Live at 285 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, July 4, 2013 Review

artist: Deafheaven date: 07/11/2013 category: live concerts

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Deafheaven: Live at 285 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, July 4, 2013
A beautiful way of expressing dark feelings and pain. All the bands played well - all together a great and intense night of music!
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
Live at 285 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, July 4, 2013 Reviewed by: KidZero, on july 11, 2013
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Sound: So I made it to the Deafheaven show on the 4th and it was pretty amazing. One of the things I found interesting was their choices for supporting acts. The first two opening bands were Theologian and Aun, both are mainly ambient electronic acts. Theologian I enjoyed greatly, their style of powerful dark ambient noise reminded me of Neurosis, but if Neurosis had no song structure what so ever. Theologian also understood that the performance aspect to an electronic band is very important, and thus the three members were busy. One man screaming into a microphone, with distortion and delay. Another, at times, adding some drum parts. The last was the main electronic controller and was dramatically using many different electronic music devices and performance tools. The intensity of the volume for these guys performance also physically puts you in their musical world whether you like it or not, a forceful trial and look into these creative and probably tortured individual's minds. Aun was a one man ambient act with similar dark ambient tones to that of Theologian. He didn't really impress me that much, and I feel like he could've tried harder to capture the audience's attention. I'm also pretty sure he played for longer than he was supposed to pushing back the whole rest of the night. Anyway I thought Aun's music was a bit stagnant and drawn out. I like most dark ambient music, but I felt like his was too repetitive and I have heard many better drone acts. // 8

Perfomance: Next was Marriages, a group of musicians that I think some or all were from Red Sparowes. Their style of shoegazey hard rock definitely won me over. The singer's clean forceful, yet ethereal tone, with a bit of reverb, was a nice break from the heaviness of Theologian and Aun. Her glazed over stare and almost casual style of playing the guitar gave her a very all knowing yet innocent aura while sometimes seeming very pained at the same time. Hard to describe, but whatever feeling you would call it is what carries that band and is what makes them sound powerful. // 8

Overall Impression: Deafheaven finally took the stage at around 1 in the morning, and they were well worth the wait. As George Clark, the singer, got up on the stage he put on and tightened up some black leather gloves, he was also dressed in an all black shirt and pants. For him the performance started before they even began playing. The guitarist Kerry McCoy however never really looked at the audience and mostly stared at his guitar during the whole show, in proper shoegaze style. The moment Deafheaven started playing their new "hit" "Dream House" the once docile crowd turned into a crazed beast, rushing as close as possible to the stage as they could. Clarke's screams and posturing only inciting them further. His vocal delivery only adding to the intense energy delivered by the fast paced songs. During the performance no matter whether he was singing or not all eyes were definitely on Clarke. His gestures, strange devilish glares, and many stage dives, made him the center of attention. His acting style of performance making the show much more interesting and impressive. During "The Pecan Tree," he began perversely touching himself when there was a break in singing. He was definitely a frontman in the classic sense. It felt like Clarke was the only member of the band at times, with this dark and yet almost positive presence mixed together. The screams against the major key tremolo picked Chord progressions makes for an amazing balance and dichotomy of sounds that I enjoyed immensely. A beautiful way of expressing dark feelings and pain. All the bands played well and everyone, but Aun impressed me very much. All together a great and intense night of music!

// 9

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