UK (Glasgow), June 18, 2012 Review

artist: Dorje And The Drills date: 06/26/2012 category: live concerts

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Dorje And The Drills: UK (Glasgow), June 18, 2012
I saw two bands, Dorje and The Drills. The gig was at the Glasgow ABC on 18th June 2012 which is a former cinema but is an excellent venue for a gig. Really enjoyed the gig and I would definitely go back to the ABC for another gig.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
UK (Glasgow), June 18, 2012 Reviewed by: BigMacd, on june 26, 2012
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Sound: I saw two bands, Dorje and The Drills. I would describe the music as hard rock. My mates got the tickets, I had never heard of either of the bands but went a long for a night out. Dorje were a four piece: Singer (and guitar), guitar, bass and drums The Drills were a three piece: Singer (and guitar), bass and drums. Both bands sounded excellent. The PA was good quality, not too loud or muddy. The engineer had a good mix so you could hear all the instruments clearly. // 9

Perfomance: Dorje: As musicians they were all excellent. Great guitar riffs and solos, good drumming, excellent bass playing, the singing definitely let it down. They need a decent singer (in my opinion). The crowd loved them, I think it was all their own material they did and one cover. None of the songs really stood out, maybe that was just the poor singing but the songs were not very catchy. None of them stuck in my mind. Again I would say they were all excellent musicians, there were some great solos and top notch riffing. Met some of the Dorje guys after the gig and were great guys, chatting away with the fans. The Drills: Oh my goodness where have The Drills been all my life. These three guys took to the stage and blew me away. They were AMAZING! Phil X is not only a great guitar player but has and outstanding voice. What a scream this man has. Powerful drummer and the bass player seemed pretty good too. The drills played a set mixed with originals and covers. The covers they did in their own style which was refreshing and went down really well with the crowd. They covered AC/DC, Led Zep, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, The Eagles etc. Phil X did the solo from "Hotel California" but in his own style and it was amazing, unusual and great to listen to. You can probably see it on the internet somewhere! The original songs blew me away. I found myself humming some of them on the way home and for days afterwards. I liked their own songs so much I bought both their CD's from the merchandise stand afterwards. Phil X very kindly signed them both after the gig, what a great guy. Spoke to him for a while afterwards and he was saying that he did a dozen dates with Bon Jovi covering for Ritchie Sambora when he was in rehab. The difference between the two bands for me was Dorje lacked the stage presence and charisma of Phil X. Both the guitarists in Dorje were technically better that Phil X but the way he played and the intensity made all the difference. // 10

Overall Impression: The gig was at the Glasgow ABC on 18th June 2012 which is a former cinema but is an excellent venue for a gig. Really enjoyed the gig and I would definitely go back to the ABC for another gig. My mates bought the tickets but I think they were only 5 or 6 so it was great value for money. I would definitely have paid more for the ticket. Would I go and see Dorje again, probably not. Would I go and see The Drills again, DEFINITELY! They blew me away. Best band I have seen for a long time. // 9

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