USA (Philadelphia), June 25, 2004 Review

artist: Dashboard Confessional date: 11/12/2004 category: live concerts

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Dashboard Confessional: USA (Philadelphia), June 25, 2004
All singing with the short man with the hair do in the front of the venue. It was incredible, absolutely ever fan sang their hearts out at that concert.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Philadelphia), June 25, 2004 Reviewed by: ivegot_acat, on november 12, 2004
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Sound: Dashboard Confessional's concerts are the best I have ever been to Hands Down. (Pun intended) Chris Carraba has the best voice I've ever heard in rock except for Steve Perry's from Journey. He can hold the longest formadas, and push out some of the most powerful crescendo I've ever heard, while his tone is incredible to boot. I can not say enough about this guy, he is so good at singing, while he can also play his Gibson Les Paul, and Blues King electro like a pro. Meanwhile the lead guitarist/background vocalist John Lefler is also a wonderful singer, he isn't anywhere near as good as Chris but he still has incredible skill and tone. John uses what I think was either a Fender American Telecaster, or an Ash Telecaster which is incredibly clear and sweet, the bassist uses a Fender Jazz Bass which is mainly background but sounds wonderful, and the Drummer Dan Bonebrake used Gretsch drums with a custom D/C emblem on the bass drum head. Their music never ceases to amaze me, every aspect of it except for the bass guitar is absolutely stunning! The sound quality was wonderful at the concert, you never missed a beat or note it was wonderful. // 10

Perfomance: I absolutely loved their performance. It was one of the most amazing feelings in my life to have hundreds maybe thousands of people at this sold out venue singing with me. All singing with the short man with the hair do in the front of the venue. It was incredible, absolutely ever fan sang their hearts out at that concert, including me. I can't remember all of their songs, but I know they played all their hits, while starting off with the Sharp new hint of tears, which was wonderfully played, and not a flaw in and aspects of the bands. During every song every fan sang, screamed, and attempted the formadas and crescendos. During Screaming Infidelities the band really tore up the crowd and got them singing their hearts out and just being one with the music. During A Rapid Hope Loss the entire crowd was left to sing the last "I guess that all you've got is all you're gonna get" and we all sang and boomed that line out of the venue into the streets, Dashboard is really a fun show, they let the crowd sing alot of the lines and this really gets you into the show. They of course ended with Hands Down and even after about 2 1/2 hours of going the crowd was stronger than ever at singing along while D/C composed it wonderfully it was beautiful. I near cried when they set off stage for the last time, it was the best musical experience I have ever had in my life. The visual effects of the show were wonderful too, lights showing D/C over the walls of the venue like the bat signal ran across the venue ryling up the crowd. They also had wonderful beautiful background behind the band while they were playing, and the lights that shine across the venue. The band really tries to talk to the audience, and have humor in their performance and everything it's just wonderful. The only odd moment was when they sang their unreleased song that's on their website "So Long, So Long". Even then the crowd enjoyed the new song and loved it. The absolute best song and of the night was when they sang an extended version of "Remember to Breathe". At what should have been the end they began to sing lyrics from Brand New's "I will play my game beneath the spin light" keeping the same guitar music and beats from Remember to Breathe, then they continued in singing Further Seems Forever lyrics from back when D/C's lead singer was the front man for them, from "The Moon Is Down" then they went on to sing lyrics from a band I don't know that go " I can get laid in this f--king town..." and it just dragged out the already wonderful song to a beautiful near ten minute song. It was beyond words, without a doubt. // 10

Overall Impression: I saw this band on my girlfriends birthday on June 25, 2004 at the Wachovia Spectrum in Philadelphia PA. The openers were sad compared to Dashboard Confessional. They were Headup Automatica which weren't horrible, but I can get their sound every Saturday night at my local grange for $6, also there was Thrice, Who were pretty good, I don't know the name of it but it must have been one of the hits, but they played it so heavy that a crowd full of emo kids started moshing down in the pit. Also there was The Get up Kids, they were pretty good, and if I had the money I would buy their cd. There singer's voice is a little annoying, way too high for my tastes. I loved everything about the show in a weird way the warm up band's flaws made D/C sound even better. I hated the venue though, because right next door was the Wachovia Center which is twice as big, and much better acoustically. The ticket cost was about 30 per person if I remember correctly. The show is definitely worth the money, without any doubt. The unforgettable moments were the lines Chris stepped back and let the crowd sing, and of course the extended version of "Remember To Breathe". I have already been to two of their gigs, but given the opportunity I would definitely go to another one. // 10

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