent wasted if you ask me. At one point, during the third song, I really couldnt take it anymore, and had to get away from it for a while. I was gone for about 10 minutes I returned to my seat and the same song was still playing. Okay well that could just be me, I guess 'experimental, psychedelic rock' just aint my thing. Sorry for ranting on about them but I really didn't like it. Back to Coldplay eh? My Overall impression: I really really enjoyed it, the non stop entertainment, the massive participation from the crowd with everybody singing along, great songs desplayed in exciting new ways, How a concert should be, and more! I really urge all of you, if you have the chance, go and see this band Live, if you don't you'll be listening to all your friends going on about how good it was, and you'll be thinking why didn't I listen to Axel's review on Ultimate-Guitar? Thanks for reading guys. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Australia (Melbourne), March 6, 2009 Reviewed by: thExcomunicated, on march 09, 2009
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Sound: Chris Martins voice is one of the best in the world. The only let down being occasionally he would be too far away from a mike when he had to sing a part he would miss a few beats. The guitar work was flawless from Johnny Buckland. He used a Gibson Les-Paul, a Fender Telecaster and a custom tele looking guitar with the Viva La Vida pattern on it. He also used a few different acoustics I didn't pick up. Guy Berryman was very good on bass using a Fender Jazz bass. Will Champion was awesome on drums, being very creative in certain songs. He also sang a song with an Acoustic guitar that I didn't know. The overall sound was perfect, they didn't make any mistakes. // 9

Perfomance: The Audience got right into the whole performance. On the songs Viva La Vida and Life in technicolour they really got into the backing singing parts. Coldplay played all the songs of Viva La Vida except "Yes" as well as all their big hit's from earlier albums like Yellow, Fix You, Speed of Sound, The Hardest Part, Talk, God Put a Smile Upon your Face, The Scientist, Clocks and Poltik. At one point they came out onto a small stage in the crowd about 10 meters in front of me and played "Speed of Sound" acoustically as well as a couple of other non Coldplay songs. The Lights were very impressive with laser beams painting pictures on the roof in some songs. In the song "Lovers In Japan" millions of paper butterflies fell from the roof creating an amazing effect. The whole stage would have taken a very long time to set up with several massive curtains falling throughout the performance. Also one of the highlights would be Chris Martin playing "The Hardest Part" and "The Scientist"(with the rest of the band joining in eventually on "The Scientist") by himself on the piano. Very impressive. // 10

Overall Impression: The Performance was held in Melbourne, Australia at Rod Laver Arena on 6/3/09. The opener was Murcury Rev who were pretty good. Overall the show was definitely well worth the $120 dollars. Coldplay managed to make it an intimate show with an audience of 40, 000. I am definitely going to their next gig when they come back to Melbourne! // 10

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