Canada Toronto March 22 2006 Review

artist: Dream Theater date: 04/01/2006 category: live concerts

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Dream Theater: Canada Toronto March 22 2006
The audience was going nuts for the performance but never overpowered the band in terms of sound. It was an "Evening With..." show so consisted of 2 sets with an intermission and an encore.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Canada Toronto March 22 2006 Reviewed by: Thegeetarnoob, on april 01, 2006
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Sound: I'd like to start off by saying that Kevin James LaBrie dominated that show. He hit every single note, including the high ones. He definetly contributed to some of the best moments in the entire show including the exciting climax of Octavarium and various vocal acrobatics in each song. Petrucci, whom I had the honour to meet the night before the show, was definetly on that night. He hit every single note, played with energy and blistering style. Rudess had an arsenal of keyboards, MIDI controllers and a lapsteel guitar which he played falwlessly. Myung was a bass zealot as always and Portnoy clobbered the drum kit. I could go on for hours, but you get the idea. // 10

Perfomance: The audience was going nuts for the performance but never overpowered the band in terms of sound. It was an "Evening With..." show so consisted of 2 sets with an intermission and an encore. The set list at Gigantour was shorter, but I felt had higher quality songs. This performance was superior to Gigantour because of the showmanship and effects. The opening video was really cool and the cartoon as well as slideshow during Octavarium added a lot of depth to the song. The set list went as follows (from memory). 01. Root Of All Evil - the staple opener. Very cool stuff. The whole band played very tightly and the solo section was very tight. 02. Another Won - this was a Majesty demo and they really gave it new life. The increase in sound quality, the amazing riffing and soloing and, most significantly, the addition of LaBrie on vocals made this song incredible. 03. Afterlife - another song that LaBrie helped give an updated feel to. The solo at approximately the four and a half minute mark blew me away. Very melodic, yet fast. 04. Under A Glass Moon - no amount of known words could describe how amazing this was, so I won't even make an attempt. 05. Innocance Faded - definetly not my number one choice of Awake, but they performed it so well that it hardly crossed my mind. Flawless vocal delivery on a very exerting part. 06. Peruvian Skies - very powerful execution. Flawless on all instrument parts. I won't gush over the amazingness. They did throw in a Wish You Were Here and Wherever I May Roam teaser. 07. Fatal Tragedy - as great as you'd expect it to be. I noticed Mike Portnoy yawning on a fill. Showoff. 08. About To Crash/Losing Time - with songs like The Great Debate and Blind Faith on SDOIT, this was a comparatively lousy choice, but it was very well done and I can't really complain. Intermission. 09. As I Am - good metal song. Gets the crowd pumped up again quickly. 10. I Walk Beside You - the one song that I actually think is meh. They did it well but I think almost anything else off Octavarium would've been better. 11. Sacrificed Sons - now we're talking. Included footage of the 9/11 clips at the beginning. Very emotionally driven song. 12. Octavarium - transcending. Truly a masterpeice complete with extended keyboard introduction solo. This song was perfect. The admission price was worth this one song. They had a cartoon of and animated Dream Theater and included a slide show for the references section. Petrucci started off with the drool-worthy double neck Music Man and all the band members showed Toronto what they're capable of. Even LaBrie played a little keys. Encore: 13. Jacob's Ladder (Rush cover) - very cool stuff. Definetly a rare and incredible occurance. They covered it masterfully. I thought it exceeded Rush's version by far. Had some cool edited album covers. 14. Wait For Sleep (w/extended piano) - I'm never going to get this out of my head. Beautiful piano-work by Jordan. 15. Learning To Live - it's friggin' Learning To Live. It's live. Suffice to say, the crowd exploded. // 10

Overall Impression: This was my second time seeing Dream Theater (first was Gigantour in September 2005) and this definetly beat the hell out of Gigantour, and that's saying a lot. The show was in Toronto, Canada on March 22, 2006 at Massey Hall. The tickets were about 60 bucks (great seats, cheap price, amazing band) and we were very close. I loved everything about the show and hated absolutely nothing. If DT ever come to town again, I'm definetly going. // 10

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