USA (Lawrence), April 4, 2004 Review

artist: Copeland date: 05/28/2004 category: live concerts

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Copeland: USA (Lawrence), April 4, 2004
Copeland are totally worth the while if you like rock/emo stuff.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
USA (Lawrence), April 4, 2004 Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 28, 2004
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Sound: Seeing Copeland live was absolutely awesome. I had never heard of them, but they sounded great. The guitars and vocals blended perfectly and each member seemed really experienced. The lead singer, Aaron, played a Les Paul (not surprising) while the other guitarist, Bryan, played a Tele. It didn't seem like they tuned every which way like Switchfoot sometimes does. Aaron was simply fantastic at singing, at times shutting his eyes and screaming his lungs out. Other times he seemed more calm, adding on genuine falsettos at the end of some lines, never getting off key. Their drummer, Rusty, rocked. I couldn't take my eyes off HIM during all of the song "There Cannot Be A Close Second." Really phenomenal. We'll miss you, Rusty! // 10

Perfomance: I didn't know the songs when I first heard them, but I remembered some when I bought their album, Beneath Medicine Tree. "Take Care" really stuck out, it's cool start-stop kind of chorus and catchiness. I liked that. People kept wanting "California." It was well-played, really heartfelt. It wasn't just Aaron singing the whole time, either. I could see the other members mouthing the words as they played. They were just a really laid-back band. So laid back that they actually had some close friends sitting up on stage watching them. I remember the bassist, James, saying before a song, "This song is completely awesome in every way." That was cool because it was like they weren't just playing songs. They took pride in them. That's always important. As far as scene elaboration goes, there was nothing special. That didn't bother me, though. It was just Copeland, wowing the audience motionless. Seriously, though, no one moved. Everyone was really impressed and at one point someone yelled, "You guys kick ass!" and James responded with a simple, "Thank you." // 10

Overall Impression: The show took place on April 4, 2004 at the Granada in Lawrence, KS USA. Copeland was actually the opening act for Switchfoot. Tickets were pretty cheap considering it was Switchfoot's monster tour. I think they were about $15. No more than $20. Unforgettable moments were probably just amazing musicianship and when Jon from Switchfoot crowd surfed and sang into his Gretsch. That always blows my mind. I loved hearing a new great band for the first time and really getting into the whole show. There was nothing really to hate except I didn't buy a Copeland shirt or something. Copeland are totally worth the while if you like rock/emo stuff with a Christian background. I'll definetly catch them at their next show and am looking forward to their next full-length. // 10

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