Australia (Sydney), April 14, 2006 Review

artist: Darkness date: 04/17/2006 category: live concerts

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Darkness: Australia (Sydney), April 14, 2006
The Darkness sounded absolutely fantastic. They performed like this would be their last gig ever.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Australia (Sydney), April 14, 2006 Reviewed by: les_paul_01, on april 17, 2006
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Sound: The Darkness sounded absolutely fantastic. The concert was held at the Luna Park Big Top, which is a relatively small venue but seemed to suit the band just fine. They used their typical setup, which was 4 marshall stacks, 2 galien kruger (I think) bass stacks and 2 Mesa Boogie stacks. Dan (rhythm and occassional lead guitarist) played entirely Les Pauls, Justin (frontman) played Les Pauls, and for the encore played his brand spanking new Ibanez Jem, customized with a cool paint job, a lightning bolt body recess, "Justin" in big letters and glow in the dark fret inlays. Richie (bassist) played a music man, and Ed (drummer) played his standard kit. Also, for a few songs Justin played a keyboard, as well as Richie playing some DJ instrument which made cool sounds. Overall, they sounded absolutely fantastic. // 10

Perfomance: The Darkness performed like this would be their last gig ever, a characteristic I've noticed in a few other concerts. Few words can describe just how well they played, so I will just settle with fantastic. They played all of their greatest hits (not that hard when they've only made 2 albums). For me one of the surprises was a great cover of AC/DC's classic Highway To Hell, in which the bassist took over vocal duties (people, that guy can really sing). Their entrance was kind of weird, with a 2 minute laser show and strange music. During the endore Justin walked around the audience while playing a guitar solo. they do it in every show but it still is pretty amazing. // 10

Overall Impression: The concert was in Sydney, Australia at the Luna Park Big Top on the 14th of April 2006 (Good Friday). The show was opened by the band After The Fall, who played fairly well, but the crowd was too much in anticipation of The Darkness to really pay any attention to them. I payed around $75 dollars for the concert (or rather my parents did) and I would certainly beg them to let me go again. For me the highlight was when I caught a pick from the hand of Justin at the end of the concert. When they come again, I will definitely try and get tickets. // 10

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